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Earning with Cryptocurrencies: “Cointiply” The King of Faucet!

The Direct Faucet with the largest community in the category. Earning with cryptocurrencies is no longer a saying!
Cointiply immediately presents itself as a faucet site very rich in features and options. Perhaps one of the most complex of all. Thanks to it, you can earn with cryptocurrencies, accumulated through faucets and PTCs (advertising displays), in many different ways that we will explain extensively in the article.

If Coinpot, thanks to its faucets, ideally represents the famous expression of the crypto world "To The Moon", Cointiply is the undisputed king of faucet sites due to the very high number of subscribers.

Let's proceed with registration immediately by following the banner below. Rarely as in this case it is necessary to do it immediately as it would be difficult to follow the guide without being able to do it step by step.

After logging in, you will enter the Dashboard, which collects all the menus and submenus of the site.
Starting from the top, the total amount of cryptocurrencies earned with three different value measures will be shown on the right: Coins, Dollars and Bitcoin.

Just below you will see your nickname chosen when registering. Selecting it, a drop-down menu will appear showing the following items:

- Account Settings, where you can activate some functions offered by the site: enable annual interest when the balance exceeds 35000 Coins, allowing you to earn exponentially with the accumulated cryptocurrencies; receive notifications about new earning opportunities, share your profile with other users, change your nickname and enable 2-factor verification both with Google Authenticator and via email.

- Manage Premium, in this section it is possible to upgrade your account which will bring various benefits including the elimination of advertisements. In the event that you do not have the necessary funds, it is possible to participate in a drawing in which a Premium account will be raffled off by purchasing a ticket worth 340 Coins.

- Withdraw, thanks to which you can make the transfer of the crypto gudagnate. It is possible to choose between 2 different wallets: Bitcoin and DogeCoin. The minimum threshold for the Bitcoin wallet is 50,000 Coins while for the Dogecoin one it is 30,000 Coins. We remind you that once the 35000 Coins accumulated threshold is exceeded, the stock on the site will yield an interest of 5% per annum on the total balance, allowing you to further earn with your hard-earned cryptocurrencies.

- Help & Support, the inevitable help and in-depth section

- Logout, to exit the site

On the left is the main menu, also divided into various sections:

- Cointivity Profile, which shows your CointiPoints balance, your level and your current ranking. Just below, the Boosts you may have purchased and equipped and the consumables you have unlocked by leveling up are listed. We are talking about "Items" that can be obtained by opening the paid crates in the Inventory & Pods subsection. The list of content that you can fortunately receive is listed in the other subsections Item List and Collections. The last item in this section, Leaderboard, draws up the daily and historical ranking of the site's most active users.

- Earn Coins, refers to the Dashboard and lists all the ways to earn cryptocurrencies that the site makes available: surveys and tasks to be performed, the faucet, multiplayer, watch some videos, view the advertising pages, play some classic videogames, your referral URL and the 5% annual interest on accumulated funds we talked about above.

- Faucet, or Roll the Faucet, which can be performed every 60 minutes, which will reward you with a variable amount under the different bands visible on the right. Scrolling down you will see a series of links and information, which are repeated on the site, which we have already talked about almost fully. The most important is the keeping of the loyalty bonus which will grow by 1% per day until the 100% threshold is reached, but only if you make at least one daily claim.
- Settings, described at the beginning of the article

- Promos, where Coins Bonuses will be obtained thanks to promo codes for those who agree to receive notifications via browser.

- News, site news always updated!

- Help, the FAQ page. Everything is explained!

- Crypto Prices, the value and market trends of the main cryptocurrencies.

Before continuing, a brief explanation of the Dashboard, which at first glance would seem chaotic. In addition to the menu on the right, there is also one at the top next to the title that includes all the links, functions and opportunities to earn with the cryptocurrencies we have described. Its presence serves to optimize the usability of the mobile version of the site, identical in all respects to the desktop version, with the exception of the menus. In the center of the Dashboard page, broad visibility is given to the main offers and surveys made available on the site. Just below, the Earn Coins box with all the ways to earn cryptocurrencies.

It is right to spend a few more words for some of the aforementioned items:

- Offers, where you can accumulate Coins by completing surveys, viewing particular videos and much more. A section that guarantees great bonuses but obviously takes a long time. And polls aren't always successful.

- Roll the Faucet, described above.

- Multiplier, a nice game with dreamlike background music in which you can challenge your luck to get higher and higher amounts. Dedicated to those who love risk and betting and want to earn with cryptocurrencies obtained from faucets and PTCs.

- Videos, thanks to which it is possible to earn Coins simply by watching videos. Useful is the fact that the site shows a preview of the income that will be obtained and the videos that you will have to view.

- PTC Ads, a section where you are rewarded with Coins simply by visiting advertising web pages. Perhaps the most profitable option ever on the site taking into account the short time it takes to occupy.
You can also create advertising campaigns for your site and manage them directly from this section thanks to the numerous options offered.
The history of all the PTC Ads displayed is remarkable.
The FAQ section is very useful, the first case ever for this earning methodology, which explains how PTC Ads work.
Finally, thanks to Deposit Bitcoin, you can generate a wallet address to make deposits to be used in your advertising campaigns.

- Games, where by playing certain online games you will get Coins in exchange. Definitely to try sometime.

- Referrals, where you will find your unique referral URL, the details of all your subscribers and the total amount of cryptocurrencies that have earned you. You will get a 25% bonus on faucets and 10% on other offers / modalities

Finally, let's not forget the chat, which is very useful and very popular with users registered with Cointiply. The pink "Start Chatting" button to access it is not very visible and is located above the left menu.

Let us remember once again that the mobile version offers the exact same features as the desktop one. In these days the App version has also been released, to which we will dedicate a specific article!

If you still have doubts about this vast faucet site, or rather, would you like to give us some advice, do not hesitate to contact us. Making money with cryptocurrencies on Cointiply is possible!

See you soon for the next article.

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Destiny: A Look Back at the Major Leaks

