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DIA conspiracy made top page of this sub finally!!! Now seems like the perfect time to maybe share new things, but more importantly ask for help in connecting MAJOR dots. They aren't THAT smart, we can solve this.

I'm so happy to see people are looking at Denver Airport again, however we were never looking close enough. I've been interested in DIA for quite a long time now and within the last year had the chance of visiting, and can't help but wonder why no one has ever found anything?
When you reach this point as a Conspiracy Hypothesizer (I didn't stutter), you have to realize that answer is still there, you just have to see the issue in a way many others aren't.
Now, to brush up on the basics of DIA:
At 33,531 acres (52.4 sq mi; 135.7 km2),[3] it is the largest airport in North America by land area and the second largest in the world, behind King Fahd International Airport.[4] Runway 1634L, with a length of 16,000 feet (3.03 mi; 4.88 km), is the longest public use runway in North America and the seventh longest in the world.
For reference; Manhattan stands at 22.82 mi^2, meaning you could fit Manhattan TWICE in DIA's property.
The runways totally DO look like Swastikas. You can't even deny it.
-Not to mention they openly admit, but never DISPROVE any conspiracies surrounding the airport. The effect has been... well no one thinks DIA is up to anything really anymore from workers claiming they've never seen anything to gargoyles literally mocking you for thinking they are up to something, they did a great job considering I still smell shit in the air and it isn't me. Yet the rest of the population seems to have forgotten some VERY important history.
Now onto some deeper thoughts:
The infamous "New world airport commission" stone.
The biggest thing anyone has pulled from this was that infamous, yet non-existent group that is first listed under "Contributors". While I agree this is strange, there is so much more to this stone guys.
March (3) 19, 1994.
1+9+1+9+9+4 = 33
Time Capsule to be opened in 2094 "for the people of Colorado"
20 + 9 + 4 = 33
-This date surrounding 1994 CANNOT BE COINCIDENTAL. I will prove it... keep reading.
Important person:
-Wellington E. Webb.
If you google that name with "Freemason", you'll find his PERSONAL WEBSITE. Where it strictly lists he is a 33rd degree mason, yet you cannot find that info anywhere else. This man is very mysterious to me and I'd love if someone can help me dig on all of this info. ANYWAY:
Wellington Webb's 1991 bid for mayor included his "Sneaker Campaign", in which he walked door to door through a large portion of Denver, introducing himself as a relatively unknown candidate.
Unknown candidate.
Webb served as mayor of Denver for 12 years, from 1991 to 2003. One highlight of his years in office was the South Platte River Corridor Project, involving commercial and residential redevelopment, as well as reclamation of park land, along the South Platte River in central Denver. He was also mayor at the time of the completion of Denver International Airport, started by his predecessor, Federico Peña.
Finished DIA, and is a 33rd degree Freemason. His name is on the stone, so this isn't hard to believe, I mean like he John Hancocked the thing lmao. Also in 1994:
In 1994, officials ordered a $62 million backup baggage system built to speed the airport's opening and to fill in until the kinks could be worked out of the main system.
So, Wellington Webb took over as mayor in 91', delayed DIA's opening 4 times and went so far over budget for an airport its unreal. The airport opened in 95', making 1994, the year the stone was also laid, the last year DIA would be closed and anything not hidden could be hidden.
Why am I so focused on 1994 and the stone?
-I was dumbfounded once I REALLY looked at the stone closer. Why is everyone so tied up on "The New World Airport Commission" if it doesn't exist on paper? Perhaps the members are listed on the stone I thought...
Martin Marietta Aeronautics.
That is the second name listed, right below the new world airport commission. Who is this company and why has no one ever heard of it you're wondering? Because in 1995, The Martin Marietta Corporation merged with the Lockheed Corporation to form what we now know today as: Lockheed Martin. This would make 1994 the last year that "Martin Marietta Aeronautics" would even exist, thus placing the stone in this year would never raise suspicion of conspiracy to anyone in the future, because Lockheed Martin is the most advanced technological companies in the entire world. Especially regarding military equipment. Just read up on some patents that Lockheed Martin holds to understand the true gravity of what this means.
Martin Marietta Corporation + Lockheed Corporation = Lockheed Martin = largest military arms supplier in the entire world, arguably holding the most advanced tech of our race = The New World Airport Commission? Why else would Martin Marietta hold any relevance to DIA whatsoever?
Fentress Bradburn Architects is also listed, though I couldn't find anything relevant but a quote:
I don't begin with a preconceived notion of what a building should be – it is not a sculpture. I prefer to patiently search through extensive discovery until I find a seam somewhere, crack it open and discover the art inside.[27]
from their Wikipedia page. The stone also lists:
Benjamin H. Bell Jr. and Claude w. Gray Sr. Both are very high ranking Freemasons, you've never heard of them before and cannot find ANYTHING online about these people EXCEPT for Freemason websites. VERY strange and I really need help finding out more, these people are smart but they are naive in thinking they can't be caught, the answer is here somewhere.
Now, this is gonna get me some hate I bet but I need to mention it: Wellington E. Webb, Benjamin H. Bell Jr, and Claude W. Gray Sr, are ALL 33rd degree African Americans. I don't know what this means or why, but I just know... it means something. Especially considering His recent political views from this 2020 interview. Notice him cheering on the violence of BLM protests:
Webb: I am so proud of these kids protesting that I boil over with pride. It’s also good to continue to see the old-timers who have been protesting police brutality and social justice issues for decades.
Strange markings on the floors:
Dzit Dit Gaii - "White Mountain" - Blanca peak, Colorado. If you're paying close attention... you'll notice the ranking for this mountain for North American highest mountain peaks is ranked... 33rd. Why would this be put in a strange language in the middle of the airport? HMMMMMMMMMMMMM. No coincidences.
Anywho, I know DIA has just loads of shit out of the ordinary and spending multiple hundreds of millions of dollars for a "Luggage system" that failed is just not true. If you've worked there, I can assure you, you have not seen all 53sq Miles of that location and you never will. They could MILES underground for all we know and from the tech they can have. Anyway Im really tired so thats all I got for now lol, please help me expand on this info WE CAN SOLVE THIS MYSTERY PEOPLE WE JUST GOTTA THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!!!
EDIT: Just wanted to add that 54.2sq miles is also 33,531 acres... gotttaaaa love the 33rd.
EDIT2: just wanted to state that on a map, its eerie that DIA is practically the start of Denver.
Also, I took my own picture of Bluecifier when I flew in to DIA... ill never forget that horse man. https://imgur.com/a/7GYkLlL
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Weekly Live Thread [23/03/20 - 29/03/20]

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[REPOST of this.]
LAST UPDATED: 09/13/2020 ~ Lion Tamer achievement has link to a new post I created with notes and how-to guide.



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Details of the five police visits before the bodies were discovered

Details of the five police visits before the bodies were discovered
55 boulevard Robert-Schuman

A disturbing disappearance

Nantes, boulevard Schuman, Wednesday April 13, 2011, eight days earlier. The shutters on 55 have been closed for several days. To the right of the front door, in an empty space framed by two hooks that supported a mailbox, a piece of white paper is fixed to the wall with an orange-colored tape. A typed message: “Return all mail to senders. Thank you.” Local residents have already noted these two abnormalities. Accustomed to walking past a house with shutters always open, this message intended for the postman seems very strange to them.
Located north of Nantes, this bourgeois house is adjoined with numbers 57 on its right and 53 on its left by three of its sides: facade, walls, and garden. It is in the heart of the residential district of Breil-Barberie, a rather lively area with many passing people day and night. Along Boulevard Schuman, imposing gates conceal beautiful wooded properties. In this spring of 2011, many small local shops are open – a hair salon, a sewing store, a bar where locals bet on horse races - there is a certain sweetness of life here.
At night, the scene changes under the very windows of 55: prostitutes, essentially of African origin, roam the sidewalks, looking for customers. Sometimes, this nocturnal “animation” degenerates into uproar.
On the neighboring Boulevard des Américains, Agnès Dupont de Ligonnès’ car, a Golf convertible, attracts the attention of a neighbor. The vehicle has not moved for several days, which is unusual. She testified to French radio station, RTL: “The house was closed and there was this inscription on the mailbox, ‘return to senders,’ which had intrigued me. [...] I always hoped that this house would reopen, but that didn’t happen. On Wednesday [the 13th], the postman came by, and I said to him, ‘It’s not worth putting mail at the neighbors at 55. The mailbox is closed.’ He said to me, ‘Really? I’m not surprised. They haven’t paid the recommandés (a special tax which guarantees mail delivery) for a while.’ It bothered me. I had a really bad feeling deep inside... I didn’t know why, but it made me anxious. I called the police.”


Agnès de Ligonnès abandoned car
This April 13, surprising information circulates in the neighborhood and fuels conversations. Persistent rumors come back from La Perverie-Sacré-Coeur, Anne and Benoît Dupont de Ligonnès’ school located on rue de la Perverie, a little east of boulevard Schuman. Since April 4, no one at the middle school or high school had seen them. Teachers and classmates are worried about them. One of them, who had loaned his iPod to Benoît, tried to reach him by phone in order to get it back, but there was no answer. Other friends passed in front of 55 only to find the door is closed.
As for the Blanche-de-Castille Catholic school complex where Agnès works, the news is hardly more reassuring: the family has apparently left in a hurry... for Australia.

A letter of departure for the United States

Four days earlier, Saturday, April 9, a member of Agnès’ family called the police to alert them to the receipt of a very peculiar and rather alarming letter. Suffice to say the interlocutor is not taken seriously by the police station.
This person, however trustworthy, reiterates his concern the following Monday, April 11 with the Nantes magistrates. The reaction in the prosecutor’s office at TGI (Tribunal de Grande Instance) of Nantes is extremely cautious. The family member is told that the Dupont de Ligonnès couple is of age, so there is no reason to worry so much.
The content of this letter, authored by Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès, is far from commonplace:
Nantes, April 8. Hi everyone! Mega surprise: we left for the USA in an emergency, under very special conditions. It will no longer be possible for us to communicate with you otherwise (no emails, SMS, or telephone) for a few years due to security reasons.
He said he was an American spy recruited by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and infiltrated the world of French nightclubs to recover information on drug trafficking and money laundering. And continues:
With the information I have collected for seven years, I have become an essential witness in a future trial involving senior officials in the international drug trade.
According to him, this risky mission had become complicated:
For some time, there were indications that I had been spotted... The situation therefore became dangerous for us here and necessitated taking emergency measures.
He then details “the federal witness protection program, from which he and his family benefit since they are already on American soil, transferred under a new identity, which must obviously remain secret,” and insists:
The official version is that we were transferred to Australia for professional reasons without further details. It would be good to circulate this false information on Facebook and other networks. [...] They tell us that it will be possible, in a certain time, to send you information by mail: we have chosen Emmanuel [Xavier’s best friend, Ed.] as the centralizer because he has the advantage of knowing just about everyone. He will receive the letters to communicate to you. He will receive instructions in due course.
“The house key is hidden outside in the EDF counter, which opens with anything (car key, screwdriver, knife),” adds Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès, alias XDDL, to allow his relatives to carry out the tasks he entrusts to them. The father of the family indeed gives instructions to everyone: sell certain furniture and cars, organize the inventory of fixtures before May 31… These are all elements that are not carefully examined by the investigators at that time.
The main message, though it is extraordinarily bizarre, is pretty clear: the father of the family says he is a spy in danger. Thanks to the American government, he was able to shelter his family in the United States. The letter ends thus:
We will have so much to tell you later! The hard part will be getting used to our new names!

The \"Letter to Nine\" sent by XDDL
By Wednesday, April 13, the police are already aware of this letter. They met with the director of La Perverie in the morning, who informed them of the letter they received that announced a departure after an emergency transfer to Australia - the “official version therefore.”
The manager of the Pizza Tempo pizzeria, a few meters from the family home, indicates that he too received a handwritten letter dated April 4, signed by Arthur, the eldest son and a casual employee in his business. In his letter, the young man says he can no longer “continue to perform his duties.” He “submits his resignation and renounces all compensation and any salary… following the transfer of his father to Australia.” This must be the reason why Arthur did not come to collect his pay as he usually did every month.
The announcement of this sudden departure on the other side of the world leaves the manager perplexed. This feeling is widely shared by the professional and personal entourage of the family.
This accumulation of testimony prompted investigators to search the unoccupied house at 55 boulevard Schuman for the first time. The visit takes place that day at 2:45 p.m. Brigadier-in-Chief, Michel M., notes that the shutters are closed. He calls on the fire brigade to enter the house. The residence is well ventilated. The electricity is still working. The accommodation is still furnished. Upstairs, the presence of suitcases suggests a hasty departure. Nothing else to report.
A second police visit is scheduled for 3:00 p.m. on Friday, April 15, 2011. Brigadier-in-Chief Michel B. arrives at the entrance to 55. He contacts one of the neighbors, Dr. Alain P., and asks to pass through his adjoining garden in order to reach that of the Dupont de Ligonnès by means of a ladder. From the back of the house, the policeman walks on the yard, crosses it, access the terrace, and then enters the kitchen.
On a buffet, they find medical equipment, car keys, and registration cards. The latter correspond to those of a Citroën Xantia and a Golf. The policeman also comes across a hand-scribbled note:
Sorry, we didn’t have time to bring the bags of shoes to the Red Cross. It’s not far. Just put them next to the garment containers. See attached map.

