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Betting your skins on league of legends games.

As the title says, wouldnt it be great if u could bet skins on games? Idea is stolen from cs:go
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My first S on Teemo, and my second S ever. I made a bet with my friend (the Akali) that if I can get M7 on Teemo, he'll get me a skin, but after this game he got me Spirit Blossom Teemo anyway. Best friend of 2020. Hoping to get two more S's to actually fulfill my part of the bet.

My first S on Teemo, and my second S ever. I made a bet with my friend (the Akali) that if I can get M7 on Teemo, he'll get me a skin, but after this game he got me Spirit Blossom Teemo anyway. Best friend of 2020. Hoping to get two more S's to actually fulfill my part of the bet. submitted by asianwheatbread to TeemoTalk [link] [comments]

Unregulated betting websites that allow underage gamers to gamble away huge amounts of money look set to be shut down after video game giant Valve announced a crackdown on the controversial practice of skins gambling.

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My friend who is a skins fan wants to bet on the outcome of next weeks game

Its basically guaranteed we will win, but he wants to do it by spreads. How likely is it we're gonna win by at least 10 points? I feel pretty confident that's gonna happen but I wanted to hear from other people as well.
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Ok, Let's talk Valve Ruling on CS:GO

Ok, fanboys and trolls aside. Lets look at this match-fixing scandal at a completely neutral perspective.
Valve ruled a lifetime ban on CS:GO major events to the players involved in match throwing. Was this a valve sponsored event in which ex-IBP was known to throw. Does valve have a rulebook regarding matchmaking, and/ versus "Professional matchmaking"? If they do, does this rulebook involve the penalties that subsequently follow a direct "rule breaking"?
Another point, is "betting skins" legal? Does valve endorse skin-betting? I'm sure Valve knows that so much money is circulated around CSGO Lounge, and it brings in a lot of money for them with the fees involved in buying and selling skins. Was this penalty so harsh because Valve knows how seriously people take skin betting and they would like to strongly discourage other professional organizations from doing this?
Scenario: If there was no such thing as betting skins on games, and iBP completely threw their game (and they all knew they would), the only thing that would hurt them is their record and possibly some sort of tournament bonus that they would get for placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.
Question: Is this penalty so harsh because it affected so many people besides the professional team players?
Again, i'm not a fanboy. Such strict bans on top world players, whom we know are all very talented/legit players and are entertaining to watch when gaming. Was this too harsh? For all of you who take betting seriously and loose/ win skins, don't read this with a bias, just assume there is no betting involved.
Valve is allowed to do whatever the hell they want :). Gaben, please do not take this post personally.
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Is CS sustainable? A discussion on gambling and viewership growth

A couple years ago the counter strike community started to rebuild itself slowly. Then skins came out and it was like throwing gas on the fire, viewership exploded as people began betting skins on games driving advertising and bigger prize pools forward. Great for the pro scene and our players are able to make a return on the hours they put into the game. But I have a worry and must ask the question, if they were to take away gambling would CS be able to survive or would it smother the flames. I worry that one day they will come after those sites and it may cripple counter strike. I personally am not a bettor as the fear of losing always overtakes the excitement of winning. Hell even when I have won a bet in the past it’s more the feeling of relief that I didn’t lose. Is there a way for CS to move forward without betting if that day comes? Or are we too deeply invested that we will live or die with gambling. I just fear as quickly as the community was built it may crumble back down. Thoughts?
I think the focus on player personalities in team videos and story-lines within teams are a great help in connecting casual viewers to the scene and keeping them invested in the pro games.
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[Gaming] The Interactive Software Federation of Europe calls on European gambling authorities to tackle online skin betting

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Lost my last $30 ib betting skins on yesterdays dAT game.

How do I even bet safely anymore!! I wait for a promising game to come in, then they lose a few important rounds to DDoS and cost me my most important skins..Now I've only the option to be a spectator in this sport until I figure out how to get back into shape.
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What would you guys think about skin betting on sport games ?