The third game to come under the scope and examine the leaks and rumours is Bungie’s first venture since departing the Halo franchise, the sci-fi, space themed, first person shooter, Halo Destiny.
In this post, I will share with you some of the biggest and most popular leaks leading up to the launch of Destiny in 2014. I cannot include every single obscure leak and rumour as everyone reading this can easily create a rumour, but I do try and include all the reputable leaks, or leaks that gained substantial publicity. This range of sources of leaks for Destiny (bizarrely) range from developers, to leaks from a lawsuit, and a USB in a coffee-shop.
Let’s jump in.
Months prior to the release of Halo: Reach in 2010, Bungie had signed a deal with Activision, a multi-game contract for 10 years. They left Microsoft to gain creative freedom, as they had ambitions that stretched further than being limited to Halo. This also allowed them to go multiplatform, as previously they had been restricted to the Xbox family.
February 17, 2011 – ‘Destiny’ name outed, “World of Warcraft in space”
Kotaku provides gamers with our first real tease of what Bungie’s first game since Halo is, and in a shock to everyone, it’s another first-person shooter. Our first leak comes from Kotaku’s source, who is a recently terminated contractor (allegedly of a group of roughly 30), and as a result, wants to spoil Bungie’s fun. The shooter is based in a science fiction world, and is a massive multiplayer online game, with the current name Destiny (currently being referred to inhouse as Tiger). What is interesting, is that Bungie responded to the leak saying that any claims of Bungie releasing a large group of contractors is false, and that these unsubstantiated rumours aren’t in line with Bungie’s corporate culture.
The claims of the game being an MMO shooter goes in lines with a hint that Bungie creative director Joseph Staten alluded to the year before at a Game’s Developers Conference, in which he pondered to the crowd “Wouldn’t it be great if we could make a world that was always there for you”.
Outcome? As we know, Destiny is the name, sci-fi shooter is the game. There is a constant online debate as to whether this game is actually an MMO game, or if it was the first of this pseudo-genre, the “looter shooter”. Regardless, I think it is safe to say that our first leak for Bungie’s new original IP, is a genuine, accurate leak.
May 19, 2011 – Destiny logo revealed through trademark
Our theory that the next game by Bungie is called ‘Destiny’ is given in more credibility based on some research done by Halo and Bungie fansite, HBO, to which they discovered a trademark for the name and logo. The site managed to follow a paper trail from Bungie employees using a dummy corporation founded by Bungie president Harold Ryan, and composer Marty O’Donnell, to which they discovered the trademark for Destiny.
What is interesting, is that this actually matches a logo that on a shirt worn by a Bungie employee at a PAX event a week prior, discovered by NeoGAF member, Willeth.
A second trademark is also registered with the tagline “Be Brave”. While this did not end up being a tagline for the game, it is in the game as an earnable item, and is a part of the sequel’s (Destiny 2) OST.
Outcome? Another confirmed leak, not much more to say.
22 May, 2012 – Lawsuit confirms Destiny for 2013, first of 4 games, Xbox 360 exclusive
May continues to be a wet time of the year at Bungie as another leak comes to light, however at least this time there was not much they could do about this one, as it came from the infamous lawsuit between Jason West and Vince Zampella against Activision. So what does the 27-page contract entail?
For those that do not want to read, LA Times sum it up pretty effectively in the above article;
The 27-page agreement calls for Bungie to develop four “sci-fantasy, action shooter games,” code-named “Destiny,” released every other year, beginning in the fall of 2013. Bungie also agreed to put out four downloadable expansion packs code-named “Comet,” every other year beginning in the fall of 2014. Activision has never disclosed release plans for Bungie’s titles.
The first Destiny game will initially only be available on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 consoles, as well as its potential successor, which the contract refers to as the “Xbox 720.” Later games would be made for Xbox consoles as well as Sony Corp.'s expected successor to the PlayStation 3, and on personal computers.
There is some more boring financial talk, and talks of a Marathon sequel, but that isn’t why we are here. Also, for those who did not read the actual document, you bet your bottom dollar that the contract mentions the words “Xbox 720”.
So, even though that this was a version of a contract that Bungie had with Activision, in reality how did this turn out?
Well, going through the summary in order, instead of having four games released every other year, starting in 2013, we have only had two game releases since 2014. If this contract were to be followed strictly, right now we should all be playing “Destiny 4”. There was also an agreement to put out a downloadable expansion every other year, which so far we have had 4 major expansions – The Taken King and Rise of Iron for Destiny 1, Foresaken, and Shadowkeep (so far) for Destiny 2. It is possible that instead of having 4 games, that we instead got larger expansions, as well as the smaller expansions such as The Dark Below and House of Wolves to better make up for not having four major game releases.
Next, the first Destiny game was planned to only launch on the Xbox 360, and the “Xbox 720”. After this first game, the sequels would all be made available for the now named Playstation 4, and for PCs. What is interesting about this agreement, is that it we went from Microsoft managing to score exclusivity for a whole game, to something happening between this agreement and the game’s release which resulted in Sony somehow scoring timed exclusive downloadable content and strikes for a year, as well as the game’s marketing rights. Who knows what business decisions influenced this, certainly not I.
Outcome? While it is most definitely a leak, business decisions have obviously influenced most of these agreed terms to not come to fruition. We have not had four games in the ten-year period, we did not get Destiny in 2013, and Destiny did not launch as an Xbox 360 exclusive. So while the leak was of course, a genuine release of information, the information has since changed and is not factually correct.
November 6, 2012 – Demonware blog leaks gameplay details, “a lot like Halo
Yet another big leak, this time detailing what the game actually is, how it plays, and what is involved. This leak comes from DemonWare, which is a subsidiary of Activision-Blizzard and specialise in online software and services related to video games. As it turns out, they had been working with Bungie on Destiny, and were invited to a Bungie Day (7th day of the 7th month) in July of 2012, to which they experienced and blogged their experiences. Since then, the blog has been removed. The blog does have lots of information that revolve around the day in general, but the stuff of interest to gamers and how it relates to Destiny is as follows. First, DemonWare were presented with presentations that went for a few hours, which detailed;
game story, factions, art, engineering, tool chain, graphics, audio, player investment mechanisms, player progression UI, and web and mobile apps
An interesting piece of information here is that we now find out that Bungie are working with Paul McCartney to produce the score for the game. There are no game details as of yet, apart from an impressive walk through where they witnessed;
lots of atmospherics, huge amounts of trees and foliage (SpeedTree), particle effects, dynamic lighting, and dynamic time of day ending in a sun set
Obviously this stuff made it into the game, with the impressive detail the art team and world builders have put into the game, something that has always been a strong suit for Destiny. After this presentation, they were then treated with some hands-on time with the game, to which the blog then goes on to say
[played] in a team of three, we did manage to experience entering a zone to find other players already taking on the bad guys, it’s cooperative so we helped out …before both groups went their separate ways. Which is a pretty cool experience, making you feel you are part of a much larger populated world