The state of the home seemed to support the story of a speedy departure.
There is also a Finaref bank document and underneath a key a post-it that reads: “Keys to the cellar.” The investigator seizes the key and goes down to visit this place under the terrace. During this second visit, like the previous one, nothing seemed abnormal.
The investigation continues, and it will see a clear evolution in the following hours. Around 5 p.m., the Nantes public prosecutor’s office asked the police to investigate the Family Allowance Fund and wished to know the geolocation of the Dupont de Ligonnès couple’s mobile phones. Also, the two names of Xavier and Agnès Dupont de Ligonnès are entered in the National Register of wanted persons.
At the same time, a Nantes police officer takes his phone and calls the two cellphones belonging to Agnès and Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès. Each time, the investigator finds the calls go straight to voicemail without ringing. On the two lines, the policeman leaves a message with his name, his rank, his contact details, as well as the reason for his call, requesting to be contacted as soon as possible.
Shortly before 6 p.m., the investigators are once again informed of the “American track” by a couple of Nantes friends, Raymond and Nathalie K., who are also recipients of the “confidential” letter written by Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès. Mrs. K. takes the initiative to call the police. She understands that her friends have gone abroad and wants to reassure the police... who do not need any additional information, they already know the exact content of this letter.
On Saturday, April 16, 2011, at 10:30 a.m., Nathalie K. was nevertheless summoned and heard by the police. She explains, this time orally, that she received this letter on April 9. Then she revealed being a friend of the Dupont de Ligonnès family. She has not seen Agnès since March 29. A detail: her son Philippe, also a friend of Thomas Dupont de Ligonnès, chatted last Sunday (April 10) on the porch of 55 with a friend of XDDL named Emmanuel. She describes the man as also upset by the sudden departure of the whole family from abroad.
At the end of this interview, the police proceed in sequence: they first meet one of Xavier’s sisters, Christine Dupont de Ligonnès, as well as his mother, Geneviève, who share an apartment in Versailles. They ask for confirmation that this letter has been received. After a period of so-called “emotional” wait time, they respond in the affirmative. This letter is also accompanied by a personalized note signed by Xavier.
The police then call the other sister of XDDL: Véronique. She is in the Republic of Congo, where she lives part of the year. She does not believe in the contents of this mailing at all, but she does not show concern.
Among the other recipients of the letter is a key person, whom the investigators summon to their office: Emmanuel T., appointed by Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès himself as the “centralizer.”
The interview is directed by Anne-Sophie R., the same policewoman who will be the impetus for the discovery of the bodies on April 21. The testimony of the missing father’s best friend is rich in new information. He explains that he discovered this famous mail in the mailbox of his Nantes home, placed in an unstamped envelope, on Saturday, April 9 around noon. “Yes, I believed this letter… or more precisely, in hindsight, wanted to believe it,” admits Emmanuel.
This missive is also accompanied by two small personalized notes signed Xavier. On the first, we read affectionate words... and precise instructions:
My old friend, we are going to spend time (for the first time in 37 years) a few years without seeing each other or calling or writing back and forth: it’s going to be weird! Will have to get used to it! I’ll let you take care of a small “administrative” part, once Cédric has done the “manual” part. Everyone has their own domain! LOL. There may be no deposit to recover because the rent for April will surely not be taken. We have withdrawn the max on Agnès’ account before leaving. As for the files in progress (debts that you know about, no more worries. Everything will fall into the water…) LOL Stay there until I come back. I need you. I was not in Savoy this week, but in Paris with the Americans. I came home at night, and we only had one day to pack up and start emptying the house! Hot! Warn Ben that we will not come to make the baptism of shooting planned on the 9. I kiss you very hard. Xav.
Then a second note:
Emmanuel, here are the different files. […] Thank you for taking care of all of this [the termination of various subscriptions and the return of medical equipment used by Agnès for sleep apnea, Ed]. When Cédric and his friends have emptied the house, could you find a cleaning lady? I have left 50 euros in an envelope to pay for it. It is not a matter of cleaning thoroughly but of vacuuming each room.
Emmanuel T. goes immediately to 55 on Saturday, April 9, and notes that the sets of keys to the house are not yet deposited in the hiding place indicated by Xavier in his letter. In the utility meter box, a new handwritten note mentions that the keys will be placed there overnight.
On Sunday, April 10 at 5 p.m., Emmanuel T. returns to the scene. The keys to the house are there. They are accompanied by another note, this time type-written: “Some keys do not work well. You have to wiggle them to open the door. Always leave a set of keys in the hiding place so that others can enter.” He meets Nathalie K.’s son, Philippe, in front of the house, and they chat for a few seconds.
Emmanuel then explains to the police: “I entered the house, but I was afraid of a family drama. His DEA story seemed unimaginable to me. I inspected the house. I didn’t see any damage.” Then he adds: “I returned on Monday, April 11 with Cédric M. I had just got the note that Xavier sent me, asking me to get a housekeeper and ensure the inventory of fixtures. […] I had a house key. I had other keys to my home that I did not want to leave in the EDF meter.”
Sunday, April 17, 2011. Investigators spread their investigations in all directions. Thus, a decision was made to contact the Urssaf (the French distribution system for Social Security benefits); the medical community was also contacted on this day to find out if members of the family could have been the subject of any psychiatric consultations. In another arm of the investigation, two requisitions are ordered from a telephone company to list all the terminals activated by the mobile phones of Xavier and Agnès Dupont de Ligonnès since April 1.
Monday, April 18. The news of the family’s disappearance begins to spread in the city of Nantes, even if the news of the day is more marked by a completely different matter: the arrests of a sect of Saint-Brévin guru and his partner, indicted for rape and sexual assault during a meeting with two of their disciples.
Local journalists are starting to take a closer look at the Dupont de Ligonnès family. They are conducting the very first neighborhood interviews. Meanwhile, the police have been investigating all of the family’s financial movements since April 3, questioning each of the banking establishments where the accounts are open.

A gun in inheritance

At noon, Mathieu Fohlen, deputy public prosecutor, orders the Nantes judicial police to carry out a new visit to 55. They are charged with retrieving photographs of the family members and, above all, a gun! Investigators know now that Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès has a weapon. It is a Unique brand 22 semi-automatic long rifle, which he inherited from his father, who died less than three months previously on January 20, 2011.
This third search lasts an hour and a quarter, between 4:30 p.m. and 5:45 p.m. very precisely. It takes place with the same neighbor doctor as a witness. But, this time, the investigators do not need to call the firemen to enter the house: Emmanuel T., Xavier’s friend, gave them a set of keys.
Two policewomen, Nathalie P. and Anne-Sophie R., carry out meticulous inspection work. Each detail could be crucial. Everything is documented and video-recorded with precision: garbage bags full of shoes, an empty fridge, the presence of a few jars of jam, a tidy dishwasher… On the kitchen floor, they note the presence of a still damp mop and a bottle of cleansing agent placed on the table next to the cellar key. They notice that a map of France is taped to a wall. Cities are circled with felt-tip pen: La Rochelle, Nice, Tarbes, Pau, Auxerre, Aix, Perpignan.

A bottle of Ajax, three-quarters full, is noted on the kitchen counter.
In the living room, an intact chess set sits on a trunk acting as a table. On the sofas, three guitars are stored in their cases. Empty photo frames are scattered on the ground.
The two women go up to the second floor. In the master bedroom, two single beds devoid of sheets are pushed together. A collection of music occupies a large part of the room. In the other bedrooms, the mattresses are also bare - no more sheets or quilts. They notice the presence of a brownish spot on the mattress of one of the children’s beds.
The inspectors backtrack and return to a detail already noted in the kitchen. They state: “The mop is wet with cleanser.”
A mop that is still damp is noted in the kitchen during the third search of the house
They then head out onto the terrace and descend into the yard. “The ground is dirt. Let’s go back to the terrace where we have to bend in half to access the cellar where boxes are stored.” These twenty boxes are filled with bundles of “Crystal” scratch tickets from Xavier’s business.
This third visit does not fulfill its objective: we still have no news of the missing family, and the police have found neither photos nor weapons.
Tuesday April 19, 2011. A new interview of Emmanuel T., around is scheduled for 11 a.m. The latter came to return the last 55 key that he had in his possession- he handed over two more the previous weekend. Cédric M. also has two. A total of five keys will therefore be entered into evidence.
Then, in answering the investigators’ questions, Emmanuel T. made a disturbing revelation: “During our visit to Xavier’s, Monday, April 11 between 4 and 4:30 p.m., Cédric and I went out in the yard. I took a half-opened bottle of Frontignan from the fridge and poured a glass of it, which I left on the terrace table. Cédric told me that he had forgotten his cigarettes.” What an amazing vision of two friends smoking and drinking only a few meters above the two graves where the bodies will be discovered!
Also on April 19, the police gathered elements relating to the family’s heritage. Research is being done to find out if Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès has a boat location along the Erdre River in Nantes. Information is taken from the harbor office of Nantes Métropole. The police have, for the first time, access to the list of the family’s bank accounts, which has just been sent to them. Xavier, personally or professionally, and Agnès have opened numerous accounts in several establishments. And they’re all in the red right now…
The two Labradors of the Dupont de Ligonnès family did not escape the investigators either. Research is being carried out to find out whether the Humane Society has recently taken charge of two new dogs. But they come to nothing: no trace of Jules and Léon, even in the smallest kennel of the Nantes region.

The trigger

Wednesday, April 20, 2011. The family has been actively sought for a week now, and the Nantes press is putting pressure on the floor of the TGI of Nantes. To respond to journalists’ requests, Xavier Ronsin, prosecutor, decides to schedule a press conference at the courthouse for 10:30 a.m. the next day.
But what will the he be able to say in concrete terms? Can he make public the various letters received and present the proposed scenarios, including that of a spy of French nationality working on behalf the US government in the context of international drug trafficking exfiltrated by the United States to a federal witness protection program? One can imagine how perplexing this must have been for the prosecutor. Within the TGI, we understand that it is especially important to highlight the investigation, mainly within the house.
Thus, a fourth home visit is made. This time, it takes place at 10 a.m. in the presence of a magistrate, Mathieu Fohlen. He is accompanied by some investigators from the PJ, including Anne-Sophie R., who has already entered the home twice. Despite the precise description made two days earlier on April 18, they decided to start again from scratch.
What did the magistrate and the police note on April 20? “The general appearance of the house gives the impression of a hasty departure.” They discover a Fichet brand safe key. Several objects and documents are placed under seal, including papers linked to other telephone subscriptions.
In the dishwasher, there are six large and three small plates, cups, and bowls. Everything is clean. The presence of a three-quarter full bottle of a yellow Ajax brand cleanser is noted in the kitchen as is a red cleaning bucket on the ground containing flexible broom that is still wet.
On the refrigerator, there is a telephone number scribbled of someone named D., located in Spain. On the table is a big, old-looking key to the cellar.
The decision was made to sweep the kitchen with Crimescope and Bluestar. These two products are often used in criminal cases to detect traces of blood. The Crimescope is a powerful projector capable of producing very pure lights of varying colors. It is used in grazing white light to look for fibers or hair or, in blue light projected perpendicular on the ground, for traces of DNA (blood, sperm, saliva...).
Bluestar, on the other hand, reveals traces of blood that has been washed, erased, or invisible to the naked eye, but it does not alter the DNA of the blood revealed. The Bluestar reacts positively on the entire tiled kitchen floor, on the broom, and inside the bucket. For the investigators, this reaction should be taken with caution because the Bluestar occasionally gives a false positive.
On a light wooden chair and on a table leg, ten brownish stains, which appear to have been wiped off and could be blood, are also noted. They have an average diameter of half a centimeter.
On a mattress, in one of the bedrooms, a very old blood stain, dry and odorless, is also noted – probably from a nosebleed.
Room after room, the police collect as much information as possible: toothbrushes and razors from the bathroom are placed under seal along with a glass found on a dresser in a bedroom.
Investigators are now able to identify the names of the occupants of the five bedrooms. On the first floor, the bedroom opposite the narrow staircase is that of Arthur; the one on the right, next to the bathroom, is occupied by Anne. On the second floor, the room opposite the staircase is attributed to Thomas; the one on the right, to Benoît. The last is the parents’ bedroom.
The investigators ended their search by searching one of the couple’s cars, which was parked nearby. In the glove compartment, they find the trace of an old bank document concerning Arthur, but this paper does not present anything of interest.
On the other hand, the attention of the investigators focuses on the father’s professional life. They learn that he manages a company, SelRef, based in Pornic, a coastal town 30 miles from Nantes. On site, they go to the obvious: the company appears to be no more than a post office box, and yet Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès, they discover, has not set foot at this address since 2003 or 2004. As for the company’s mail, it has been redirected to 55 boulevard Schuman.
Interviews of relatives are also scheduled, including that of Raymond K., the husband of Nathalie K., already heard on April 16. But nothing particularly important emerges from this mid-afternoon interview.
A few minutes later, at around 4:40 p.m., however, significant information reached the police: the requested report of bank transactions pointed to purchases and expenses made by Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès over the past few days. This information from the banks delivers vital clues: one of the bank cards was used recently to purchase trash bags, adhesive tape, quick cement, and lime. These purchases were made in multiple stores in the suburbs of Nantes. In addition, a card was used to pay a hotel bill in Vaucluse on April 13, and a cash withdrawal of 30 euros was made in the Var, on April 14.
On April 20, the Nantes prosecutor announces the opening of an investigation for a “disturbing disappearance.” Then, a new home visit is scheduled for the 21st. These purchases are disturbing, especially that of lime. It is this last element that will trigger excavations under the terrace because the police know that quicklime is often used for the burial of corpses…