What would you guys think about a site like csgolounge but for betting on sports games like football(with skins of course). Me and my friend need something for a school project and this would be very interesting.
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[Store] I'm not betting on these dumb games are you? Skins & Free Swaps inside.

Now at least entertaining the thought of listening to your offers :D
Free Keyswaps!!! No need to add me for swaps, just shoot me an offer.
edit: Thanks to the people who have been leaving sweets in the swaps, it is not necessary but it is appreciated.
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Unregulated betting websites that allow underage gamers to gamble away huge amounts of money look set to be shut down after video game giant Valve announced a crackdown on the controversial practice of skins gambling.

Unregulated betting websites that allow underage gamers to gamble away huge amounts of money look set to be shut down after video game giant Valve announced a crackdown on the controversial practice of skins gambling. submitted by KellyfromLeedsUK to BreakingNews24hr [link] [comments]

Unregulated betting websites that allow underage gamers to gamble away huge amounts of money look set to be shut down after video game giant Valve announced a crackdown on the controversial practice of skins gambling.

Unregulated betting websites that allow underage gamers to gamble away huge amounts of money look set to be shut down after video game giant Valve announced a crackdown on the controversial practice of skins gambling. submitted by unremovable to unremovable [link] [comments]

Unregulated betting websites that allow underage gamers to gamble away huge amounts of money look set to be shut down after video game giant Valve announced a crackdown on the controversial practice of skins gambling.

Unregulated betting websites that allow underage gamers to gamble away huge amounts of money look set to be shut down after video game giant Valve announced a crackdown on the controversial practice of skins gambling.
Submitted July 15, 2016 at 12:35AM by madazzahatter -\_betting\_websites\_that\_allow\_underage/?utm\_source=ifttt
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Could you guys be interested in a new website starting up, where you can bet with ip/rp/skins on lcs games (With riots approval ofc), more indepth in the thread

Hello summoners!
Me and my friend are considering starting up a new website, where you can be able to bet ip/rp/skins on LCS matches and in tournaments.
We have sent in a ticket for Riot to review, we just wanted to know how you guys would feel about having such a site, before we start up.
The betting would work like this:
You should log in to the website with your League of Legends log-in. To ensure the safety of the account, the e-mail has to be veryfied to be able to log into the site. Then if you lose your account, you can always get it back, when you have the veryfied e-mail.
Then the bets will adjust in percentages according to how people bet on the matches. We will of course come with out own betting tip of what we think you should bet on, as we both have a lot of experience in betting in football matches.
If you win you will get the stuff you betted back as well as ip/rp/skin at the value of how much you won from the match.
We thought this could be a lot of fun. We haven't seen an offer quite like this before, so we thought to maybe give it a try if Riot allows it and if the support behind it is there.
Other content on the site:
There will also be League as well as other e-sports news, talkshows and newest content from different content creators. The site will mainly be League- and CS:GO related.
So what do you guys think?
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SPOILERS: SKIN GAME - Taking bets on the name of...

... Harry's newest offspring. I'm guessing the totally unoriginal "Bobbi."
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[Gaming] Richard Lewis - Skins Scams: What's Going On With

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Nemiga Gaming 1.14 vs NextGeneration 5.05. 20:00 On paper, Nemiga should take this match with ease. Place your bets at and see our csgo free skins giveaway-

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Nobody is going to give you fucking csgo skins so that you can bet it on a shitty jackpott game.

Title says it all really. Its just rude to ask for an item just so you can gamble it away. You suck.
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[Store] Seriously look at all those games to bet on. It's like free skin day.