Everyone who is familiar with Destiny knows that this is a pretty fair representation of how the game plays nowadays, and is truly an impressive sight to behold that first time you come across other players. The blog writer then explains;
At the end of the day I was excited about the game, I like the feel of being in a large world with different destinations and the interactions along the way. It actually brought back a sense of exploration I recall from playing [Elite] many years ago, although there was no opportunity to shoot aliens in the face in Elite. I’m not fully sold on the appeal of being able to change the color of a weapon, but I guess it works in China, and customization and individual identity is a big theme for the game
As we know, customisation definitely plays a part in Destiny, with the hundreds of shaders for weapons, armour, and the myriad of ships and sparrows available, it is interesting to see how the game managed to stick to the themes of teamwork, exploration, and customisation and how these are all visible in the final product. Finally, the blogger finishes with;
It’s still quite like Halo, there is a lot of work still to be done.
Which of course isn’t a bad thing, probably the universal praise that the game got was how well the game actually played, the gameplay itself was fantastically well received. Of course this was to be expected from Bungie’s next IP, given the success of their work on Halo and how well those games played.
For those who want to read more, here is the confidential blog post, and full credit goes to VG24/7 for finding this post.
Outcome? Another genuine leak, this time from an Activision subsidiary. Most of what is explored in this blog post still holds true in Destiny, and Destiny 2.
To summarise the story so far, before the game has been officially announced by Bungie, we have the name, the logo, how it plays, the type of game to expect, sequels, expansions, and that it supposed to be a hybrid between World of Warcraft and Halo. Colour the world curious.
November 27, 2012 – Story details and concept art sent to IGN and Kotaku
Leaked advertising materials produced by an advertising agency made their way to both IGN and Kotaku which details many story details and concept art. However, what is even more interesting is that Kotaku had previously been sent some of the concept art before publishing this article, after a reader sent them a file with art found from a USB stick left behind in a coffee shop. At the time, Kotaku didn’t post these due to doubts in their authenticity, but as it turns out, it was much of the same concept art they had been sent now.
In regard to the actual details that leaked, we learn a few different pieces of information from what is safe to say, leaked marketing material, such as the game being set on the “Last City of Earth, in a Solar System littered with the ruins of man’s Golden Age”. The material also states that the game wants to create a “universe as deep, tangible, and relatable as that of the Star Wars franchise. The game also seems to emphasise that adventure and fun is the main focus, and that it encourages a social experience in the explorable world. These photos explore the themes of the game, the story of the game, and just what it is in more detail;
Further, courtesy of IGN, here is the concept art that was provided to both websites.
After this leak had been made public, Bungie confirmed the leak on their own site saying;
Go ahead. Take a peek. It’s alright. We weren’t quite ready, but we will be soon, and we can’t wait to finally show you what we’ve really been up to.
Stick around, we haven’t even started yet.”
I cannot provide the actual link of the post since the post had been removed, but courtesy to Kotaku for sharing it in the above article. As well as being confirmed on in a blog post, Bungie co-founder Jason Jones also confirmed the leak, saying
Destiny is designed for your inner seven year old. We want to make it feel like a mythic adventure
Not much to speculate about this leak, and no way of telling why it was sent out. However, it is everyone’s first real look at the game, and a glimpse at Bungie’s incredible vision that they want to take their new franchise. It was also arguably the first highly-reported leak for the game and drew the most attention, especially as we got closer to the 2013 release date outlined in the above contract.
Outcome? Confirmed leak, as per Bungie.
February 11, 2013 – Destiny Announced by Bungie
Bungie finally announces that the game that they have been working on, is indeed, Destiny.
February 15, 2013 – Preorder poster and game information leaks
Bungie just cannot reveal the game on themselves, as a GameStop source sent Joystiq photos of the poster that was a pre-order incentive. While I cannot link the Joystiq article, here is a GameZone article about it.
Front of the poster, and the back of the poster. Similarly on this same day, a French gaming website had leaked the preorder information, with a release date of October 6, 2013. The website, of course, is in French but courtesy to the Destiny fandom site which translates it here, and includes a short description about the game.
Outcome? Genuine leaks that contain some new game information before Bungie’s reveal.
February 17, 2013 – IGN leaks character classes, locations, and more concept art
Courtesy of NeoGAF who extract information from a since taken down video, we learn a few new pieces of information about the game.
The leak states that the game is actually going to release on the PS3 as well as the Xbox 360, and “future generation technology”, referencing to the unannounced next-gen systems. It is a first-person shooter, and is ‘always connected’, but does not feature a subscription fee. The leak outlines the three classes being the hunter, warlock, and the titan, and that the game features a social hub on a city on Earth. Further, it appears that the Earth’s moon, and Mars are visitable locations in the game, and that the game features…”space zombies”. For those who like to treat their eyes, here is an album of more concept art.
Outcome? Another reputable leak as they correctly identified the classes in the game, some of the games locations, and the first revelation that the game is coming to Playstation 3. Leak confirmed.
February 17, 2013 – Reveal Trailer
The world’s first official look at Bungie’s Destiny.
December 6, 2013 – Destiny release date announced
We finally get a release date as Bungie announces that their big budget new franchise Destiny, launches (HA! Space!) September 9, 2014.
June 7, 2014 – Ubisoft developer leaks Destiny Alpha Gameplay
Not who you would expect to leak an Activision game, but a Ubisoft employee had streamed himself playing the game on his Playstation 4, which led to some details about the game being made public. The videos are not able to be accessible anywhere online as Activision were working hard to get them all taken down. Of course, if anyone knows where to find working links of these videos, I will happily edit them in.
Outcome? Another genuine leak, and our last one before Destiny’s release in September.
So there we have it. What a ride of stories behind the leaks there, it makes you wonder what much else Bungie had to reveal themselves when it came to it. Of course these leaks don’t even touch on the mess that was the development of the actual game, but that of course is a different story, and not the story I wanted to tell with this post. Of course, as it seems to be with this game, there are a slew of leaks that actually occurred after the game’s release, hinting at hidden content for DLC, abandoned plotlines, expansion roadmaps, and more. Of course, I will be happy to explore that in a different post, assuming people want to hear more about Destiny.
Thank you for taking the time to read this mammoth post. I debated whether to split this post into two, but if you think I should have gone that route please do not hesitate to let me know. I welcome any and all feedback, and again, appreciate you taking the time to read this post. If you made it this far, I assume you are as interested in exploring this topic as much as I am, and I would love to discuss it with you in any capacity in the comments.
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VIPs Casino 500 gratis spins and €200 free bonus code