Beginning of criminal investigation

Nantes police station, Thursday April 21, 11:50 a.m.
At the very moment when the forensics team in white coats are busy digging up the first body - and avoiding the contamination of the “frozen” - their colleagues from the judicial branch continue their investigations. Since 10:30 a.m., they are no longer working on a disappearance, but on a crime.
All the steps are taken precisely and methodically.
They immediately interviewed Cédric M., a friend of Xavier’s, a recipient of one of the seven letters sent to relatives, and who entered inside the house ten days earlier with Emmanuel. A garage owner in Morbihan, Cédric very simply recounts what he did on April 11 around 4 p.m. He made the complete tour of Xavier’s house while Emmanuel did not want to go upstairs. He did indeed forget a pack of cigarettes on a table and confirms that Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès had asked him to empty the house.
Then Cédric M., quite spontaneously, threw to the investigators that upon arriving to the station, he heard on Radio France and on RTL that bones had been found in the garden. For him, it is just sensationalist media: “People eat up this crap! They must have been bones that the dogs buried...”
Even if research is now launched all over the region, the Nantes police are concentrating on interviewing “key witnesses.” They want to collect as many pieces of the criminal puzzle as they can. All bank traces received the day before are carefully analyzed. Agnès’ account cards also: a purchase on April 5 at 8 p.m. at a Carrefour Market route de Vannes; a withdrawal of 300 euros on April 7at 4:24 p.m., and a card payment in the amount of 166 euros on April 12 at 6:44 p.m. at the Auberge de Cassagne in Pontet in the Vaucluse.
These scattered elements arrive en masse at the Nantes police station shortly before noon on April 21, just as the extraction of the first body is taking place under the terrace of 55.
Emmanuel T., the best friend of the father who cannot be found, is interviewed a third time. This 51-year-old Dunkerquois without a professional occupation worked until 2009 as a sales manager in industrial cuisine with the Great West company. He knew Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès since the age of 13 or 14 in 1974. With Xavier and another mutual friend, Michel R., who lives near Montpellier, they left for the United States together in the 1980s.
Emmanuel T. insisted on the United States, and in particular on Florida, a state that attracted Xavier enormously. Then, answering the questions, he recalls without going into much detail the extramarital affairs that his friend had confided to him. He reveals that Xavier had affairs with two women named Catherine, one living in Ile-de-France, the other in Savoy.
Then, he confirms that Xavier had just received a letter from the court and asked if it was possible to redirect his mail to Emmanuel’s home, which he agreed to. During the discussion with the investigators, Emmanuel T., whom we imagine is disturbed by this new interview, remembers: “Xavier told me without joking that with the financial difficulties he encountered he could envision “taking the whole family into a definitive solution.”
Emmanuel knows his friend’s financial difficulties. He knows that Xavier owes a lot of money and is unable to repay. Emmanuel says he has already loaned him between 5,000 and 6,000 euros himself. Then, he adds this last disturbing element: just like Michel R., their mutual friend, he received an email with the photo of the Statue of Liberty in the United States with no other indication than this one: “We permanently cease all communication.”
Friday April 22, 2011. Who better than his best friends to know Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès? On this day of the autopsy of the bodies, around 11 a.m., the investigators received a call from Michel R., another one of the recipients of Xavier’s letter referring to his departure for the United States.
Michel R. is not just a simple collaborator of Xavier within La Route des Commercieaux, one of his activities; he is a close friend with whom the wanted father shared many good times. They have known each other for over thirty years.
Michel R. spontaneously explains to the investigators that he spoke with his friend, Xavier, on April 7. He also sent photos on the 5th, dating from a trip they had made together in the United States in the 1980s. He indicated that like Emmanuel T., he had recently received via the Internet a photo of the Statue of Liberty accompanied by this note: “We are definitively ceasing all communication.” Then Michel R. in turn confirms that his friend Xavier is a highly intelligent man. Thus, he considers that during his descent into the South, his friend must have voluntarily used the bank card to locate him, while he had taken care to no longer use the Internet, his cell phone, nor those of his family.
The police know that Michel R. and Emmanuel T. have spoken on the phone many times since they received Xavier’s letter of departure.
Armed with this information, Emmanuel T. was heard again at the beginning of the afternoon. The objective of the investigators is to deepen certain points, in particular on a weapon in Xavier’s possession.
They get the confirmation. “Yes, he inherited from his father a 22 long rifle. Xavier used this weapon to shoot target-practice at a balloon in his back yard. In order to avoid making noise and not to annoy the neighbors, Xavier had purchased a silencer.” The investigation confirms this: Xavier was shooting at the Jonelière stand in Nantes with his best friend Emmanuel. “The last time I saw him was at the shooting range on April 1 around 6 to 6.30 p.m., and with Agnès, it was March 11 at the Nantes restaurant, La Belle Équipe.”
The police are convinced of this: Emmanuel T. knows a lot… They continue the investigation by organizing a search of his home. It takes place between noon and 2 p.m., rue Lavoisière. The neighbors did not fail to notice this police presence. The investigators go directly to the third floor and thoroughly search the F2 apartment where Emmanuel T. resides. They also opened his personal safe, which contained a small wad of bills, his shooting license, and personal papers. They learned that Emmanuel T. owns a 357 Magnum Smith & Wesson revolver. The police will leave with a laptop and a mini-pc under their arm, but also with a file seized from the trunk of his Renault Laguna. This file, forty-four sheets thick, belongs to one of Xavier’s “conquests.” “It was Xavier who asked me to keep this document, which I did,” explains Emmanuel, upset, thinking about his 30-year-old friendship with his mate, Xavier. “I can imagine everything: suicide, hit man…” In this file, confidential documents reveal the existence of a financial conflict between Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès and one of his mistresses.
On April 22, interviews are increasing in Nantes, but also throughout the region. Everyone wants to bring their piece to the puzzle taking shape around this complex matter. Elements, more or less verifiable, are provided on all subjects. Here are four examples, among the dozens of testimonies that have been collected:
  1. Frédéric L., Benoît’s godfather, spontaneously goes to the police station in Arles, where he resides, to explain that he did not see Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès for a long time and that Xavier has a lot of contacts in the United States.
  2. At 12 o’clock, a neighbor of the boulevard Schuman remembers that one night, between midnight and 2 a.m., he heard ten detonations at an extraordinarily regular rate. But this witness no longer remembers the precise date of these shots...
  3. At 3 p.m., a close relative of the family comes to Nanterre and supports two points hitherto unknown to the investigators: Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès’ mistress would be called Claudia, and XDDL would also be an alcoholic.
  4. At 4:45 p.m., a gunsmith from Nantes remember perfectly that two months early, the father of the family, Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès, called himself “sniper priest” (!), and explained that his family was in danger of death. He wanted to buy a handgun to defend himself from a big burly person that threatened him...
Anyway, the investigators will learn that Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès bought a silencer for his 22 long rifle and on March 12, 2011 and ammunition in another armory located in the city center of Nantes.
The police send all this information and considerations, however surprising they may be, to the TGI of Nantes in charge of sorting them out.
On April 23, Xavier Ronsin again appeared before the press and declared “We can now speak of a methodical execution of Agnès Dupont de Ligonnès and her four children. Research has established that Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès had recently inherited a rifle from his father. The pursuit of his investigation and his testimony are obviously essential to precisely determine the causes of these five deaths.”

Source1 Source2
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Welcome to South App #5: "I'm a Beleaver"