Only really looking for keys so that i can get a few more max value betting skins. Thanks in advance.
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(Spoilers Everything) My bet on E9 battle savior (to get some skin in the game)

I've decided to go with Stannis {I'm betting he's not dead, we have seen so many main and non main characters killed in many different ways and not Stannis (plus now BlackFish, huh?) why not show us Stannis's head rolling on ground or at least a squirt of blood on a tree, doesn't make sense to me, how much does it cost to squirt some ketchup on a tree trunk)
So I theorize Stannis meets LittleFinger in snow as in trailer (there maybe a Bravos connection between the two of them) and leads the Vale forces into E9 battle when Stark forces are surrounded, which switch's Bolton forces to ones surrounded and this is great victory as seen my Mel in her vision with thousands dead (as shaky as those visions can be)
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Extend bets tourney-wide by 30-1hr? Skins on games can't be used for the games right after because of the late start(s)

Can the games be extended (for betting) because of the late starts? People have skins on games that they want to use for future games and because of the delay, they won't be able to do that.
Thank you.
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Oct/12/2020 wrap-up: \\ War in Karabakh (Artsakh) \\ Battles in north (Mrav), north-east (Talish), and south (Hadrut) \\ Erdogan's cozy relations with terrorist groups \\ jihadists exposed \\ Casualty report \\ Flashback 1990s: first Karabakh war \\ Ilham feels insulted \\ the international response

Prior events: October 11 , October 10, October 9 , October 8 , October 7, October 6, October 5, October 4, October 3, October 2, October 1, September 30, September 29, September 28, September 27.

Russian outlet analyses the terrorist recruitment and deployment operations in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Syria. article: in early September, Turkish police arrested one of ISIS leaders, Emir Mahmud Ozden, who allegedly tried to plot attacks on Turkish soil to pressure the government.
Emir used to be friendly with Turkish special forces in the early 2000s. In 2012 he joined ISIS and began organizing the transfer of jihadists to Syria from Northern Caucasus, Crimea, and Central Asia. Before moving to Syria, the jihadists would stop in Turkey and undergo training. It's unclear what had broken up the relationship between Emir and Turkish special forces in the 2000s.
This July, there were two anti-terror raids in Izmir (Turkey), and Batumi (Georgia), which resulted in the arrest of 78 militants, 9 of whom were Turkish citizens, illegally residing in Georgia.
One of the arrested men in Georgia was Binal Jamgioz, the second in command of Turkish [ultra-nationalist terrorist] organization Grey Wolves (GW). He was engaged in money laundering, arms sales, and recruitment of ethnic Turkic Uyghurs in China for a separatist movement.
Back in 2014, Binal Jamgioz was recruiting militants in Azerbaijan and Georgia to fill the ranks of ISIS in Syria.
[About GW. Turkish special forces were using this group to suppress opposition, assassinate union activists, Kurdish activists, journalists, politicians. They are responsible for the death of thousands of Kurds.]
Binal Jamgioz reports to the leader of GW Devlet Bahcheli, and a billionaire and cash-machine of GW Ismail Chelebi. Chelebi resides in Georgia while remotely managing the GW financing in Turkey, Caucasus, and Central Asia.
In April, Turkey's Erdogan pardoned another large GW donor and a known mafioso Alaattin Chakothi. A question arises: why did Erdogan make so many GW arrests in September if he's also friendly with some GW leaders? Erdogan might be trying to send a message that these radical groups must play exclusively by his rules.
Erdogan had instructed the members of ISIS, GW, Al Qaida, and few others to fight in Libya and Karabakh. The leaders of [ultra-nationalist] GW had refused to fight in Libya due to not seeing a benefit for the Turkic world. Meanwhile, leaders of other Islamic militant groups had refused to fight in Karabakh in support of secular-Shia Azerbaijan.
In the end, they were forced by Erdogan to agree to fight, in exchange for freedom.
The full article contains more info about Karabakh. The above translation is a fraction of it:

50 more jihadists are reported dead

Middle East reporter says 50 more Syrian militants were killed in Artsakh. Among them are Ibrahim Jum'a and Ahmed Lahalak from Rastan. The 50 bodies will arrive at the Hiwar Kilis crossing soon.
The source is a fighter with the Levant Front, a Turkish-backed group from Rastan. He personally knowns the two aforementioned militants.