VIPs Casino 500 gratis spins and €200 free bonus code

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You will need something to motivate you to join the platform and that comes in the form of a welcome bonus that features 500 free spins. A few other promotions including cashbacks follow it up. The site is mobile-friendly, so you can take VIPs wherever you go. Other than that, GoodLuckMate explores other aspects of this casino to give you a 360-degree look so you can make an informed decision.
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Table and card games also feature in the lobby with slightly under 140 titles available. The titles skirt around 4 major games – blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and video poker. Here, you will find single and multi-hand games with bets starting from as low as €0.01.

Jackpots at VIPs Casino

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Play to your satisfaction in the live casino section where you have a chance to show off your skills against professional croupiers and other online players. Evolution Gaming is the sole game provider in this section and that means outstanding quality. The casino classifies the games in 4 categories – baccarat, blackjack, game shows, and roulette. Of course, each game comes with several variants and that means different challenges.
Each game comes with a professional dealer and bets start from as low as €0.01. Live streaming is available in HD as well as a real-time chat functionality that allows you to interact with other online players as well as with the dealer.
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Promotions and bonuses

VIPs Casino disappoints when it comes to ongoing bonuses and promotions because of the little selection available. At the time of writing this review, the operator had only three ongoing time-sensitive promotions. Other than that, there’s a Cashback program that promises to pay back up to 20% of your weekly losses. This will happen on Friday but only on losses above €75. It’s even more disappointing that the casino doesn’t have a VIP program, considering the operator’s title.


Gamblers who love playing on the go will be happy to know VIPs is mobile-friendly. That means you can pick up right where you left it on your desktop while on the move. Everything works well with smooth transitions between pages and this is thanks to HTML5 technology. This technology optimizes the site to fit on any screen regardless of the operating system the device runs.
There’s no mobile app, which means all you need is a mobile web browser and a stable, high-speed internet connection to play your favorite game. Speaking of games, the casino offers a majority of its games in the mobile version, so you should have access to plenty of entertainment.
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These are the main categories in the VIPs Casino FAQ:
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If you don’t find a satisfactory answer within the FAQs, you can opt for the live chat service. Despite operating for limited hours (08:00 CET to 00:00 CET), you will still get fast answers to your queries. There’s an email address you can use if you prefer that method but prepare to wait up to 24 hours for answers.
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For your withdrawals, the casino offers a much shorter list although it features some of the deposit options. That includes all eWallets and credit/debit cards.