Wednesday, August 26th, 2020
After a ten-day cheese binge, Gigi had gained ten pounds.
That didn’t stop Frank, the Italian Stallion, from picking her up and pinning her to the dorm room wall. They began making out in their underwear for the first time.
“Um...do you have a condom?” Gigi whispered as Frank lifted her up.
“But soft, my dear! Why, I carry the finest lambskins in the land. Made from the intestines of the most supple virgin sheep.”
Frank squeezed her thighs while sliding his tongue down her throat. But after holding her up for so long, his arms began to tremble.
“Maybe we can take it on the bed?” Gigi laughed nervously. “I guess I’m well on the way to the Freshman 15. Woo-hoo!”
Frank tossed the 130-pound Gigi onto the beanbag chair. He straddled her, reaching behind her back to unclasp her bra.
“On second thought, maybe not,” Gigi mouthed, gently pushing his hands away.
“But ask you did - did you not?”
“I...I like you, Frank,” Gigi admitted. “But on a sweaty bean bag chair in a dorm room? It’s...not what I have in mind for my first time!”
“Woe is me! Alas, my sexual and culinary advances remain unrequited.”
Sure enough, Frank was supposed to have cooked dinner for Gigi that previous Friday. But once she’d found out lasagna was on the menu, Gigi had promptly faked the flu. Following her secret cheese dinner with Winston, she had secretly sampled nearly every type of cheese in Buncombe County. And cottage cheese, an ingredient in Frank’s lasagna, was her least favorite. Hard pass.
Gigi slipped into her tight blue jeans and white Beavers hoodie. “Um...looks like I shall depart for class!”
“Next time, shall I conduct myself differently?”
Gigi smiled meekly. “Come as you are, Frank. We’ll try sex again in three months!”
On the 300 Hall, a naked Claire stood handcuffed to the top bunk from behind. She bit her shoulder to muffle her moan as a shiver rattled her body. An also-naked Winston stood up from his knees.
“Mmm...let’s, like, totally do it already!” Claire panted, sweat dripping down her bangs.
It would be Winston’s and Claire’s first time. And he had planned ahead with the help of a little blue pill. “Ah, right,” he grunted. “I reckon I’ll go get a Jimmy hat.”
Winston opened his desk drawer, reminded that his prized fake ID collection was missing. Whoever took it, your ass is grass, Winston thought. Then, while Claire wasn’t looking, he popped a Cialis in his mouth - his second pill in an hour. For good measure, he cracked open a can of Red Bull and chugged.
“Wow,” Claire cooed, looking down at it. “You must be, like, getting ready for a bonafide marathon with me!”
“Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back, ma’am.”
But as soon as Winston opened Claire’s legs, it happened.
A metric fuck-ton of caffeine and testosterone coursed through his veins. His pulse sank from one head to another. Target locked: Claire. She gasped in surprise. And Winston’s fragile ego, along with something else, deflated.
“Hashtag OMG,” Claire whispered, more embarrassed than Winston. “It’s, like, totally okay! It looks like we, like, had a little too much foreplay.”
Winston, dead-eyed and stone-faced, put on an old pair of Wrangler jeans and a red flannel. “I...need to give a presentation for class.”
“Oh! Like, good luck! Do you think you can, like, get me a towel?”
Winston grabbed his damp, musky shaving towel and tossed it to Claire. “Wait!” Claire called out as Winston stepped into the hallway. “You forget the-”
The door slammed.
“-Handcuff key.” Alone in Winston’s room, she stared at the key on his desk. “Hey, Siri!” she called out to her iPhone. “Call the Italian Stallion on speaker.”
Frank answered. “Ah, Claire: the woman with fire in thy loins. Shan’t you be in class at this time?”
“You’re, like, too silly! Mornings are for sobering up, not classing. Anywho, Winston I and totally ended our morning...prematurely.”
“Methinks you and Winston hath made more progress than Gigi and yours truly.”
“Aw, you poor thing!” Claire teased, sticking out her lower lip. “Tell you what. My hands are, like, tied right now. Hashtag literally! Wanna come up to Winston’s room and take advantage of me?”
At 8 AM Econ class, Jacky, Tai, Sarah, and Evelyn sat in the back of the massive lecture hall. While the professor rambled on about exponential growth, Jacky flipped through the binder of fake IDs.
“On the real, we’re not selling fake IDs,” Jacky declared, pulling out an one that favored the Latina teaching assistant. “We’re selling freedom, the way God always intended it.”
“Well put, Cali,” said Sarah. “Looks like you’ve dethroned Frank as the poet in our posse.”
“Whoa, let’s not get crazy,” Tai chuckled. “Unlike us peasants, Francisco is a Sicilian king.”
“If you love him so much, why don’t you just marry him, broseph,” Jacky snapped. Tai looked down like a shameful dog. Jacky held his grey-eyed stare like an Olympian. Finally, he burst out into laughter. “I’m just dogging you, scaredy-cat! Gotta keep you on your toes or this college junk will get stale.”
“College fucking sucks,” Evelyn chimed in, cranking the volume on her Mickey Avalon song. “It’s all a scam.”
The charismatic Jacky swiped an ID of a girl who looked like a preppy version of Evelyn. “Sounds like you need a new perspective, dudette. In college, you can be anybody you want to be. On the real, that’s why in the past 10 days, I’ve sold 25 IDs alone.”
Tai raised his eyebrows. “Twenty-fucking five? Not too shabby.”
“Oh, did I say 25? I meant that I sold 25 IDs to people in this room alone. Heck, the real total is somewhere around...200.”
Their jaws were on the floor. Jacky pulled out a roll of 100-dollar bills from his cargo shorts. He fanned the cash, then divvied a few bills to each of them.
“That’s 500 apiece each,” Jacky declared. “Just as a show of good faith that this operation won’t be a waste of our time.”
“Holy shit,” Sarah whispered, stuffing the money in her purse. “That’s almost enough goddamn cash for...half a textbook!”
“True that, but God’s last name is not damn,” Jacky hissed.
“Wait, how much money have you made so far?” Tai asked, reaching down and holding Jacky’s hand.
Plenty more,” Jacky whispered, inviting them to get close. “Look at all of God’s lost sheep in this room. Investing all this time and money to make this kind of money appear. Heck, we can do it much faster, dude and dudettes. We can take our operation straight to Beleavers.”
Jacky was referring to the Methodist youth group that met in the Chadwick Learning Center each Wednesday. Students of all faiths, colors, creeds, and M.O.’s were welcome - if only for the campus-renowned free popcorn.
“Ugh, organized religion is a farce,” Evelyn groaned, putting her headphones back in.
“Then you should have no problem taking their money,” Sarah said, yanking her earbud out.
“Exactamundo,” Jacky declared as the professor dismissed class. “Just picture all those students walking around with Mommy and Daddy’s tithe money. All we need to do is earn their business. Let’s get there early tonight and set up a vendor table. Sarah, Evelyn: we need a front. What can you sell?”
“I can sell my collection of human bones from my graveyard raids,” Evelyn offered casually.
They all stared at Evelyn in silence. “H-how about we make homemade bath bombs instead?” Sarah suggested casually.
“Perfect,” Jacky declared. “Tai and I will go to the dorm kitchen and whip up some baked goods. They’ll come for the snacks and leave with new identities.”
“Gravy,” Sarah said, flashing a peace sign. “Now, Evelyn and I have a rematch to settle.”
“Mario Kart?” Tai asked.
“Nah, grappling on the quad.” Sarah snatched Evelyn in a headlock and tickled her stomach. Evelyn burst out laughing, then tapped out. The two friends left the lecture hall.
“On the real, your hippie friend has a lot of nerve leading her on like that,” Jacky said, packing up his books.
“Eh, Sarah’s made it clear that she doesn’t like girls. Or...anybody for that matter.”
“Well, from one gay to another: Sarah’s full of horse crap.”
“Dude, they’re friends! And Evelyn’s not holding out for anything more.”
Jacky cocked his head as the last few students left the lecture hall. “What about us, Tai? Are we just friends?”
Tai leaned in to kiss him. Jacky kissed back harder, slipping his hand beneath Tai’s nylon shorts. Tai tossed his head back, pacing his breaths.
“Try to hold out as long as you can,” Jacky whispered, nibbling his neck. “I don’t want this to end…prematurely.”
“Hold out, huh?” Tai moaned between breaths. “Fuck...guess I gotta...uh, think about Evelyn the demon or something. That’s a turnoff...uh, am I right?”
“Seriously?” Jacky mumbled. “I’m trying to please you, and you’re gonna talk about another woman? Just stop talking.”
My boyfriend’s a hard nut to crack, Tai thought. Yes, it was true that Jacky had been a cocky, jealous, holier-than-thou douche during the whole class. He’s shallow. But God, his hand feels so good. So Tai let Jacky California finish. And afterward, Tai felt like the shallow one. For letting somebody kiss, caress, and fondle him when he knew for damn sure that they had nothing in common.
“And in conclusion,” said a female brunette. “That’s why multicultural cuisine is integral to improving the health of obese Americans in our nation. Thank you!”
“Delightful,” exclaimed Dr. Cartwright: Winston’s female Public Speaking professor. The student thanked her, then returned to her desk in the small Learning Center classroom. Today’s topic: Describe how multiculturalism has changed your life.
“Next up: Winston Beavers,” Dr. Cartwright announced. “Ah, quite a fitting last name, if I do say so myself.”
“Much obliged, ma’am.” Winston tipped his cowboy hat. “No one liked my last name until I became a student at South App.” He walked to the front of the classroom carrying two large foam boards.
“Oh! Somebody chose to use props, I see.”
“I was always a visual learner myself.” Winston set the foam boards up on tripods. “Ever since I was a little shit...um, I mean child, I always had a knack for pictures instead of words. I reckon ain’t much changed since then.”
“That’s very...insightful, Winston. Please begin whenever you’re ready.”
Two huge images were printed on the foam boards. One was a high-res photo of a revolver. The other was a simple stock photo of a 3-ring binder.
“Ladies and gents, when I enrolled last month, two precious items were stolen from me.” Winston pulled out a cigarette and pointed at each of the photos. “Exhibit A: my Colt Single Action Army revolver, gifted to me by my daddy. And Exhibit B: a top-secret binder, gifted to me by the fine folks from Beta Delta Epsilon.”
“Who’s got big dicks? We’ve got big dicks!” chanted a few BDE pledges in the back of the class.
“Don’t you forget it. Uh, anyway, I say all this to say: multiculturalism has impacted my life because it was statistically somebody of a certain race who stole these items from me.”
“Mister Beavers, I must stop you as this is highly inappropriate!” blurted out the professor’s teaching assistant.
“Let...let him continue,” Dr. Cartwright muttered, swallowing the lump in her throat. “Mister Beavers, I do presume you have...dare I say, a valuable theme in your speech?”
“I humbly assure you, I do,” replied Winston tipping his cowboy hat. “I reckon you’re gonna wanna listen to what I’m fixin’ to say.”
Down at the other end of the Student Center, Gigi donned goggles and rubber gloves while she weighed silver nitrate powder on a scale.
“Everybody make sure that your scale is switched to grams!” cautioned Dr. Spivey: a wild white-haired mad scientist. “And before anybody asks: no, I will not help you cook meth in an RV! I will, however, give you a list of Asheville’s finest marijuana dealers...for a price.”
Gigi added the powder to a volumetric flask. Then, she unzipped her bookbag and grabbed a bottle of distilled water. She slowly poured the water into the flask, swirling the mixture around.
“Smart, smart, smart!” Dr. Spivey praised Gigi. “Why, I see somebody brought their own water. Now, I think I know why. But please humor me.”
“Gladly!” Gigi obliged, swirling the flask until the silver nitrate dissolved completely. “Well, Professor, I opted to access my personal inventory in hopes of bypassing a lengthy dihydrogen monoxide queue! Translation: look at that line!”
Sure enough, a long line of students stood with flasks in hand, waiting to use the tap of distilled water. Dr. Spivey flipped through his attendance roster. “Ah, you’re my pre-dental student: Ji-hye.” He pronounced it incorrectly as Gee-Hi.
“Oh, it’s actually pronounced Gee-Hey. But my real name’s caused so much...um, confusion that most people call me Gigi now.”
“I see. That’s quite unfortunate. Having to change your name all because of someone else.”
Before Gigi could respond, a frat boy called out to the professor. “Hey, Walter White! I’ll pay ya a hundred bucks for a list of all your dealers. Come on, bubba, that’s like half your salary!”
Dr. Spivey sighed and feigned annoyance. “Ah, these kids and their shrewd business exchanges. Guess I better entertain their shenanigans. Keep up the diligence, Ji-hye.” That time, he pronounced it correctly.
After Dr. Spivey left, a nerdy hipster girl tapped Gigi’s shoulder. “Hey, check this out.” The girl raised her cardigan sleeve to reveal a dark silver nitrate tattoo. Fuck Landsharks. It was the South App Beavers’ rival mascot.
“I...fully approve this message!”
“Here, try one on you before the professor gets back.” The girl handed Gigi a paintbrush.
“Neat!” Gigi replied as if accepting party pills for the first time. “But what to write?” She stared at her class schedule, where her name was also listed as “Ji-hye Moon.” Maybe...I should get used to using my real name again.
Gigi pulled up her hoodie sleeve and dipped the brush into the silver nitrate solution. Just then, the professor summoned everybody back to their desks for discussion. “Ji-hye, Ji-hye, Ji-hye,” she repeated, quickly painting a tattoo on the inside of her left hand.
Gigi rushed back to her desk. Dr. Spivey laughed at the class, his white hair sprawling in all directions. “Fools! I saw what you did. Now, let this be a lesson in commitment. Because silver nitrate tattoos take a week to fade. Now...who wants to show me theirs? Or shall I start calling names?”
Goosebumps rose on the back of Gigi’s neck. Not because her tattoo was semi-permanent, but because she was surely about to be the center of attention. But after a moment of tension, the professor simply dismissed class. Gigi bolted out the door. “So long, Ji-hye!” his voice echoed down the hall.
Shit, did he see my tattoo? Gigi picked up the pace, bumping into students who filed out of the Learning Center classrooms. Around the corner, she heard the grinding of coffee beans and frothing of whole milk. She would soon reach safety at Doppio Coffee Shop...
“Whaaa-oomph!” Gigi gasped, slipping on a banana peel. She landed flat on her back, sending her notebook and loose papers flying.
“Whoa, are you okay?” asked a short Indian guy as he rushed to Gigi’s aid. He helped her to her feet. “Yo, did you get that on video?” he asked another Indian, who ran up with a video camera. “Hey, Miss, it was just a social experiment! See, we’re from the South App Social Club. Hey, are you listening? It was just a prank, bro!”
A mentally-drained Gigi kneeled down to collect her supplies. It was only when Gigi reached down to collect her papers that she read the tattoo on her hand. And it did not read Ji-hye...
“WINSTON?!” her voice cracked.
“Jesus fuckin’ Christ,” mumbled a young cowboy, hunched over a large caramel frappuccino. “Are ya that surprised to find me here?”
Winston was sitting at Doppio Coffee Shop. Gigi hurriedly pulled down her hoodie sleeves past her fingertips. She balled the draping sleeves over her fists, concealing the palms of her hands. Then, she walked over to Winston as if she didn’t look like a complete-
“You look like a complete dork!” Winston chuckled.
“Oh! I was...uh, cold,” Gigi lied. She held up her balled-up fists like a panda bear. “See, I made my own gloves!”
Winston snatched her right wrist, then placed it palm-down on the counter. He reached into his pocket for a dull, rusty Swiss Army Knife.
“So what we wanna do is make a quick little incision where the thumb is right here.” Winston cut a small hole in the sleeve. Carefully, he guided her thumb through the hole to create a mitten of sorts for her small hand.
“Now, let’s do your left hand.”
Gigi’s heart skipped a beat as he grabbed her tattooed left hand and lay her palm on the table. Don’t look at my tattoo, don’t look at it, don’t look at it!
“Ugh, damn blade’s straight-up fucked,” Winston scoffed. “Must’ve been that buck I skinned.”
“Eek! That’s so gross! Have you at least washed it?” Don’t look at it, don’t look at it, don’t look at it!
Winston ignored her question. “Here, let me see your palm so I can-”
For the love of all that is sacred and holy, don’t look at it, don’t look at it, DON’T LOOK AT IT!
“I have to poop!” Gigi blurted out.
Winstons let go of Gigi’s hand. He and everybody else stared in disbelief. Of course, she was lying. It’s not even what she meant to say. But Gigi took that baton and ran a country mile. “Um...it appears that most sharp cheeses give me constipation. But ever since I ate all those mozzarella sticks, I have major runs!”
Gigi stood up, crossed her arms, and bowed. Then, she skittered off to the restroom - her secret safe in her left hand.
A preppy guy and girl walked up behind the dumbfounded Winston. “Yo, country boy needs to teach his lady friend some manners, am I right?” The guy looked around, trying to rally the cafe customers for support. “That’s one thing I hate about this liberal town. What a fuckin’ dyke.”
A storm brewed in Winston’s head. But he kept it bottled up inside. He chuckled instead, placing a hand on the guy’s shoulder. A pause. Suddenly, Winston yanked him into a headlock, holding the pocket knife to his crotch. His girlfriend shrieked like a mouse, while the young man raised his trembling hands.
“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” the guy yelled.“T-take it easy, man! I was just-”
“Now listen here, partner.” Winston applied pressure with his blade. “I’ve had my share of good days. Matter fact, they’ve been a dime a dozen. But I reckon I’ve had my share of bad days too. And this right here is one of them bad days.” Winston motioned at the paper next to his drink. “See that-there paper over there? That’s the speech I just gave in front of a crowd of SJWs. And you wanna know what the teacher gave me? D-fuckin’-minus.”
“I’m...s-s-sorry,” the preppy guy whimpered.
“Yeah, me too,” Winston grumbled, using his knife to flick off the button on the guy’s board shorts.
“Somebody, do something!” the guy’s air-headed girlfriend cried.
And on cue, a thin brown liquid ran down the preppy guy’s legs. It seeped into his white Champion socks and stained his off-brand boat shoes. The putrid smell hit the gasping, coughing patrons.
Satisfied, Winston shoved the guy into his girlfriend’s arms. “I reckon you best wash up, partner.” Whispers and murmurs in the crowd while the preppy boy limped toward the men’s bathroom. “Hol’ up. I reckon you best make your way to the female bathroom. Matter fact, all bathrooms are gender-neutral around these parts. And while you’re in there, you can apologize to that so-called dyke from earlier. Tell her Winston Motherfucking Beavers sent you.”
With anguish and defeat in his eyes, the lady entered the female bathroom. Satisfied, Winston gathered his things and decided that it was time to get the fuck out of there. But when he turned around to leave, a thunderous applause erupted behind him like an action movie explosion. Winston smiled mischievously. For the first time since he enrolled, he finally belonged.
Suddenly, Winston slipped on the banana feel and landed square on his elbow. “Oh, shit!” exclaimed the Indian student, running to his side. “Are you okay, man?”
Frank shivered on top of Claire as she dug her nails into his back. He lay there for a moment, his breath ragged. Then, he rolled off, breathing heavily on Winston’s top bunk. He slipped off the latex condom and tossed it into an empty cheese ball can on Winston’s bunk.
“Alas, thou hadst sucketh the chi from my body and-”
“Remember, like, no talking!” Claire reminded him condescendingly. She pulled the covers over her breasts, opened Instagram, and took a duck-face selfie.
“Ah, perhaps you didn’t get a chance to c-”
“Like, no.” Claire casually added a rabbit-ear filter and snapped a pic. “But that’s, like, totally okay...I guess.”
Frank transformed from Shakespeare to Sherlock, scanning Winston’s filthy bachelor bedspread for something. Anything. There were cigarette butts, saltine crumbs, half a stick of butter, Fun Dip packages with only the dip missing, a whole uneaten chicken wing, piss in a Sprite bottle, a Happy Meal box with a dead rat inside, three leaking D Batteries, and Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.
Finally, Frank grabbed a nearly-empty can of whipped cream. He yanked the covers off the naked Claire and sprayed a line from her collarbone to navel. Now, he had Claire’s full, undivided attention. She slowly looked down at the runny mess that pooled into her belly button. Then, she gave him the hungriest bedroom eyes Frank had ever seen.
“If you’re, like, going to play with your food, then you better totally clean up after yourself.”
Frank and Claire proceeded to do unthinkable things in that bed. And Winston’s top bunk held on by faith and faith alone. Finally, they collapsed next to one another. Two sweaty messes bathing in afterglow. Afterward, they snuck into the men’s shower where they agreed on two things. One: they were going to burn that mattress out of respect for Winston. And two: they were going to have sex at Beleavers that night.
“Look here, you little bitch!”
Evelyn grabbed the young, black cheerleader’s collar and pulled her across the table, showing her fangs.
“W-whoa!” the cheerleader stammered. “Chill out! I’m...sorry.”
“Sorry about what?”
The girl panned from Evelyn to Sarah, Tai, and Jacky. “I’m...uh, sorry for asking you if you were selling tickets to a Marilyn Manson concert.”
“Apology accepted!” Sarah cheered on Evelyn’s behalf. She pointed at the assorted bath bombs for sale in the Learning Center Ballroom. “Everything you see here is between 10 and 15. If you have a sweet tooth, the fine gents to my right are selling yummy cookies and banana bread. Or…” Sarah pulled out the sacred BDE binder and placed it on the table. “Between you and me, we’re selling fake IDs.”
“Yeah!” Tai said. “There’s a few young ladies in there who have a mocha complexion almost as rich as yours!”
Jacky elbowed Tai in the ribs. Tai sucked in a breath, while his boyfriend acted as nothing had just happened. My boyfriend is jealous over fuckin’ everything.
The cheerleader looked over her shoulder to make sure the coast was clear. Then, she flipped through the pages as if she was dress shopping. “They contain the new state watermark and everything!” Sarah informed her customer. “We accept only cash at the moment. They cost-”
“A hundred, dudette,” Jacky interjected. Sarah gave him a worrisome side-eye at the exorbitant price. But as expected, the rich cheerleader pulled out the bills and handed them over.
“Oh, that makeup actually makes your eyes pop - no cap,” the cheerleader told Evelyn, before disappearing into the Beleavers crowd with her fake ID.
“Mission accomplished!” Jacky cheered. They had managed to pull off just over 100 sales: 7500 bucks split four ways. Now, it was time to close up shop for the night. Soon, the Christian rock band would take the stage to celebrate God in a room full of students with brand new identities.
“Come on, Tai,” Jacky said, smiling warmly. “Let’s grab some popcorn. I have somebody I want you to meet.”
Tai waved at the girls as they watched them leave.
“I...really don’t know what to make of Jacky,” Sarah admitted. “A few weeks ago, I tracked him down across campus because I thought he was smoking hot. I mean, he still is. But still…”
“He’s a fucking fake,” Evelyn fumed. “That holier-than-thou douchelord can sit on a tack.”
“Whoa, sounds like you need to relieve some stress,” Sarah chuckled, punching Evelyn’s arm. “Why don’t we head to the quad and settle our tie-breaker?”
At that, Sarah and Evelyn left for one last grappling match to end them all.
Winston and Gigi approached the Ballroom entrance, where thumping Christian rock rattled the door.
“So...are you a Christian or are you here for the popcorn?” Winston asked.
“A little bird told me that it is pretty tasty!” Gigi admitted sheepishly.
“And I reckon that little bird was Frankie?”
“Yes, actually! He’s supposed to meet me here. But...I haven’t heard from him in a few hours.”
“Ah. Same with Claire.”
Just like last week’s restaurant date, Gigi and Winston had been once again ghosted by their lovers. It had become a running meme at this point.
“M-maybe their bus is running late?” Gigi suggested, failing to convince even herself.
“Hey, while we’re meddlin’ in conspiracy theories, I’ve got one too. See, Frankie likes to cook. And I’mma bet he’s with Claire, baking her a fresh, homemade cream-”
Gigi clamped her hand over Winston’s mouth. Gigi’s pupils said it all. So he opted to lay off the jokes. Neither either of them really believed their lovers were sneaking around with each other.
Winston opened the ballroom door and promptly caught an elbow to the temple.
“Oomph!” Winston groaned. Gigi slouched against the wall for safety. The scene was no Sunday morning gospel band. This was a Christian hardcore band. And they had just walked into a mosh pit.
“W-Winston!” Gigi yelled over the screamo vocals. But among the flurry of flailing super-Christians, Winston had vanished. Gigi bent her knees and jumped as high as she could, searching for his cowboy hat in the crowd. Suddenly, a punk-rock girl came up from behind and lifted her into the air.
“She’s tryin’ to go surfing!” the girl yelled, heaving her into the crowd like a FedEx package. Gigi gasped before landing into a sea of open hands. This “wave” slowly guided her through the spazzing strobe lights and fog.
Suddenly, an anonymous hand grazed her breast, then very deliberately squeezed it. “W-whaaa!?” Gigi pulled her knee to her stomach, then kicked the culprit square in the face.
“You bitch!” the fondler yelled psychotically, cupping a hand over his bleeding nose. “Throw this fucking slut overboard!” And, in unison, the moshers raised and lowered her body in their hands. “One, two, three!”
Gigi flew into the air - falling, falling, falling until she crashed into a table of baked goods and bath bombs. Winded, she slipped behind the tablecloth and curled up under the table. The mob raged outside.
“Animals,” Gigi whispered, rubbing her sore breast. Alone in the dark under that table, she wanted to cry. She could only imagine what Winston would have done if she caught that pervert red-handed. Maybe I should have let him keep his gun.
Gigi turned on her phone’s flashlight and looked around. Under the table were several cardboard boxes. One, in particular, was labeled Sarah’s Box O’Fun. Gigi recognized it immediately. On move-in day, she’d watched Sarah unpack a huge bong from that very box. Then, Sarah had dared a drunk Winston to drink the bong water. He did. (“Gigi, meet my brother.”)
This is...Sarah’s table? She’s here at Beleavers tonight? Feeling gutsy, she sifted through the box. On top of the mountain of bath bombs and baked goods, the B.D.E. binder sat there in all its glory. She flipped through pages upon pages of fake IDs. On a scratch sheet of notebook paper: a tally of sales for Sarah, Evelyn, Tai, and Claire. But no Winston. And slowly, her busy brain started to connect the dots.
“Holy balls,” she whispered, snapping the stolen binder shut. She thought about taking it right then and there and returning it to its bearded beast of an owner. But another thought crossed her mind.
I could leave it here and blackmail them for money, Gigi thought. All I have to do is threaten to tell Winston! The decision was set in stone. She left the binder behind and slipped out from under the table. But not before stealing a baseball-sized charcoal bath bomb.
In the popcorn line, safe from the mosh pit, Jacky stood in front of Tai with his back turned. The blonde-haired surfer had been rambling excitedly with an Asian guy for five minutes now. And not once had Jacky thought to introduce him.
“Oh, Tai Maple!” Jacky finally remembered, turning to face him. “This is my friend: Benji. Benji, meet Tai.”
This freckle-faced Asian guy gave a slight bow. Tai immediately knew who he was. In fact, Gigi had given him the full scoop while she and Tai had shared her very first cheese pizza. It had all begun on the day where the freshmen tracked down Jacky in his mail truck. Jacky had mistaken the cross-dressing Gigi with the Benji who now stood before him.
And this Benji was allegedly Jacky’s secret long-time crush.
“Benji, would you please grab us a popcorn?” Jacky asked politely, stepping out of the line. “I need to talk to my friend here...alone.”
“Friend,” Tai echoed, following Jacky like a lost puppy.
“Tai, this is just as hard for me, brother,” Jacky frowned, more condescending than empathetic.
“The hell it is!” Tai blew up, drowned out by the hardcore band. “You had your hand in my pants just a few hours ago! Were you fucking planning on leaving me this whole time? For him?!”
“Tai, listen man. Look, I know everything. When you showed up at the coffee shop, I knew you’d been spying on me long before you met me. I first thought our meeting was a...beautiful coincidence. But all along, you were pulling the wool over my eyes. But that’s okay, brochacho! Because I gave you a chance anyway. See, I wanted to save you from what you are! You’re a liar, bro. But in God’s eyes, we all-”
“I let you take my goddamn virginity!” Tai exploded over the music, his jaw twitching uncontrollably.
A pitiful look from Jacky. “I see. That does complicate things a bit, on the real. Look, you can have a quarter of my earnings from tonight’s sales. And I promise to pray for you every night before-”
“Fuck you and fuck your God! I hope you die in your fucking sleep! I hate you, I hate you, I HATE YOU!”
Tai turned around and walked confidently out of the ballroom, holding his head up high while vertigo weighed it down. But nobody stopped him. And not once did he look back.
Winston limped down the Learning Center hallway with a pounding headache. He struggled to keep his twitching, swollen eye open while passing the empty classrooms. Where he was going, not even he knew. He just had to get far away from that mosh pit.
“Calm, child! You’re quite a fool to be walking around with a concussion!”
Winston turned around. Through his good eye, he saw a large, middle-aged Haitian woman in an African floral dress and headwrap. She held a bible in her large, smooth hands.
“Join us, child,” the woman beckoned, pointing into a classroom of Haitian students in chairs.
Winston smiled weakly, thinking back to his controversial speech from class that morning. “I mighty appreciate it, ma’am. But I reckon I ain’t much worthy.” He turned to walk away, but accidentally stumbled like a drunkard into the woman’s arms.
“Soft, my child,” she soothed him, ushering him into the room of students. “Not one of us is worthy. But there is good news.”
A half-hour later, Winston was sitting in the front row of the Haitian Student Ministry with a bag of frozen peas pressed to his swollen eye. The matriarch, Nadia, was delivering a passionate Psalm 107 sermon to her students.
“Let the one who is wise heed these things,” Nadia read. “And ponder the loving deeds of the Lord. Amen. Now, to conclude, I’d like to introduce our guest: Winston from Beleavers. Please, child, tell us about yourself.”
The young men on either side of Winston gave him a back pat. Winston slowly stood up and tipped his cowboy hat. In his mind, it was his Public Speaking 101 all over again. But in class, he hadn’t been standing in front of all-black students. Like he was now.
“Well, like I told Nurse Nadia earlier. I don’t feel like I’m worthy among y’all fine folks here. I mighty appreciate Nadia for patching me up. And for y’all’s hospitality.”
Winston headed for the door, but Nadia blocked the exit. “Please, child. Do your sins trouble you? May it ease your soul to know that there are redeemed people in this very room who have committed acts of credit card fraud, gang violence, and even beastiality?”
Winston blinked.
But somehow, Nadia’s words did not repel these people away. They brought them closer. So Winston opened his mouth and confessed what had been brewing in his mind all day.
“Well, uh...today in speech class, I said the N-word. I didn’t mean to be ugly when I said it. Only said it to take power away from it. But I reckon I really hurt a couple of people in that class. The only reason the teacher didn’t ban me from the class was ‘cause she wanted me to learn a lesson this year. And I’m tryin’, Nadia. I’m...tryin’ real hard.”
The students didn’t come forward to comfort Winston, who now choked on tears. But they didn’t back away either. It was only when Nadia lay a hand on him that the other students followed suit.
“It sounds like you have a lot to think on,” Nadia said warmly, as layers of hands covered him. “I wish you luck on your journey. We will always be here whenever Beleavers get a little too...rowdy.”
Nadia and the students led a closing prayer for Winston. He smiled as a rush of dopamine reached the brain. The tears flowed freely, even as he used the bag of frozen peas to dab his face.
“Amen,” Nadia concluded. Everybody left Winston’s side and began stacking chairs.
“Wait,” Winston said, returning to his confident southern drawl. “Let me take care of them-there chairs. It’s...the least this poor white boy can do.”
And so, Winston began folding chairs alone while the others left. And like Jesus on the Via Dolorosa, he began carrying ten chairs down the long hallway toward the supply closet. And like all other men, Winston was hell-bent on making only one trip.
“Winston!” Gigi blurted out as he turned a corner. With his hands full, his black eye had nowhere to hide. Gigi dropped her jaw. Then, her mouth formed a pitiful frown. She kissed her tattoo-free hand and gently pressed her fingertips on Winston’s eyelid.
“One more time,” Winston suggested with a grin.
Gigi hesitantly kissed her hand, then reached for Winston’s eyelid again. Suddenly, Winston playfully bit her hand. “Eek!” Gigi quickly brought her hand to her chest.
“You’re a good woman, Gigi,” Winston chuckled, reflecting on his own moral character. Both of their faces flushed red. He shook his head, arms trembling from the weight they carried. “Look, I gotta put these chairs up. Walk with me.”
Gigi carried four of the chairs. And even then, she lagged behind Winston. “So, what’s the word on Frankie? You find him in that-there mob?”
Gigi shook her head, her long black hair whipping back and forth. “Nope! And Claire?”
“Shit,” Winston said, emotionally detached. “Honestly, I don’t expect to see her ever again.”
“Hmmm...so why don’t they love us anymore?”
“Beats me,” said Winston, as they set their chairs down at the closet door. “But if I was a betting man, I’d wager it’s because you and I seem to be attached at the hip these days.”
“Do you think they don’t trust us together? I mean, as friends?”
“Should they?”
Gigi opened her mouth, then closed it. Then, they quickly reached for the doorknob at the same time. A moment passed, and they did not move their hands. Slowly, her earthy brown eyes met his icy blue ones. Gigi’s tattoo was on fire.
Together, they turned the doorknob. And lo and behold: it was Frank and Claire.
Frank’s pants were around his ankles - all eight inches of uncut glory on full display. Claire was on her knees, snorting an eight-inch line of red-and-white cocaine from root to tip. As soon as they were spotted, Claire frantically wiped her nose while Frank shuffled to button his pants.
“W-w-woe is me!” Frank moaned in despair. “It doth appear that our feline hath escaped its rucksack!”
“Like, no fucking shit, Sherlock!” Claire snapped, brushing the cocaine off her shirt. “Do you ever, like, shut the fuck up? Like, look Winston and Gigi! I promise this is, like, not what it looks like. It was just, like, like, like, like, like-”
Winston and Gigi slowly stared at each other - sly grins on their faces.
“Um...are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Gigi asked Winston cheerfully.
“I sure the hell am, buddy,” Winston answered. They each grabbed a folding chair and approached the pair of adulterers.
A short while later, at dusk, Winston and Gigi sat on the curb of the Chadwick Hughes Learning Center - handcuffed. A fresh-faced, fat officer stood with his arms crossed, staring at the excited pair of criminals.
“So, you mean to tell me you…stabbed this chick with a chair?” the officer asked, dumbfounded.
“Yep!” Gigi piped up, a wide smile plastered on her face. “I managed to wield my melee weapon like a medieval knight, riding with the north winds until that raging thundercunt landed on her assless keister!”
“That was fuckin’ awesome,” Winston said, giving her an elbow bump. “But not as awesome as me crackin’ Frankie’s skull.”
The cop knitted his brows, taking extensive notes. “Alrighty then. Anything else y’all wanna add?”
Gigi and Winston grinned at each other, adrenaline fueling their veins. They had truly saved the best for last.
“Then, I took out my phone,” Winston started. “And I showed them a pic of-”
“He flashed them a pic of him taking my virginity!” Gigi finished proudly. But it was a lie. No, Winston had instead shown the cheaters the photo of Gigi eating cheese for the first time with Winston. And despite being attacked with a chair, that photo had shocked Frank more than anything.
Cop 2 walked over to Cop 1 and whispered something into his ear. Cop 1 nodded and pointed at Jacky and Claire. The pair looked tired and traumatized, and were hugging and consoling each other next to another cop car.
“Y’all got off lucky this time,” Cop 2 jeered. “They ain’t gonna press charges. You must have some deep dirt on ‘em or something.”
He wasn’t wrong. That red-and-white cocaine was Ryan’s signature product. The BDE fraternity circulated that cocaine more widely than Jacky and his fake IDs. And it was a much larger, lucrative operation. In Winston’s eyes, Claire didn’t want to risk Winston snitching in retaliation for being thrown in jail.
“Ladies first,” said Cop 1, helping Gigi off the curb to her feet. He spun her around and unlocked her handcuffs. “What kinda ink job is that?” the cop muttered, reading the silver nitrate tattoo on Gigi’s palm. “Winston...wait a sec. Hey, that’s your name, right?”
Winston cocked his head at the cop’s question. Gigi’s knees trembled as she let out a nervous chuckle. It surely wasn’t the craziest thing to happen that day. But goddamn, would it be hard to explain.
“Gigi, what the hell?” Winston muttered with a blank expression.
“Call me Ji-hye!” Gigi blurted out proudly. Winston shook his head with a smile as he watched her disappear into the Asheville night.
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Filme gratuite legate de hiking & escalada de la Banff Mountain Film Festival