Ilham Aliyev feels personally insulted by Russia

The overly self-conscious autocrat of Azerbaijan, who recently resorted to using camera filters to make his skin appear bronzed on TV, feels personally insulted by Russian media outlets for not being pro-Azerbaijan enough.
"I have always said that Russians are attracted to Azerbaijan not only by cuisine, beaches, history, but also by the fact that they feel comfortable, they feel in their environment. They talk to people in Russian. You probably know that nowhere there are so many schools in Russian as in Azerbaijan.
But you have already spent several days here and you know how the factor of the Armenian occupation influences the mood of the people. People catch every word, every gesture, every facial expression.
And, of course, I will tell you frankly: during these two weeks, when on some Russian channels we see rabid anti-Azerbaijani propaganda, falsification, manipulation, an unbalanced composition of talk show participants, when the Azerbaijani people are insulted, the president of Azerbaijan is insulted on the leading Russian channels - this, of course, does not add credibility to Russia," Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said in an interview with RBC.
(Context: prominent Azeri reporter was fired from Russian media outlets for justifying the bombing of an Armenian church in Shushi. Russian prime-time TV shows are critical of Azerbaijan for bringing Turkey and jihadists into the conflict.)

the ethnic minority oppression and their history of pushing for independence from Azerbaijan

CivilNet outlet: during the Karabakh pro-independence movement in 1988, when ethnic cleansings of Armenians were committed by Azeris, the ethnic Udis, who were predominantly Christian and very close to Armenian, even with their first names, were also forced to flee Azerbaijan. Most Udis moved to Russia but some had settled in Armenia's Noyemberyan region.
During the first Karabakh war, two minorities were "active" in Azerbaijan. Lezgins created the "Sadval" movement in 1990 to preserve their ethnic identity.
The second movement was by Talysh, led by Aylakram Gumbatov, who even managed to establish the Talysh Republic in the southern Lenkoran region, for a brief period.
Lezgins, who live in northern Azerbaijan, live on the Azeri and Russian sides of the border. Talysh, who live in the south, are divided between Iran and the Azerbaijani border.
There are no widespread attempts by ethnic Talysh and Lezgins to establish independence today. Aylakram Gumbatov, the leader of the self-proclaimed Talysh Republic in the 90s, was later arrested and sentenced to death but was subsequently pardoned and exiled.
"Artsakh could serve as a role model and allow these persecuted Azeri minorities to settle in Artsakh and have representation in Artsakh Parliament."
Interview with ethnic Talysh journalist Zabil Magerramov:
March, 5, 2019: an interview with another Talysh activist Zakharaddin Ibrahimi.

a few more things from yesterday

Tens of thousands of Armenians gathered in Los Angeles in support of Artsakh. They marched to the Turkish consulate to condemn the aggression. They beamed the Artsakh flag on the Turkish consulate building.
NY Post Editorial Board: Erdogan’s proxy war in Armenia in an ugly echo of Turkey’s genocidal campaign century ago.
On Sept. 27, Azerbaijan resumed its conflict with Armenia, accusing it of unprovoked attacks. At issue is the Nagorno-Karabakh enclave, a mountainous territory of 150,000 people (mostly ethnic Armenians) that is internationally recognized as part of Azerbaijan, but claimed and governed by Armenia since an earlier war.
The Azeris are plainly the aggressors: They not only outnumber the Armenians 3-to-1, they’ve been modernizing their military with a huge assist from the Turks.