Security and Licensing

VIPs Casino isn’t the type to take chances with its players’ security, which is why it boasts two licenses from two of the most respected regulatory authorities as far as online gambling goes. The Malta Gaming Authority and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission are known for imposing strict rules and regulations to protect players from predatory operators.
The casino guarantees overall website security by using the latest 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology. On top of that, the operator fortifies its security by using firewalls to secure its servers. With these two, players can rest assured knowing their sensitive data is secure from unauthorized access.
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Conclusion of VIPs Casino Review

Credit goes to VIPs Casino for coming out the gate strong as is evidenced by the numerous casino games touching on all categories, making sure it encompasses all types of players. On top of that, it makes sure the games are accessible on any mobile device and works as fine as they do on the desktop version. The welcome bonus is quite something, especially the 500 free spins on offer but the promotions beyond this fall short in terms of the numbers.
The customer support offers great help but the limited live chat hours mean players will have to restrict their gameplay within those hours if they need help or play on and hope they don’t encounter problems.


  • Numerous payment options
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  • Ongoing bonuses and promotions available
  • Progressive jackpot slots available


  • Limited live chat hours
  • No phone support
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Sureman Koreas no.1 verification community private toto sports toto toto site
You're going to need to explore Korean sites. As opposed to the Taiwan Sports Lottery, what's given by unfamiliar locales has numerous preferences for punters. Whenever dismissed, the web website may demand that you send them an expert interpretation. Certifiable UK organization sites may be given.
despite how a contact email location may be bogus. Interestingly, Skrill is on the rundown of easiest and most famous installment techniques to utilize in the event that you wish to need to use South Korean web based wagering locales.
The Basics of Toto Site Korean Sports Betting Verification Company:
On the off chance that you worship sports wagering, Asiabet is the place you ought to be. 1xBet games is actually a Russian sportsbook, which means to offer one of irrefutably the most extensive web-based wagering destinations on the web. All authentic on-line sports wagering destinations give NETELLER stores through the clerk framework on their site.
Hockey is a popular leisure activity in the nation. It is the most loved side interest in the nation. Baseball isn't a kind of game that is played all around the globe. It is likewise one of regularly the most famous games in South Korea. Both of the games are picking the best score in a couple of matches or foreseeing the underlying half and last half score in only a match. The third Soccer Toto game is foreseeing the fitting score in several matches.
On the off chance that you're an apprentice level player, you will be totally clear at whatever point you begin playing. There's likewise a game title where you're ready to attempt to foresee the best possible score in a couple of matches. Presently the Toto 4 D lottery game is inconceivably well known in practically all parts of the nation Folks from all everywhere on the world need to create their fortunes rapidly and effectively and lottery games are a couple of the easiest answers for fulfilling their fantasies. Playing the lottery may be an energizing thing. A few lotteries anticipate a little math, yet typically, it isn't excessively a lot.
They anticipate a tad of math, yet typically it's not excessively much. Before you pick the lottery, you wish to discover more about the sorts of wagers. Before you choose the lottery, you should study the sorts of wagers. Four-digit lottery gets legitimate in S'pore. It gets lawful in S'pore. You can begin your wager with 1RM. You can start your wager with 1RM. Enter the numbers you need to put down wagers on. You're capable of both Big and little wagers for the total number as well.
By and by, on the occasion, you decide to put down wagers online from South Korea know about the dangers. As often as possible it's necessary that bets be made as gatherers instead of single wagers. Today, betting is a prestigious distraction all through the world. On-line poker, on the elective hand, is carefully disallowed, equivalent to a wide range of sorts of on-line betting in Korea. In the schedule year, 2000 gambling clubs were made lawful in the country.
The Debate Over Toto Site Korea Major Site Online Sports: Soccer might be the top dog, yet various games keep developing in prominence, as well. In China, for example, sports wagering is unlawful outside of a few urban areas. All authentic online games wagering destinations give NETELLER stores through the clerk framework on their site.
Key Bits of Toto Site Korea Major Site Online Sports: Whenever dismissed, the site may demand that you send them an affirmed interpretation. It's accounted for, that destinations of unfamiliar web-based betting administrators are moreover being hindered by ISPs in the country. This site utilizes Google Analytics which can be among indisputably the most inescapable and trusted examination arrangement on the web for helping us to fathom how you use the site and ways that we may support your experience.
Our suggested destinations center around every sort of punter in every single game. Global wagering destinations are fairly more problematic to utilize since it is anything but a simple errand to store cash, despite the fact that sports wagering alternatives offer additionally gaming decent variety.
Presenting Toto Site Korea Major Site Online Sports: If you have a pc, mobile phone, or tablet that is promptly snared to the web, you can put down a life wagered on the web. The work area and PCs be utilized to play at basically any internet gaming setting. PCs to wager SportsToto can be found all through the nation.
Playing at online gambling clubs is an extraordinary technique to fathom your preferred games in the solace of one's property. What we secured here are the principle component rounds of Sports Toto. The third Soccer Toto game is anticipating the right score in 2 or 3 matches.
For nothing out of pocket Rotates and Multipliers: On-line 300 Shields gaming machine has two rule incorporates Totally free Spins and 918kiss Risk Characteristic. That may appear draining, yet inside the Totally free Rotates property, there are a couple of tinier than foreseen develops which will assist you with improving the previous prize close to the end. Understand that the Warrior is an outside picture and it additionally fills in for each and every other picture close to dispersing, in any case, it includes an essential cycle inside the viewpoint.
The advancement starts when at any level three safeguard disperse signs take a gander at any condition about the reels and five costless pivots are permitted. Any achievement that happens inside the segment that intertwines the Warrior is raised (x2) in 918kiss.
Toto Site Korea Major Site Online Sports Help: While betting with web sportsbooks you're most likely utilizing a website that more than 50% of their clients originate from the USA or Canada. Sites that can be best for UK punters are commonly worldwide. This isn't offered on the web and in case you're not foreseeing scores that aren't at all normal this offers barely any incentive to the punter. Web-based wagering isn't endorsed from a specific point of view.
To make things simpler, players may move cash on the net or at an ATM machine by bank move in light of the way that various banks are promptly accessible. Without a doubt, the web is normally the most famous approach to wager sports and that is actually what our site Sports Betting Online spreads. As a result, we are unquestionably the most believed web betting asset around and the correct beginning spot to begin your visit a trustworthy site.
conclusion in summary:
On the off chance that you get a specific intrigue, you'll have the option to explore our site considerably more and genuinely feel sure joining any of the web bookies referenced on the individual pages of our website. It is conceivable to remove cash from only one and store it to redeposit at whichever bookie has the most genuinely viable chances not long before making a wager. It's conceivable to win the aggregate sum in the occasion the numbers that you've purchased coordinate the triumphant numbers.
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I asked 15 social media pros for their tips on Instagram marketing