Banff Mountain Film Festival Films Online for Free
List curated by Lianne Caron
RJ Ripper
(2018, 20 min)
Kids and bikes; wherever you are in the world, they go together. The chaotic streets of
Kathmandu may not seem like a typical breeding ground for world-class mountain bikers, but
then again nothing is typical about Rajesh (RJ) Magar. Since learning to ride on a beat-up
clunker, to becoming the four-time National Champion at age 21, RJ’s story is one of boundless
childhood dreaming and unstoppable determination, forged from junkyard scraps and tested
on the rugged trails of the mighty Himalaya.
BAWLI BOOCH - Downhill Biking India
(2017, 5 min)
4Play is India’s first adventure film company. A fun short film with a catchy song that will make
you smile. Downhill Mountain Biking in Manali (India), Himalayan cultural nuances and a
catchy Bollywood song that will make your foot tap and keep your eyes glued to the screen.
Speak To Me Softly
(2019, 6 min)
Experience fear and emotion alongside climber Jenny Abegg as she ascends Moonlight
Buttress while fighting the self-criticism and doubt from that little voice we all have in the back
of our heads.
Life of Pie | Pizza and Bikes Can Fix Anything
(2019, 11 min)
In 2002, mountain bikers and entrepreneurs Jen Zeuner and Anne Keller moved to Fruita,
Colorado, in search of cheap rent, world-class single track, and free time to ride. Over 15 years
later, the two unconventional women have helped reshape one of the state’s most
conservative towns, uniting the community through advocacy, inclusivity, and damn good
Loved By All: The Story of Apa Sherpa
(2018, 14 min)
Every spring the summit of Mount Everest drews people from around the world. But in its
shadow live the Sherpa, a resilient, religious people, who, despite the riches surrounding the
highest peak on earth, are still quite poor and uneducated. A child of the Khumbu, Apa Sherpa
climbed Everest 21 times. Pulled away at the age of 12 to work as a high altitude porter, like so
many others, he would leave his family for months, risking his life on the mountain. Through
his work at the Apa Sherpa Foundation, he aims to create a different future for his people.
Curated by Lianne Caron
Shepherdess of The Glaciers
(2016, 74 min)
A beautiful cultural film that will sweep you away to an exotic far away location. Way up in
Ladakh—at 16,500 feet, somewhere in the Gya-Miru Valley—lives a shepherdess with a flock of
250 sheep and pashmina goats on a huge deserted rock-strewn mountain. They are her only
companions, except for the troubling presence of wolves and a snow leopard; her only link
with the outside world is a little transistor...
Artifishal | The Fight to Save Wild Salmon
(2019, 80 min)