October 12th arrives / the battlefield / international response

8:31 MoD: the front lines were relatively stable-tense last night. Azeris are shelling the southern front right now.
9:02 Artsakh army: the northern, north-eastern, and southern fronts were active. All the Azeri attack attempts were repelled. They sustained heavy human and equipment losses. Their ongoing artillery fires are being suppressed with appropriate measures.
10:32 army: the operation to locate and destroy the Hadrut infiltrators continues. Azeris accumulated large backup forces with an attempt to enter the city. There are fierce battles. ,
11:28: Artavazd Knyazyan, an Armenian-Spanish businessman, has posthumously received the title of Artsakh Hero.
11:39 army spokesman: I have repeatedly referred to the fact that it is not so appropriate to indicate clear positions, landscapes, even settlements at this stage of the war. The war is fierce, the Armenian army is fighting hard against the Turkish-Azerbaijani forces, which is several times larger and is fully supported by the Turkish air force, other intelligence systems, a large number of mercenaries, terrorists, and private military organizations. The Armenian army is resisting these forces with great success, with such success that even international experts mention it.
According to the tactical-operative necessity, the defense army carries out both retreat and change of lines, as well as attack and counterattack. Trust our army, we will win.
12:30: soldiers released a video from the front lines.
12:58 army: the losses from the Azeri side: 4919 soldiers (one Lt. Colonel today), 4 TOS (Solntzepyok?), 514 tanks and armored vehicles, 17 aircrafts, 16 helicopters, 168 drones, etc. ,
13:26: army released footage showing the destruction of another Azeri AN-2 drone.
13:38: Azeri media reports that the Azeri govt is accumulating more riot gear and water trucks to disperse possible demonstrations. "Some residents aren't happy that the govt keeps the data about casualties secret."
The war resulted in large migration from bordering cities Ganja, Terter, Barda, Gerambo towards Baku. Azeri Telegram channels earlier shared a video showing large vehicle traffic near a Baku suburb called Kherdalan. The police blocked the road to prevent them from reaching Baku.
Azeri Twitter began sharing a hashtag that demands answers from Aliyev.
14:23: Artsakh president Arayik met the veterans of the first Karabakh war. "In this dire state, we must all stand up as one."
CivilNet recalls the first Karabakh war in 1990 to draw comparisons: today, the heaviest battles are in southern borders between Horadiz and Jabrayil; it's about a 15km section. This isn't new. In the 90s, when Azeris attacked, that's where their Operation Ring was carried out. It was around Hadrut.
In the winter of 1994 when Azeris made their last push, we lost a lot of lands there, then recaptured some of it. The line of contact stopped between the Armenian and Azeri towns of Horadiz (both similarly named). Those 5 months were Aliyev's last push. Armenians suffered 2,000 deaths and Azeris 5,000.
The situation was also dire in 1992 when Abulfaz Elchibey won the elections and started a new war. Azeris captured Martakert and Shahumyan in a few weeks. They captured 40% of Karabakh. That's what I call "dire".
Another dire situation was in 1991 and Karabakh leader Leonard Ter-Petrosyan went to Baku to negotiate with Azeri president Mutallibov.
Another dire one was in 1992 when the Lachin corridor with Armenia was about to be blocked. At the time, Azeris controlled the northern Qarvachar region and were pushing south to cut off Artsakh from Armenia. Only a few kilometers were left from the Lachin corridor.
How did Armenians change the course? It was the Armenian political unity, cold-heartedness, lack of panicking, good governance, problems within Azerbaijan.
Ceasefires have been broken before. On April 10, 1992, while the Russian delegation was there for negotiations, the Azeri army entered Maragha village and massacred dozens of civilians. The war isn't easy to stop; it's expected that today's ceasefire is hard to achieve.
14:37: European Parliament MP Jaromir Stetina has called for the official recognition of the Artsakh Republic. "What is happening now is dictator Aliyev's policy towards small Artsakh. In order for all this to stop, the international community, and first of all European Union, must recognize Artsakh as an independent state."
14:52: Russian MFA says it's important to follow the ceasefire agreement reached in Moscow. ,
15:22 army: we shot down an Azeri Su-25 jet in the north. The Turkish F-16 jets continue to accompany and aid the Azeri jets.