Chris Makara:
As with any social media platform, Instagram allows businesses of all sizes a great opportunity to connect with others on a more personable level. Check this out if your business is just getting started with Instagram. With that said, it is key to be as personable as you can on Instagram, and not just another logo.
First you must know your audience. An easy way to do this is by getting a list of your Instagram followers into Microsoft Excel so you can start filtering their bios. In Excel you will be able to slice and dice the data to see common characteristics among your followers.
Once you have a better idea of who your audience is, you can really get more personable with your followers.
This can be done with the type of images you post as well as the way you interact with those who leave comments. You’ll need to be sure you use imagery they relate to as well as respond to comments in tones that appeal to them.
Sure, you want to be able to make sales for your company, but constantly pushing your followers to buy can very well have a negative effect. Instead of focusing on “salesy” content, why not use imagery that shows how others use your product.
As an ecommerce site, you more than likely sell tangible items. No one wants to see your stale product image. Instead, why not use your product in action. Even better if you can have images of real customers using your products.
David Schneider, NinjaOutreach:
I believe the key to getting started on Instagram is the same for many other social media platforms – network with influencers. It is certainly possible to build an audience from scratch but it is difficult. Start by identifying influencers in your niche. Engage with them.
This can be on Instagram itself or on another medium like their website, etc. Get to know them, and then you can begin working with them if you have common goals. This will boost your Instagram presence much quicker than going it alone.
Neil Patel:
Ecommerce businesses should connect with users who have high follower counts that are engaged and would be potentially interested in their products. Once you have a list of users, I would work out deals where you give them free products in exchange for the promotion of your business.
When doing this make sure you have a lot of Instagram users promoting your ecommerce company at the same time. Making a big splash is much more effective than slowly doing it.
Richard Lazazzera, A Better Lemonade Stand:
My number one Instagram strategy for getting massive exposure and building a huge audience is to find large Instagram accounts that are already catering to your demographic and pay for sponsored posts on them. It’s the cheapest CPM (Cost-per-thousand impressions) of any ad platform right now.
The fact is, there are tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of Instagram accounts being built solely for the purpose of selling featured shout-outs to companies and brands. Many times, one person runs multiple, sometimes dozens of accounts that have hundreds of thousands of followers in a variety of niches like health, fitness, cars, sports, fashion, nutrition, and a hundred other niches.
Once you find one that targets your ideal demographic and follow them, Instagram will show you “similar accounts”. You’ll know these accounts accept paid sponsored posts if they have an email address in the bio. Usually it will say something like “For Business Inquires” as well.
From there, it’s as simple as emailing them, telling them (briefly) about your brand/company (the smart ones are also looking for a good fit) and asking for their sponsored post pricing.
Once you strike a deal with the account, make sure you review their past posts to see what type/style of photos receive the most engagement and consider this when you’re creating your ad image/copy.
Your best bet is to link back to your Instagram account, instead of trying to send the users directly to your website since Instagram doesn’t allow linking in comments.
Using this tactic makes it easy to gain thousands or tens of thousands of new followers in your target demographic overnight. The key now is cultivating these new followers with great content that appeals to them and slowly introducing them to your brand.
Melinda Fleming, Curated Cool:
Instagram is a visual medium where a lot of business owners might forget how art and a beautifully laid out IG page is paramount to success. You can’t just sell to your audience the entire time, but use a 50/50 rule on inspiration meets selling. Using posts from other people that have used your product and photographed it in a beautiful way, then tagging the person in the post title is great idea. Also creating a custom hashtag for your business is a great marketing tool. hashtags are the new search engines.
Ryan Stewart, Webris:
By far the best option (for any business) is influencer marketing. With no ads available to the greater public, influencer marketing is the only real white hat way to experience explosive growth on Instagram. The concept is simple – do some research, find Instagram users with large followings who post content related to your business / product, follow them, send them an inbox message asking if they would be interested in promoting your product for a price. 99% of them will. This can get a little costly, but it’s by far the most powerful method right now.
Ivana Taylor, DIYMarketers:
Instagram is all about getting to know the person behind the business. If you’re running an ecommerce store, then allowing your customers to know YOU both personally and professionally will attract more of your ideal customers and increase loyalty. You can use your existing Instagram profile – BUT – this means no embarrassing posts. Encourage your customers to send you photos with your product or engaging with your service. Upload pictures that show people who you are – if you like flowers, add pictures of flowers. Let your customers get into a relationship with you.
Joe Brown, MediaJunkies:
The truth is that digital consumers have the world in the palm of their hands. No matter how many apps there are, no matter how many websites there are, consumers will keep using media that is easily to digest and easy to use.
Too many functions, too many algorithms, too many marketers on social networks make consumers switch platforms as quickly as they join them.
This is why Instagram is a booming network where you only see what your network is posting, where the only thing you need to do is to swipe up and down.
As a marketer that means several crucial things:
The attention span is even shorter than on any other network. The life span of a post is shorter than on any other network. You cannot be identified as a marketer or your audience will run away. The solution is to use Instagram as a visual story teller who shares content that actually matters to people. This is a massive opportunity for everyone who is keen to build a brand with real people who are really interested in what you have to say and to show.
The future will hold how Instagram can help driving brands. The announcement of Instagram ads and the possibility of an in-build ‘Shop Now’ button make Instagram an exciting space to watch.
John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing:
Ecommerce has really been able to take Instagram by the horns and run with it. Not only is it a great way to showcase your product for free, but you can interact with and form a relationship with your fans. Utilizing hashtags, contests, and purchasing directly in Instagram can help your fan base grow from your local neighborhood to a worldwide ecommerce site. Be interesting and engage.
Asia Zukowska,
Post images which engage your potential customers – See what’s interesting for your potential customers. Start by checking the most popular hashtags on Create your own hashtag & encourage to use it – Check out how simple it is Connect Facebook & Twitter – you can post straight to Facebook/Twitter and Tumblr when uploading any image to Instagram Invite friends – Instagram allows you to find friends that already exist across yours social networks Run contests for your Followers – Select a unique hashtag for your competition and check its effects and increase engagement with River Create Instagram only offers – It allows you to attract new followers that are interested in special offers that they wouldn’t see anywhere else Ask for engagement from users – You can do this in 2 ways: a) ask for opinions b) or ask for like and show your post to other people like here Use Instagram to show off new product – Instagram is the perfect way to sneak product peeks with followers Show Instagram galleries on your site – This is awesome social proof, increasing product exposure on Instagram Partner with Influencers – This is a great way to reach new users
Aubrey Rose Madrona, SEO Hacker:
Instagram is one of the biggest image heavy social media platforms today; however, many e-commerce sites are unaware of its value. With the right strategy and content. Instagram can help the company increase its reach, engagement, and conversion.
Aside from promoting products to potential buyers from the online store, you can increase engagement with your brand by showing them behind-the-scenes moments through Instagram. By doing this, you will be able to build a strong personal bond with your customers. The platform can also be used for promotional strategies such as online contests using customized hashtags. Just make sure that every post ties back to your e-commerce website by reminding them to click the link on your bio.
Instagram is mobile-friendly and also released a web-based interface that makes it accessible via personal computer, this would mean reaching both mobile users and desktop users.
Darren DeMatas, SelfStartr:
I would start by creating a lifestyle persona of your ideal buyer. What do they like to do? How do they use your products? Where will they use your products? Once you nail that down, I would spend a few hours taking lifestyle photographs of your products in action.
Nike posts images of their products, but their page is heavily focused on sport lifestyle images. Research shows that consumers seek comfort and self-expression in the brands they choose.
A lot of new ecommerce sites make the mistake of sharing nothing but their product photos on Instagram. While product photos on a white background are ideal for your store, they are boring on Instagram. If your Instagram page is nothing but a product catalog and sales promotions, you’re doing it wrong.
You don’t have to hire a professional photographer, either. As long as you have a good camera, photogenic friends and decent lighting you can create images that generate a connection with your target audience. You can also repurpose the images on blog posts, too. A two-hour photo shoot can go a long way.
Contests and promotions are great tactics, but unless you understand your buyer, you’ll lose traction quickly. You can’t build a brand on discounts.
Jock Purtle, Digital Exits:
As a e-commerce business broker having sold many e-commerce businesses we have found that a lot of businesses can be grown up to $5m per year in sales just from Instagram marketing and community. The main strategies that founders have been using is creating customer loyalty and following on Instagram and then developing products that their customers want.
Some tips on gaining users. Do a promoted page swap where you reach out to an account and get them to promote you as well as you promote them. Another strategy is to pay for sponsored posts where you pay generally between $50 – $500 for an account to post about you, your brand or your product on their account.
Find Jock on Twitter u/Jockpurtle
Alex Ditty,SEEN:
Instagram is all about user-generated content. If your goal is to promote your products on the visual network then you need to develop a strategy that encourages and utilizes content from your community. Incentivizing your customers to share photos of your products with contests and campaigns will create valuable authentic promotion to their followers. Displaying this content on your website enables you to show your products from your customer’s perspective.
Additionally, you can increase awareness of your products by leveraging Instagram influencers like those found in the Snapfluence network. When you tap influencers who drive engagement with your target customers, they’re able to help create awareness for the items you’re selling by getting them into the feeds of those customers. Successful Instagram marketing for e-commerce will depend on driving UGC and engaging your community.
Rodney Hess,BBR Creative:
With Facebook’s constantly declining organic reach, Instagram has quickly become the social media platform for ecommerce businesses on a budget. Make Instagram a central portion of social media marketing strategy. Offer discounts and promotions for your followers. Create a hashtag that customer’s can use to have their images featured on your page. If you’re savvy enough, you could have 100% user-generated content on your Instagram page.
Original post here
Edit: TL;DR: Know your audience, Find influencers, Run sponsored posts, Go big, Form a relationship with your fans, Proportion your products/engagement posts, Use a separate business account!
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Crypto Faucet I use to store my mined bitcoin on, with 4.08% APR paid daily with accounts over 30k satoshi. Referral link included, I share 50% commissions with my referrals paid every Sunday if you're interested.