Artifishal is a film about people, rivers, and the fight for the future of wild fish and the
environment that supports them. It explores wild salmon’s slide toward extinction, threats
posed by fish hatcheries and fish farms, and our continued loss of faith in nature.
The Last Honey Hunter
(2017, 36 min)
In the steep mountain jungles of Nepal’s Hongu river valley, members of the isolated Kulung
culture have risked their lives for generations scaling dangerous cliffs to collect wild and
toxic honey. Deep and dark, the film glides through a misty world of forest spirits, dreams,
and woodsmoke to share the story of the leader of the harvest and his final journey.
The Frozen Road
(2018, 25 min)
Self-shot and edited whilst cycling around the world, this short film charts my winter journey
into the Canadian Arctic as I completed my bike ride up the American continent. Compelled by
Jack London’s assertion, that ‘any man who is a man can travel alone’, I sought an adventure of
perfect solitude. Yet, as I came to realise, the harsh truths of travelling in such a formidable
environment were a long way from the romantic images I’d held of this land. The Frozen Road
is an honest reflection on my solo trip; of the wonder, terror and frustration I experienced when
riding through the unforgiving emptiness of one of the world's 'last great wildernesses'.
Blood Road
(2017, 92 min)
Rebecca Rusch’s search for connection. In this award-winning film, Rebecca Rusche cycles
1,930km along the Ho Chi Minh Trail through the jungles of Vietnam. The goal is to reach the
site where her father, a US Air Force pilot, was shot down in Laos more than 40 years ago.
Curated by Lianne Caron
(2018, 6 min)
Bill McLane is a trail builder. What started as a hobby between forest firefighting seasons
became a career which has helped shape the mountain bike scene on Vancouver Island. Billder
takes a closer look at the craft and dedication behind the trails we sometimes take for granted.
It shows that when people pursue their passion, we're all better for it
Up To Speed
(2018, 20 min)
Some climbers perceive speed climbing as a fringe activity, but its inclusion in the 2020
Olympics means it’s now being taken seriously. Film-maker Zachary Barr takes an in-depth
look into the sport.
Okpilik - Inuit Nunangat Taimaannganit
(2019, 4 min)
Mary Kudlak talks about fishing in Okpilik lake near Ulukhaktok as part of the Inuit
Nunangat Taimannganit video project.
Dark Peak Fell Runners
(2019, 17 min)
The Dark Peak Fell Runners base themselves in Sheffield, but their playground is the Peak
District National Park where they weave tracks through the fields, peat bogs and rocky
outcrops to create a tapestry of eccentricity, endeavour and endurance.