Hours later: at first Azeris denied losing Su-25, then their front line administration confirmed it, without realizing that we had already confirmed it. ,
15:25: Los Angeles Lakers player Danny Green expressed solidarity with Armenians, saying "they want peace but are under attack now". Lakers won their 17th NBA champion title yesterday and tied it with Boston.
15:27: British journalist Dominic Lowson wrote an article for The Sunday Times, in which he criticized Boris Johnson for his silence over Turkish aggression.
He reminded that Johnson's great grandfather was a Turkish man named Ali Kemal who was murdered in Turkey and had an Armenian name written on his body for his support for Armenians and the condemnation of the Armenian genocide.
The article notes that Artsakh has already voted to be independent from Azerbaijan.
15:47: the Armenian side reaffirms commitment to the humanitarian ceasefire if Azeris do the same.
16:25: Armenian MFA met his Russian colleague and spoke about Azerbaijan's involvement of jihadists, "which poses a threat to the whole region."
15:07: PM Pashinyan held a meeting with non-parliamentary and opposition parties (HHK, ARF, etc.) to discuss various topics about independence recognition, security, possible official military agreement with Artsakh, etc.
The ambassador to several states entered the government building after the meeting. Pashinyan urged the ambassadors to recognize Artsakh republic during the meeting, "which will help end the humanitarian crisis."
Ruling party MP says that Armenia should recognize the Artsakh Republic only after another state does. , , , ,
15:10: Armenians have intercepted a radio communication of Azeri Syrian jihadists near southern borders. Some segments are presented, about how they discuss miserable conditions, mistreatment by Azeri commanders, snipers shooting some Azeris in the back in case of surrender, them being told to be careful not to shoot at the Iran border, etc.
15:17: Galina Simova, the community leader of the 1,500 ethnic Russian community of Artsakh, has asked Vladimir Putin to take steps to stop the bombardment of civilian settlements and to "fight the Syrian militants in Karabakh just as Russia fights them in Syria because they are a direct threat to Russia, too."
16:51 Armenian MFA: we agree to the installation of a ceasefire verification mechanism across the border, but Azerbaijan refuses.
16:59: the Russian reporter Yuri Kotenok, who was targeted by Azeri drone and severely wounded while inside a church in Shushi, is still in Armenia. Doctors advised against airlifting him to Russia for now. He is feeling better after the surgery.
17:14: Armenians held a demonstration in Luxemburg near the EU building.
17:17: video showing the destruction if a few more Azeri drones.
17:24: the European Parliament has received the report written by Artsakh Human Rights Ombudsman about Azerbaijan's crimes against Artsakh civilians in Sep-Oct.
17:30 U.S. Congressman Tony Cardenas: We must immediately end security assistance to Azerbaijan and Secretary Pompeo must make it clear to Turkey that it cannot continue to fan the flames of violence. The U.S. leadership cannot be silent while the people of Nagorno-Karabakh suffer.
17:38: Chief conductor of the Berlin Symphony Orchestra Lior Shambadal expressed solidarity with Armenians. "I am proud of the Armenian spirit as you defend your beautiful country and wonderful culture."
17:59: the list of the names of deceased soldiers has been updated since yesterday, to 525 confirmed. ,
18:07: yesterday, several Israeli scientists wrote an open letter to their govt, asking to stop the weapon sales to Azerbaijan. Israel Charny, the executive director of the Institute on the Holocaust and Genocide in Jerusalem, believes most Israelis support Armenia.
He called Erdogan a murderer who oppresses Kurds in Syria and has set his eye on Jerusalem. "President Reuven Rivlin supports the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, but as a president, he has fewer powers than when he was the speaker of the Parliament."
18:08: the govt of Azerbaijan has launched a criminal case against the Russian WarGonzo journalist Semyon Pegov, who has been actively documenting the Azeri war crimes against civilian settlements in Artsakh.
Pegov is charged with "illegal entry to Azerbaijan" (Azeris consider Artsakh their territory) and "making calls against the Azerbaijani state."
In other news, Russian authorities are investigating a Russia-based Azeri propagandist Saadat Guliyev. The latter publicly stated that he wishes for the aforementioned Russian reporter Semyon Pegov to die [from an Azeri bombardment] in Artsakh. "Armenian citizens should not shield the military reporter," he added.