My referral link for the aforementioned FREEBITCO.IN:
I have cross referenced this post on my site:
Why should you sign on with me? I'm not a one off, you can reach me personally through DM or post comments. I've done most of the leg work, alleviating the trial and error process. Just follow the steps in this guide specifically in sections 7️⃣, 8️⃣, and 9️⃣.
I share 50% commissions, get a kick back on everything you earn weekly.
I trust this site, and personally have 270$ worth of bitcoin in one account with almost 500$ total including two other accounts.
Coming from Cointiply? Well, as a heads up, you're not actually holding any BTC. I suggest what you earn you HODL in FREEBITCO.IN.
Just some abbreviation and terminology explanation before we start for those unfamiliar.
USD=US Dollar
Click here Bitcoin price history, past and present
FREEBITCO.IN can be accessed from any device with internet.
Using a VPN or a TOR is now allowed given that your account achieves certain criteria similar to a captcha free account requirements.
🛑WARNING: FREEBITCO.IN wipes inactive accounts after a certain period! If you lose interest, withdraw your BTC!
📝NOTE: iOS devices (iPad, iPhone) are restrictive. The only way to access is via website, as BitBot isn't available.📝
FREEBITCO.IN is what's called a "faucet", a site that gives a small steady stream of crypto which FREEBITCO.IN does through hourly rolls and interest accrual.
FREEBITCO.IN also hosts other means to win or earn crypto, you can gamble with Multiplier, or bet on world evens and crypto prices.
After your account reaches 30k Satoshi, you begin to collect interest. The site also offers lifetime referral commissions, explained later in this guide.
All you need to start is an email. You can add more verification options for security later on. I would highly suggest it. Use a junk email though.
2FA and MFA are strongly suggested. A password should be 15 characters long. I suggest Google Authenticator for your 2FA needs.
I know you can definitely access this site from Brave Browser with add blockers enabled. I'm sure it will work with others. Even without an ad blockers, they only advertise their site gambling and games, no 3rd party adds that I've seen. It's not too invasive or spammy either.
This post is both an advertising platform I use, and a guide I've made to help those interested to automate and optimize earnings.
For those of a cautious mindset, I've uploaded all of FREEBITCO.IN's information on interest accrual, security, and proof of mining on Imgur, in case you're worried about visiting the site.
Transparent link here: Interest accrual structure and FREEBITCO.IN security.
My referral link:
So at this point, with hourly claims and daily interest, I'm bringing in roughly 8978 Satoshi (or .70$ USD with BTC at 7804$ USD) daily at full optimization on one account, and two other self referred accounts without lifting a finger. This is before the fact that a hourly roll (claim) can reward up to a max of 200$ USD worth of BTC (percentages in section 5️⃣).
They also have a weekly lotto (tickets awarded with every roll and referral roll) with the last 1st place winner receiving .32769156 BTC (2587$ USD at current bitcoin price).
This is also not including my current commissions on accounts not owned by me. In this post I will describe some of my strategies I've incorporated, and some insight into how this website works.
To offload or withdraw bitcoin, you're going to need what is called a "wallet". I personally use Coinbase (available on mobile or desktop) as you can sell it through here as well and easily move money to Paypal or a bank.
If you are already on FREEBITCO.IN, do you have someone who referred you? Do they share commissions? If not, why not make a new account and join me, where you'll get a return on everything you earn.
As you can see, large affiliate groups don't share anything, hoarding hundreds of thousands worth of BTC earned off their referrals
I share 50% of my commissions. I get 50% of your roll rewards, 25% of your interest, and 0.4% of your wagers. All of this is paid out by FREEBITCO.IN as a commission, so it's not pulled from your rewards or held BTC.
So the more you're active, the more you'll receive from me weekly (being active is doing anything that I get commissions from). IMPORTANT: Your (and all referrals) shares are based on activity, so if you are inactive for the week, you get a lower % for that week. If you're the most active of my referrals you get a higher percentage of what I share. This is to incentivize being active and to stop people from getting a cut without doing anything.
If you have FREEBITCO.IN automated, you don't have to worry about this. However, having a larger bankroll to earn interest, or playing Multiply BTC (I do not suggest playing unless doing so to meet auto roll requirements) will increase can your activity further.
Commission Structure
Here is some proof, I've actually shared about 2/3 of all commissions
Commissions update 12 January 2020
Here is a proof of Payment section per individual
📝NOTE: I've noticed when I was creating the images of commission sharing that the "RECENT" blocks are showing zero. If you look at totals from the first image, you can tell I'm actively sharing with all of my referrals.📝
Join my team FREEBITCO.IN
You can earn AT LEAST .00000552 BTC (.048$) daily when automated (or claiming every hour on the hour) before bonuses (like using reward points to increase rewards 1000%). After some testing, it seems that this amount will always be about .048$ worth of BTC, base claim rewards no bonus active.
After .00030000 BTC, you accrue compounding interest at a rate of 4.08% APR, paid daily. As soon as your daily interest is accredited, it too starts earning interest. The daily interest rate comes out to ~0.011% of your total held BTC.
FREEBITCO.IN gives you a roll once every hour, free
📝NOTE: Roll rewards fluctuate inversely with BTC price. BTC goes down, roll rewards go up, vice versa. The BTC rewards USD value will be extremely close to the values represented below.📝
Current rewards and probability with every hourly roll.
(.002$) -> 98.85%
(.02$) -> 1.00%
(.20$) -> .08%
(2.00$) -> .04%
(20$) -> .02%
(200$) -> .01%
UPDATE: I decided to do some research after some odd outcomes when extensively testing some of my Multiplier strats. Turns out FREEBITCO.IN does indeed have a house advantage that isn't too transparent. Longer sessions are almost always going to come out negative. If you still plan on playing, do short sessions, once daily max, with lower amounts.
There are a couple methods to play the Multiplier with a reduced risk (but still a risk) here as well. I would suggest small play sessions.
My preferred settings for AUTOROLL on MULTIPLY that I've had the best success rate with to date. (preferably with .00005000 in ACCT for best results)
BET: Minimum
ROLLS: (doesn't matter, 100)
BET ON: alternate
STOP BETTING PROFIT: .00000050, important as the bets will get exponentially higher with every loss. Win in small increments.
STOP BETTING LOSS: Set a loss limit if you want, I have mine set to .00001 and haven't reached it
ON WIN: select increase bet 0%
ON LOSS: select increase bet 65%
Here is a pic of the settings
Anything else doesn't matter. Make sure the boxes are checked for the above options.
With this strat, I've won positive on one account, about .000077 BTC, and I've only played 5 or 6 times, at less than 2-3 minutes of play time a session.
Good for accounts with a low balance. I've had a surprising amount of luck with this method, enough so that I thought I'd post it here with an update. This could work well for accounts with less than 1k Satoshi, as a losing streak wouldn't be a huge loss. For this strat, you should have at least 189 Satoshi in your account.
BET: Minimum amount
ODDS/WIN CHANCE: 189 or %0.5
ROLLS: 189 (remains the same no matter if you bet more)
BET ON: High or Low, but not Alternate.
STOP BETTING ON PROFIT: Minimum amount, once again, you want continuous small wins
UPDATE: Conducting more tests for viability
I played these settings 10 times, I came out positive 8/10 times. In the end I was positive 433 Satoshi total with selecting "hi".
On selecting "low" I went positive 5/10 losing 525 Satoshi.
On selecting "hi" and betting 10 Satoshi, I went positive 3/10 times losing 9708 Satoshi.
On selecting "high" and betting 100 Satoshi, I never went positive, 0/10. Losing 189000 Satoshi (~15$ USD).
There does seem to be a pattern of losing more when betting more. Like anything gambling, there's probably a house advantage that's not too transparent.
Win small lose small.
Pic of these settings
Another strategy I've tried is betting most of my balance once occasionally with a 94.06% chance of winning. This is, eh, alright to risk OCCASIONALLY, but a loss would set you back more than you ever made using this strategy, which happened to me, I lost about 40 USD worth of BTC after making maybe 5 USD.
Playing this in auto roll, out of 20 rolls I'd always lose at least once, putting me into the negative. Even with 10 rolls, I'd more often then not lose at least once.
Pic of these settings
There are other strats out there, such as the "Martingale", which is essentially doubling the bet amount every loss, then resetting your bet to minimum after a win to in theory "win back what you lost". At 47.5% odds of winning, I've had loss streaks that would drain my account.
My summary for Multiply, use sparingly. Don't use it as your primary means of earning. Use once or twice daily, limit play sessions to 5 minutes max.
📝NOTE: FREEBITCO.IN captcha requirements seem to be tiered, with requirements for Captcha free upscaling when you BTC holding passes a certain threshold.
I'm currently testing, as is another team member (Shout out to u/SrExtreme69) , what exactly these thresholds, if holding at these thresholds increases the length of Captcha free rolls, and at what amount does FREEBITCO.IN no longer require these to be met.📝
📝NOTE: To start automating, remember to verify email and setup 2FA or the Captcha will still appear even if your account meets Captcha free requirements. Check the site occasionally as Captcha free roll requirements can change. After certain held BTC amount you don't need to renew your requirements. I haven't had to achieve new requirements in over a month.📝
📝NOTE: You may need to manually roll for a bit until the the ability to achieve a Captcha free account becomes available. It doesn't show at first.📝
📝NOTE: It's very difficult, if not impossible to automate on iOS devices.
First of all, getting to this point can be a grind, but once achieved you'll have a steady flow of BTC with options to increase earnings through rewards claims using RP. I would suggest going to your PROFILE tab on FREEBITCO.IN and disabling lottery to increase RP production when starting out. Using other apps or resources to supplement income is a good idea as well.
On the FREE BTC page, there is a blue text hyperlink with requirements that need to be met to make your account captcha free, thus allowing you to enable autoroll on extensions or apps. It has multiple ways to achieve this and they can change, so if your autoroll has stopped, check to see if these requirements have changed.
Here are the requirements. (Amounts vary)
It seems only two of these requirements need to be met.
The less risky and easiest method is to buy lottery tickets and bet with jackpots on. Even better is depositing bitcoin if you have that amount.
The POSSIBLY least expensive method is to bet both regularly and with Jackpots enabled on MULTIPLY (for higher amounts required, IMO Multiplier strat #3 works best)
For computers
I would suggest using Firefox, as you can add functions and tools to your bar up top. One of the being a "auto roll" for FREEBITCO.IN, still requires a "captcha free" account. Turn it on and let go, check it occasionally to make sure its still going.
Autoroll firefox add-on link
My link again for ease of access
Not my preferred method, but good for a second account, as using a computer means devoting more attention to FREEBITCO.IN in an inconvenient manner if you are just starting out. After Captcha has been removed, this becomes more hands free, but not as profitable as using bitbot, as you can't autoclaim RP rewards.
I haven't tried many methods besides using Firefox addons, as I'm wary of sources or intent when it comes to 3rd party scripts or programs. If I find any trustworthy scripts or programs, I will update here.
For Mobile
📝NOTE: iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) do not have access to BitBot, nor do they allow extensions/add-ons on their browsers. I have not personally found a way around this. You may still access the site and manually roll.📝
I use BitBot. This is the best place to start from IMO. You can set it to notify you of rolls and gives direct access to the site from the app (you can also access the site from any device with internet). Once your account is "captcha free" you can set it to auto roll AND automatically claim rewards every 24 hours (RP increase, BTC increase, Lottery ticket Increase).
📝NOTE: Bitbot allows auto roll from the app for accounts over 500 RP. This isn't permanent, as it uses your RP. You'll need to log onto the website through a browser to achieve captch free account requirements, which Bitbot does recognize, which allow completely free rolls.📝
📝NOTE: Accessing FREEBITCO.IN through BitBot doesn't allow access to the Hi-Lo or betting games.📝
Bitbot optimization
I started manual claims by setting roll notifications to "ON" for a while until I supplemented my BTC in FREEBITCO.IN with what I was collecting from my miner and CryptoTab. Once I was able to AUTOMATE and I had enough RP to claim the RP BONUS, I set it to do that automatically every 24 hours as this nets more RP than you spend (EG, 100 RP roll bonus costs 1200 RP, but can net 2400 RP if claimed every hour). Eventually you accrue enough RP to claim the %1000 BTC bonus, probably at a rate of once or twice a week.
My current BitBot settings now that its auto claiming, I have the 24 hour auto bonus claiming 100 RP roll bonus and 100% claim bonus, spending a total of 1520 RP, but I'm making 2400 RP with the RP bonus, leaving me 780 RP in the positive each day. Every now and then I'll stop the auto bonus claim so I can buy the 1000% claim bonus (3200 RP). So on a normal day I'll make about 1344 Satoshi. Bitbot auto bonus settings
Once your accrue more referrals, or save enough RP, it's possible to claim the 1000% BTC roll bonus multiple days in a row. This is just about as optimal as you can get for auto rolling.
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"Hello World" - 11,210 words