Chasing a Trace
(2019, 21 min)
This is a love story between a badass woman scientist and one of the most elusive wild
animals on earth set in the snowy high mountains of Western Canada.
Climb Your Dreams
(2019, 2 min)
The rush of life in the city inspires a dream for an escape. The nature of reality is questioned
by the contrast of what we do for a living.
Curated by Lianne Caron
Full Moon
(2019, 6 min)
Closing lifts and the setting sun mark the end of the action for most skiers. But not for Max
Kronech and Jochen Mesle. While ski towns fall asleep they head into the mountains to
see them in a new light.
Good Morning
(2018, 4 min)
Every day, skier Richard Permin falls into his mundane morning routine. Right after getting out
of bed, he clicks on his skis and rides down the snow covered rooftops of Avoriaz.
The Imaginary Line
(2019, 10 min)
In an act of political solidarity, a team from Mexico and the U.S.A assemble with the sole
purpose of establishing a slackline that crosses the border between them. In a world that is
constantly tearing us apart, they come together to cross an imaginary line and tell a
different story.
Age of Ondra
(2018, 47 min)
On the heels of a historic 5.15d ascent, we follow climber Adam Ondra from his home in the
Czech Republic, across Europe to North America, as he innovates new training methods,
establishes upper echelon first ascents, and attempts to be the first person to send 5.15 on
the first try.
Part one: https://www.redbull.com/int-en/episodes/age-of-ondra-part-1-reel-rock-s5-e2
Part two: https://www.redbull.com/int-en/episodes/age-of-ondra-part-2-reel-rock-s5-e3
Part three: https://www.redbull.com/int-en/episodes/age-of-ondra-part-3
(2019, 13 min)
Thabang Madiba somehow found his way into the world of trail running and in the last few
years has become everyone’s favourite in the South African trail scene.
The Redstone Pack
(2018, 5 min)
What began as an impromptu leap into the world of dog sledding, Aaron Natoniewski’s
methodical approach to the sport and understanding of his dogs has inspired a team of
sled hounds unlike any other.
Curated by Lianne Caron

We Are Abel
(2018, 8 min)
We Are Abel features the story of a Gwich’in father who is standing against reckless plans
to industrialize the Arctic Refuge and not only fight for his culture’s existence, but also for
his son’s ability to know that culture fully.
The River’s Call
(2019, 8 min)
The River’s Call follows seven kayakers through the deep canyons and challenging whitewater
of the Rio Apurimac the farthest source of the Amazon in the heart of the Andes.
The Ladakh Project
(2019, 13 min)
Seven days, three rivers, one woman. This is the story of Nouria Newman’s solo kayak
adventure in the Indian Himalaya.
t ory
The Flip
(2019, 3 min)
French skydiver Remi Angeli must face his fears in order to explore new expressions of
movement while BASE jumping in Mexico. On the other side of his fear he discovers life in
its purest form.
Kai Jones - Far Out
(2018, 6 min)
Eleven-year-old Kai Jones isn’t old enough to go to the movies alone or order a sandwich at the
pub, but in the mountains age doesn’t matter. He is following in his family’s ski tracks...right
into backflips and tricks off of cliffs.
Every Mystery I’ve Lived
(2019, 24 min)
At the end of 2017, rookie slopestyle MTB rider Emil Johansson was on top of the world. In his
first full season, he was crowned FMB World Tour champion as a teenager only for his world
to crumble around him with a mystery illness.
(2015, 32 min)
Photographer Reuben Krabbe is someone captivated by the solar eclipse, and so in March 2015
he set out to take a photo of a skier during this infrequent occurrence in the northern
Curated by Lianne Caron
archipelago of Svalbard, Norway. The story of this demanding expedition was documented by
Salomon in partnership with Switchback Entertainment and won Best Film: Snow Sports at the
Banff Mountain Film Festival.
(2019, 5 min)
Four top freeskiers and a world champion drone pilot are dropped at Chatter Creek, BC for
one week. Their instructions: charge as hard as you can every day.

Liv Along the Way
(2018, 23 min)
Since she first summited Mont Blanc as a teen, Liv Sansoz knew she would make her life in the
mountains. She was twice crowned World Champion in sport climbing, and eventually
expanded her professional horizons to mixed climbing, ski mountaineering, and base jumping.
In 2017, at 40 years old, Liv set out from her base in Chamonix, France to attempt to climb all
82 4000m peaks in the European Alps in a single year. As she’s learned several times
throughout her life, things don’t always go as planned.
Frozen Mind
(2018, 33 min)
Together with his old friend Pierre Hourticq, snowboarder Victor de le Rue tries to write a new
story in the iconic mountains near Chamonix. Frozen Mind is not just a freeride film, it is a
story of friendship and a journey of discovery as the two men take unique paths in order to
conquer the same objectives.
The 7 Stages of Blank
(2019, 42 min)
Blank Collective films takes you on a journey through The 7 Stages of Blank, a lighthearted
look into the bond that develops around the sport of skiing.
Circle of the Sun
(2019, 5 min)
Steep mountains, the ocean, the sun, and the aurora borealis. One rotation of the sun high in
the Arctic on skis equals one day of magic.
Curated by Lianne Caron
Safe Haven
(2018, 8 min)
Founded on the belief that everyone is welcome, Memphis Rox opened a climbing gym to be
at the center of the city's revitalization. Watch and if you are interested to learn more about
Memphis Rox.
Camel Finds Water
(2019, 8 min)
Trevor found the hull of an abandoned fishing boat in a field. He brought it home and built it
back to a sea-worthy state over the course of a summer. Then, he took it on its maiden voyage
to British Columbia in search of waves.
This Land
(2019, 10 min)
Runner and advocate Faith E. Briggs used to run through the streets of Brooklyn every morning.
Now, she’s running 150 miles through three U.S. National Monuments that lay in the thick of the
controversy around public lands.
& start_radio=1&t=5
Beneath the Ice
(2019, 16 min)
Canadian Will Gadd uses his unparalleled ice climbing skills and knowledge to lead a
scientific exploration into uncharted territory inside of the Greenland ice sheet.

(2018, 6 min)
Set in the streets of Bou Tharar and the wide, craggy valleys of the lower Atlas mountains,
Aziza is the story of a young woman who has thrived in the world of ultra-running and how she
has become a role model for other up-and-coming athletes in Morocco.
Standing Man
(2019, 13 min)
Cyclist Payson McElveen attempts to break the current fastest known time on the grueling
160 km White Rim Road in Canyonlands National Park.
Curated by Lianne Caron
(2019, 5 min)
As a rancher growing up in the rugged northeast corner of the Navajo Nation with no electricity
or running water, Eli Neztsosie learned through years of work what it meant to rely on
discipline and endurance. Now he relies on these same skills, running long distances— striving
every day, in his words, to be better than he was the day before.
A Nordic Skater
(2018, 5 min)
A Nordic Skater is the very first film about this little known sport. It features Per Sollerman, a
photographer who has been skating on frozen lakes and fjords for the past 10 years. During 6
captivating minutes, the viewer is transported to the region of Oslo to have a peek at a story of
a man who uses every sense he has to travel on thin ice.
Out on a Limb
(2019, 21 min)
Engineer Kai Lin teams up with climber Craig DeMartino to design a badass prosthetic foot,
which if they succeed won’t just level the playing field, but will dish up, if not superpowers, then
a real sense of empowerment, which is almost the same thing.
(2019, 20 min)
An intimate story of longing and belonging in India’s sacred mountains. Spirit explores what
it takes to make a home in a remote community in the thralls of change.
(2019, 4 min)
A skier’s tribute to the shortest day of the year when the sun arcs low over the horizon and
the ice crystals linger in the air. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTPovRc6OoM
(2019, 19 min)
In the midst of Kosovo, an area that’s been haunted by war and ethical conflicts, Elias Elhardt
discovers the small ski resort Brezovica.Snowboard enthusiast Hamdi is one of the locals
that now wants to breathe new life into this special place. He guides Elias through this
forgotten world and reflects on the question, how a future can be built if the past still weighs
so heavily.
Curated by Lianne Caron

Valley of the Moon
(2018, 21 min)
Valley of the Moon explores the importance of climbing as a way to cross cultural barriers,
build friendship and chase adventure in one of the most breathtaking regions of the earth.
The Legend of Rafael
(2019, 7 min)
A beautiful story about the power of two wheels and a community built through bicycling. After
a devastating breakup, Rafael finds solitude and restoration on the open road, pedaling his way
to emotional health from Mexico City to northern Colorado. With just $500 to his name, he
spearheads a revolution to help the underprivileged members of his new neighborhood the best
way he knows how—repairing their bicycles. https://vimeo.com/333580941
Over Time - Sammy C
(2019, 7 min)
Filmed purley in the heart of the BC backcountry, Over Time - Sammy C features the best
shots from a full winter with pro skier Sammy Carlson.
(2018, 6 min)
The Pehuenche people of present-day Chile speak Mapudungun: ‘the language of the land.’
This land, their universe, is known as Wallmapu. Two skiers enter, into a breathtaking creation
of ancient Araucaria trees, looming volcanoes, and windblown snow.
Chasing the Sublime
(2018, 6 min)
Why do we put ourselves into the path of discomfort and risk? What drives us to get too cold
and too tired, to battle with fear, in the name of adventure? Follow the originators of The
Outdoor Swimming Society, ‘swim twins’ Kate Rew and Kari Furre, in this hauntingly beautiful
glimpse at the physicality of UK cold water swimming, as two friends set out to chase the
sublime. https://vimeo.com/292071219
The Running Pastor
(2019, 8 min)
Sverri is a local Pastor and avid runner who uses his time on the trails to work through not
only his own personal conflicts, but the conflicts of others he often is burdened with.
Curated by Lianne Caron
BMX Nigeria
(2019, 13 min)
BMX street is one of the most frequently evolving sports in the world and, in Nigeria, a group
of local riders are reinventing riding at a grassroots level.
The Shepherdess
(2018, 6 min)
A brutal drought is gripping the Southwest and the Navajo reservation especially hard,
threatening traditional shepherds and a way of life going back generations.
(2018, 18 min)
What does it take to climb the world’s first 9c? Let’s find out in Silence, a movie by Bernardo
Giménez. It shows what preceded the afternoon of September 3, 2017 when Adam Ondra, a
professional rock climber and currently one of the best climbers in the world, made a little piece

of climbing history when he climbed his project in the spectacular Hanshelleren Cave in
Norway. The route, later named Silence, received a new grade of 9c and became the hardest
route in the world.
Ice & Palms
(2018, 32 min)
The documentary follows skiers Jochen Mesle and Max Kroneck on their most ambitious
ski tour yet. A 100% self powered adventure from southern Germany all the way to the
mediterranean sea.
Sacred Strides
(2018, 12 min)
Bears Ears National Monument is a public land under threat. In 2018, a group of Native
American tribes put their differences aside and ran 1280 km to Bears Ears to send a message
of unity.
(2018, 10 min)
Fly Above the ancient sands of the Moroccan coastline. Let your spirit soar with lightness
and the feeling of Hourya.
Curated by Lianne Caron
(2018, 14 min)
FAST HORSE follows the return of the Blackfoot bareback horse racing tradition in a new form:
the Indian Relay. Siksika horseman Allison Red Crow struggles to build a team with
second-hand horses and a new jockey, Cody Big Tobacco, to take on the best riders in the
Blackfoot Confederacy at the Calgary Stampede.
The Moment
(2017, 74 min)
In the backwoods of British Columbia, three small but dedicated crews of adventure
seekers were quietly changing the course of a sport and carving their paths in history. The
Moment captures the birth and success of the original freeride mountain bike movement.
For the Love of Mary
(2018, 6 min)
When 97-year-old runner George Etzweiler dons his lucky ancient green running shorts, he’s
not just running to the summit of Mt Washington, he carries something special with him: the
memory of his late wife of 68 years.
Break on Through
(2017, 26 min)
Margo Hayes, a little-known 19 year old from Boulder Colorado, has moved to Europe to train
and climb with the goal of succeeding on two of the most iconic 5.15s in France and Spain. But
by pushing her body and mind to the absolute limit, she risks injury and failure in her quest to
be the first.
Life of Glide
(2017, 16 min)
Big Mountain rider Jeremy Jones dissects his lifelong passion for the simple sacred feeling

he calls “The Glide.”
Brothers of Climbing
(2017, 7 min)
How can you be what you can’t see? Mikhail Martin, co-founder of Brothers of Climbing said, “I
literally typed, ‘Are there black climbers?’ in Google ... someone said, ‘black people don’t
Curated by Lianne Caron
Ride of the Dead
(2017, 12 min)
Enter into the world of Oaxacan mountain bike culture during Mexico’s famous annual
celebration known as Dia De Los Muertos.
(2018, 12 min)
Join two riders from Japan as they dive into the cultural history of the dolomites clattering
up Via Ferratas and shredding down couloirs along the way.
Beautiful Idiot
(2018, 15 min)
Beautiful Idiot takes you on a ride through the mindset and motivations of those who feel
driven to pursue greatness, how it can feel to fall short, and the consequences of reaching a
lofty goal when the struggle to get there has defined you for so long. Featuring professional
freeride mountain bike rider Brett Rheeder.
Perspectives | India
(2018, 5 min)
Professional mountain bike athlete and artist Micayla Gatto adventures to the Indian
Himalayas to experience the culture with her unique artistic perception.
Inside the Indus - A Pakistani Odyssey
(2017, 27 min)
An international team of kayakers heads to Pakistan to attempt a descent of the fabled Rondu
Gorge, on the Indus river. Hidden behind a wall of political and security factors meant it had
been eight years since the last expedition had ventured into the gorge.
4 8154562075004/
Skier Vs Drone
(2018, 4 min)
2018 Olympic Bronze Medalist skier racer, Victor Muffat-Jeandet, faces off against 2x World
Drone Racing Champion, Jordan Temkin, in a dual GS race to see who is the fastest down
the mountain.
Curated by Lianne Caron
The Faction Collective Presents: La Grave
(2018, 17 min)
Sam Anthamatten and Johnny Collinson travel to La Grave to push the limits of steep skiing
and discover what makes La Grave so unique - a mythic freeride location where time stops.