After that statement, prominent Russian TV hosts became furious and called for Russian authorities to launch a felony case against Saadat Guliyev, including for inciting ethnic hatred, which is a sensitive topic in Russia due to its ethnic diversity. The authorities are investigating and will decide whether to charge Guliyev.
18:34: footage showing the aftermath of Armenian troops capturing possibly one of the hills near the northern Mrav mountains. Date unclear.
18:03 army spokesman: Azeri media outlets have claimed that their artillery shells "caused heavy damage on Armenian soldiers who were retreating towards Red Bazaar in the south".
The Azeri propaganda machine, as usual, distorts the reality, trying to prove at all costs that they control Hadrut. It's a naked statement by Aliyev.
The operation to blockade and destroy the Hadrut infiltrators continues. The operative situation is under the full control of our army.
19:13 Artsakh official: the heavy battles continue near Hadrut and in the south. Our army responds proportionately. ,
19:19: the Conservative party of Estonia, part of the ruling coalition, has urged Turkey to "stop sending the jihadists to Karabakh front."
"We are concerned about the large-scale military aggression unleashed by the Republic of Azerbaijan against the Republic of Armenia and the Artsakh Republic on September 27. We call on the Azerbaijani authorities to immediately stop the bombing of civilian infrastructure."
19:24: MoD of Russia and Turkey discussed the situation in Syria, Libya, and Artsakh.
19:33 Armenian MFA: Turkey, being unable to achieve its goal, is actively preventing the establishment of the humanitarian ceasefire signed in Moscow. The army of Azerbaijan, being under the control of Turkey, continues the military actions and the attack on civilian settlements.
19:35: watch out for fake GoFundMe pages.
20:11: Armenian hackers stole $20,000 from a bank account that collects funds for the Azeri army, used it all on purchasing sex toys from Amazon, and wrote the Azerbaijani Government building address as the shipping address. [link 404]
20:46: Turkish internet regulators have blocked several Armenian government websites in Turkey.
20:57: the Armenian delegation to PACE has presented Azerbaijan's war crimes against Artsakh civilians and urged PACE member-states to recognize the independence of Artsakh.
21:21: Belgian-Armenian musician Sevak Avanesyan gave a performance in Shushi's St. Ghazanchetsots church that was earlier bombed by Azerbaijan twice.
21:32 Ombudsman: 31 civilians have died in Artsakh since the beginning of the war.
22:00 army spokesman's briefing: Azeris refused to follow the ceasefire. Since its beginning, they launched an attack in 3-4 directions. A heavy weapon was used near Martakert. In this recent period, Azeris lost 1 jet, 3 drones, and 200 soldiers.
Turkish air force helped the Azeris to conduct 36 flights, during which we downed an Azeri Su-25 jet near north-western Qarvachar (near Mrav mountain). This region is less intense than the south.
Throughout the day, battles continued in the south. We stopped their advancement and pushed them back near Hadrut. The city is under our control.
Azeris refuse to accept the ceasefire to exchange bodies because that would mean the introduction of international mediators (Red Cross), which they don't like.
The north-eastern village of Talish is not "under Azeri control". Their forces are stationed on the Talish outskirts. The regrouping activities made by us in this northern section allowed them to publish videos from Talish. Once again, the positions can change quickly and I ask you again not to fixate on a specific location during a large war.
Hadrut is completely under our control. There were, and maybe still are, certain Azeri groups on the outskirts.
The drone attacks are still with the same intensify but the artillery is weaker now.
We will win.

the donations continue

Ajarabet betting firm donated 50mln Drams To All Armenia Fund. Another 400mln from IRS's savings fund. ,
Kylie Jenner has joined the social media campaign to raise awareness and urged donations to
Russian-Armenian businessman Samvel Karapetyan (Tashir) has donated another $3m.
The Armenia Fund has received $100m in donations so far.
A video from a volunteer group's office showing the humanitarian aid collected by ordinary people

in other news

The Constitutional Court judge Arman Dilanyan has been elected by fellow judges as their new president. The previous nominee, Edgar Ghazaryan, had failed to secure 5 votes.
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