Children of the Columbia: A Skier’s Odyssey
(2018, 20 min)
A cultural ski journey up the historically-charged waters of the Columbia River in interior
British Columbia.
The Sky Piercer
(2018, 44 min)
Snow athletes Sam Smoothy, Xavier De Le Rue, Nadine Wallner and Fraser McDougall take
on the challenge of skiing down New Zealand’s highest mountain, the notorious Mount Cook
(Aoraki). Will extreme weather and icy conditions defeat them?
The Lorax Project
(2018, 35 min)
Six friends embark on a determined quest to climb and then BASE jump ‘The Lorax’, a
formidable climb in remote western Tasmania. Surrounded by some of the most pristine
wilderness in all of Australia, they contend with extreme weather and rugged terrain, relying on
each other’s skills and a bit of humour to reach their goal. https://vimeo.com/310331133
(2018, 8 min)
JaBig, a Montreal-based DJ, buys a bike on a whim and decides to attempt to beat the record
for the longest continuous bike ride in a single country. What’s more, he’ll ride a single-speed,
fixed-gear bicycle and finish in the winter, approaching the Arctic Ocean by way of Canada’s
northernmost continental hamlet, Tuktoyaktuk in the Northwest Territories.
Facing Sunrise
(2017, 8 min)
While dealing with one of the darkest times of her life, processing family trauma and recovering
from injury, Azzah overhears a conversation around the question, “what do you want to do
before you die?” Inspired and energized, she rushes home and begins her bucket list. Although
she has never seen herself as much of an adventurer, she realizes she’s capable of more than
she ever imagined.
Curated by Lianne Caron
Ascending Afghanistan *warning graphic content
(2016, 44 min)
Follow the first female Afghan mountaineering team as they navigate their first expedition and
fight for recognition as athletes amongst their country, culture, and families.
f f0d3f0d206a3cec6?latest=1
Brotherhood of Skiing
(2018, 10 min)
Since 1973, the National Brotherhood of Skiers has overcome barriers by bringing soul,
smiles and a party to the mountain.
How to Run 100 Miles
(2018, 28 min)
The odds were stacked against Jayson Sime early in life: poverty, homelessness, dyslexia,
bullying. But he learned to fight. In 2017, he entered his first 100-mile mountain
ultramarathon, betting on his lifelong resilience to carry him to the finish line.

Blue Heart
(2018, 44 min)
The Balkan Peninsula is home to the last wild rivers in Europe. However, a deluge of more
than 3,000 proposed hydropower developments threaten to destroy the culture and ecology of
this forgotten region. Blue Heart, now in its first digital release, documents the battle for the
largest undammed river in Europe, Albania’s Vjosa, the effort to save the endangered Balkan
lynx in Macedonia, and the women of Kruščica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, who are
spearheading a months-long, 24/7 protest to protect their community’s only source of
drinking water.
Carving Landscapes
(2018, 6 min)
Through the inspiring legacy of Mary Vaux we will venture onto the Illecillewaet
Glacier, reenacting her research and her mountain travel in the restriction of Victorian
dresses. https://vimeo.com/299359466
The Passage
(2018, 25 min)
In 1974, my 20-year-old parents and uncle Andy built their own canoes, launched them into the
Pacific, and became some of the first people in modern history to canoe from Washington to
Alaska up the Inside Passage. My brother and I grew up paddling those wooden canoes in the
Virginia rivers and the 1974 adventure became a legend in our family - shaping who we’ve
become, how we view our parents, and how our parents view themselves. In the summer of
Curated by Lianne Caron
2017, we renovated those canoes and with our aging parents completed their 1974 journey. The
Passage is a story about growing up, growing old, and the wild places that define us.
Grizzly Country
(2018, 12 min)
After serving in the Vietnam War, author and eco-warrior Doug Peacock spent years alone in the
Wyoming and Montana wilderness observing grizzly bears. This time in the wild changed the
course of his life. With the protection of Yellowstone grizzlies now under threat, Peacock
reflects on the importance of habitat and why he continues to fight for wild causes.
The Botanist
(2016, 20 min)
After the fall of the Soviet Union, Tajikistan, a former Soviet Socialist Republic, plunged into a
devastating civil war. A famine struck the mountainous region of the Pamir where Raïmberdi,
a passionate and ingenious botanist, built his own hydroelectric station to help his family
survive through the crisis.
Surviving the Outback
(2018, 57 min)
Could you survive alone across hundreds of kilometers of remote outback for a whole
month, trekking and sailing on a makeshift raft, with nothing but a time capsule of antique
stuff from 1932? Mike wasn’t sure he could pull it off either!
The Mirnavator
(2017, 11 min)
Ultra-runners overcome obstacles on every trail. In this film, Force of Nature Mirna
Valerio overcomes the negative voices that don’t believe she belongs in the sport.
Ski Photographer

(2018, 9 min)
Drawn to the mountains in search of the ski bum lifestyle, Oskar Enander had no intention of
ever becoming a photographer. Is his affinity for cold stark places driven by his color
blindness? Or is it place that has formed his aesthetic?
Curated by Lianne Caron
My Mom Vala
(2017, 10 min)
Life has a way of putting us where we need to be. For Vala, that’s in both Greenland – where
she works at her family’s fishing lodge – and Reykjavík, where she teaches her daughter how to
do it all on her own, too.
(2017, 7 min)
Amo; in the native Rapa Nui Language means, to carry on ones shoulders. Easter Island is a
place known the world across in myth and legend, but the people who call it home and the
unique culture that they embody is often overlooked as the most valuable piece of the islands
estranged story. In this short film, Heu Rapa Haoa, native born Rapa Nui and one of 800
remaining people left in the world who speak his native tongue fluently, tells his story of the
island, the stone heads that brought Easter Island renowned, and in what he sees for his future
and in that the future of his people the culture that defines them.
(2018, 7 min)
In a photographic niche defined by familiar angles, Ben Thouard is driven by his desire to
create something original in surf photography.
The Frenchy
(2018, 14 min)
Jacques is an 82-year-old badass athlete, but the real story is how he inspires us with his
contagious love of life, epic tales of survival and his ability to counter aging through
Dreamride 3
(2018, 6 min)
Inspired by a Dr. Seuss narrative, this mountain bike film is sure to take you places like no
other. https://vimeo.com/266377015
(2018, 40 min)
Through a cinematic exploration of three extraordinary tree communities, Treeline brings forests
alive on screen, illuminating the reciprocal bond between humanity and nature - a relationship
we can’t survive without - and asks what responsibility we have to protect the exceptional
forests that remain.
Curated by Lianne Caron
The Wolf Pack
(2018, 12 min)
The Braford-Lefebrve family lives to run and runs to live. Without cell phones or any
modern worry, the wolf pack roams the mountains around Silverton CO.

Danny Macaskill: Danny Daycare
(2019, 4 min)
In his latest film Danny Macaskill takes on some child care the only way he knows how... by
taking them for a wee bike ride around Scotland!
Electric Greg
(2019, 20 min)
Record-breaking mountain endurance athlete Greg Hill has never shied away from a goal.
Through his time spent in the mountains, he's seen the effects of climate change first-hand and
came to realize the way he was approaching the mountains was only making the problem
worse. Two years ago he changed his approach and set out to climb 100 peaks without burning
any fossil fuels. But the question is: will it make a difference?
(2019, 13 min)
The path of progression is paved with acts of defiance. Leanne Pelosi, Jake Blauvelt, and
Victor de Le Rue take the stage in British Columbia in a showcase of shred.
Par For The Course
(2019, 4 min)
Mirna Valerio takes on her first ever sky race at the 4th annual Broken Arrow Sky Race. Mirna
navigated the rocky, exposed ridge lines, steep climbs and snow filled descents of Squaw
Valley with an attitude unlike any other.
The Motivator
(2018, 4 min)
Filmmaker Aaron Hitchins turns his camera on the person who has motivated him to lead a life
connected to the outdoors: his mother, Maureen. He wishes he were half as active as she is,
and her commitment to rediscovering herself is inspirational.
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あなたは私のことを何と言ったの?私がネイビーシールズでクラスのトップを卒業したことを知ってもらいます。アルクエダで数々の秘密の襲撃に関与しており、300人以上の殺害が確認されています。私はゴリラ戦の訓練を受けており、全米軍の中で最高の狙撃兵です。あなたは私には何の役にも立たず、ただの別のターゲットです。この地球上でこれまで見られなかったような正確さで性交を一掃します、私のクソ言葉をマークします。あなたはインターネットで私にそのたわごとを言うことで逃げることができると思いますか?もう一度考えて、ファッカー。私たちが話している間、私はアメリカ中のスパイの秘密のネットワークに連絡しており、あなたのipは現在追跡されているので、嵐、うじ虫の準備をよりよくすることができます。あなたが人生と呼ぶ哀れな小さなことを一掃する嵐。お前は死んだぞ私はどこにでも、いつでもいることができ、700以上の方法であなたを殺すことができます。それは私の素手だけです。私は非武装戦闘で広範囲に訓練されているだけでなく、私は米国海兵隊の兵器全体にアクセスでき、大陸の顔からあなたの惨めなお尻を拭き取るためにそれを最大限に使用します、あなたはちょっとくそ。もしあなただけが、あなたの小さな「賢い」コメントがあなたに降りかけようとしている不誠実な報復が何であるかを知ることができたなら、たぶんあなたはあなたのクソ舌を握っていただろう。しかし、あなたはできなかったし、そうしなかったし、今やあなたは代価を払っているのだ。私はあなたのいたるところに激怒し、あなたはそれに溺れます。お前は死んだぞ、キッド️️ ️ ️although ️‍ ️‍️ ️‍️‍️‍ ️⃣ ️️ ️️️ � 𝓼𝓱𝓾𝓽 𝓾𝓹
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Horse Race Betting Scam Explained - Bruce Williams - YouTube Betfair trading - A nice little trend trade on Betfair horse racing markets 2020 Cartier Paddock Stakes - Queen Supreme South African Horse racing - YouTube Jeff Siegel Handicapping 101

Our detailed horse racing form guides, race cards, and race fields for South Africa contain all the tab information you require for the races today. South Africa horse racing fields and today’s racing form guide section contains all the racing form you require; Acceptances, Weight and Nomination are also available so pick the date and select ... Sports Betting Companies in South Africa. Our List of Betting Sites in South Africa covers all the best sports betting sites available to punters in South Africa. We’ve also focused on bookmakers that are 100% legal and that hold licenses in South Africa, so you’ll be able to place your next bet with confidence. Below are some of the most popular types of horse racing bets in South Africa. Types of Horse Racing Bets. All the top horse racing betting sites in SA offer the best betting markets for horse racing fans. And since all bettors want to enjoy watching horse racing events and make money at the same time, they need to know what they are doing. Saturday, 10 October TURFFONTEIN . Race 1, Gallops, 1200m, Turf, R70.000, 12:30GMT+2 Race Summary: Difficult to assess. Paul Matchett has a strong hand with BLUE EYES who will appreciate the little extra as well as CAROLINA REAPER and BOLD JASS who are both capable of making the frame. South African horse racing: SAHracing.COM on Facebook: News Headlines : Displaying 1 Results : aus star farnan out with injury: 2 days ago: Farnan's Everest campaign has been thrown into doubt after the Golden Slipper winner did not accept for Saturday's Roman Consul Stakes at Randwick due to bruising to a foot. Racing NSW advised on Wednesday ...

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Horse Race Betting Scam Explained - Bruce Williams - YouTube

Bruce Williams explains how a horse race betting scam works to a caller on his Talknet radio program. I'm looking for recordings of Bruce Williams from the 8... #horseracing #bettingonhorses #handicapping #horseracingtips #horseracingbetting #horseracingterms #weekendhandicapper Join Weekend Handicapper as he discuss... What the actual fuck are these idiots thinking and doing, this world would be better off if the racing industry just didn't exist. MUCH LOVE AND HUGS, PLEASE... Missisippi Burning - World Sports Betting Cape Fillies Guineas - Duration: 1:52. South African Horse racing 825 views. ... South African Horse racing Recommended for you. 2:03. RYAN MOORE: ... Best Sports Betting South Africa Recommended for you. ... South African Horse racing 49,854 views. 2:35. JUSTIN SNAITH, FRANKLY CAN DO IT AGAIN - Duration: 7:39. BONSKI CLAN 811 views.