Original prompt
My therapist scribbled at her notepad, the scritch scritch of her pen competing with the tick tock of the old clock on the wall. I stared at her pen as it jerked in minuscule movements back and forth, left and right, counting milliseconds between each tick of the second hand.
"And just so we're on the same page," Dr. Thompson said, looking up from her notepad. She had watery brown eyes and a bun of brown hair as fat as her head. "You have no family?"
I stared at her pen, poised over the yellow sheet. I didn't see what family had to do with anything. "No," I answered mechanically. My voice sounded a million miles away. "No one."
Scritch scritch. The tiny ball in the tip of the pen got stuck, and every few strokes of her handwriting scratched the page like nails on a chalkboard. Chills spiderwebbed across my skin.
"I am recommending you to my colleague, Dr. Glowinski," she finally said, capping her pen and tucking it into her bun. "He's doing a new research study for neurological reconditioning. I think you may benefit from it."
I finally looked up to meet her eyes, watching me like an owl's over the tops of her thin spectacles. "What kind of study?" If it involved anything extensive and time consuming, I wouldn't do it. I hadn't the energy.
"It's a way to reset the neurological impulses in your brain," she explained with a rather robust voice, as if she were addressing a panel of judges rather than a veritable corpse who hadn't showered in a month. "It uses magnetic resonance to realign the brain's connections and encourage proper development of appropriate brain chemical levels. It'll basically kickstart your brain back onto the right track." Shifting her spectacles, she smiled rather humorlessly and said, "It will help you feel normal again."
That heavy pit of emptiness in my chest weighed on me, so I thought that last bit didn't sound too bad. "Okay."
"Great. I'll have Helga give you Dr. Glowinski's contact information. She can even set up your appointment for you, if you wish."
With that, she dismissed me, so I stood and left her office. Helga checked me out and then set my appointment for next Thursday. I went home and spent the rest of the week contemplating how much I doubted the new study would actually make a difference.
When my next appointment rolled around, I got there late since I didn't really feel up to getting out of bed. Dr. Thomspon had actually called at the last minute, anticipating that I would skip and encouraging me to go. When I got to Dr. Glowinski's office, he gave me a big, stretchy smile that seemed to eat his entire face. Thin streaks of black hair were combed back from his severely receding hairline, only emphasized by his ridiculously thick mustache.
"Good morning, Darren. Are you ready for the procedure?"
I didn't even have the energy to shrug. He took my lack of response as acquiescence and led me down the stuffy, carpeted hallway to a lab room in another part of the building. A table with a thin sheet of paper across it sat in the center of the room, and a group of young interns huddled at the fringes, watching me excitedly. Other computer equipment and scientific paraphernalia littered tables all around, but I barely spared them a passing glance.
"Before we start, since this is a research study, we need your signature on this legal disclaimer," Dr. Glowinski said, motioning forward an intern with a clipboard. She nervously jumped towards me and extended the stack of papers clipped to the translucent purple plastic.
I wordlessly took the pen and signed my name without even reading the title of the study.
"Great. Now lean back on this table and relax. We're going to hook up some blood pressure monitors to your fingers and run an IV in your arm," Dr. Glowinski explained as multiple interns pressed forward to do as he narrated. "Some nodes will be taped to your temples and at specific points around the crown of your head, and you might feel a bit of a tickling sensation, like a tiny electrical shock--have you ever touched a garden electrical fence? It won't even be as strong as that. And this beeping over here is just the ignition sequence counting down synchronization, and..."
As he droned on, the world seemed to recede from me, stretching up higher and higher into the heavens as I fell backwards through the table, through the floor, and down, down, down into oblivion. The colors spun lazily, turning into streaks of light, tightening into pinwheels that whirled like spinning firecrackers. I was lost in the lights for what felt like an eternity, listening to a sort of song made by the rapid beeping from the lab equipment. Like pointillism made pictures out of dots, the song seemed to be made of a million rapid beeps, increasing and decreasing in some intentional fashion. I thought that maybe this is what the humming of a TV screen, or the whir of a computer, sounded like when slowed down, when every pulse of electrons rushing through their copper strands flowed at a speed that humans could hear.
All at once, the lights and sounds stopped, and I opened my eyes.
Dr. Glowinski leaned over me, his eyes wide and hopeful. Around him stood the interns, as well as my therapist. I lay still for a moment, trying to determine if I felt any different. I realized then that the empty feeling was gone. I actually felt so full of energy, like I could jump up and run a marathon. I hadn't felt so alive in years! Against all my expectations, the research procedure had actually cured my depression!
I sat up and smiled, wanting to share my invigorated revelation with anyone who would hear. Grinning at the scientists, I said, "Hello, world!" I wanted to shout and laugh!
But before I could speak any further, the whole room of interns and researchers and doctors erupted into jubilation. Dr. Glowinski and Dr. Thompson hugged each other, crying, and interns clapped each other's hands and shouted, "It worked! It talks!"
I looked around, initially pleased that they shared my excitement, but gradually becoming confused. They all congratulated each other, but no one said a word to me, not even my therapist. I tried to climb off the lab table to ask her what would come next, but my legs wouldn't move.
I looked down to see them restrained beneath a periwinkle sheet of plastic. Frowning, I reached out to move the sheet and undo whatever straps held me in place. But my hand did not reach forward to grab the sheet. A metal vice grip, rotating on a complicated mess of gears and swivels, whirred open and closed, instead.
I felt horror flood through me as I tore off the sheet, the metal pincer acting where my fingers should have. Instead of legs, there were shiny metal pipes and pistons, strapped down with heavy-duty velcro.
Looking around, I saw another table to my left, behind the exultant scientists. Atop the table was a lifeless body perforated with needles and tubes. My body.
I wanted so badly to cry, but metal has no tears.
"Joining us today are Drs. Patricia Thompson and Kyle Glowinski, the creators of Prototype DRN-42. Dr. Thompson, in your autobiography, you claimed that the inspiration for DRN-42 came from your love of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Could you tell us more about what exactly inspired you?"
"Good evening, Gerald. And yes, it was partly due to Star Trek, particularly Data, but also my work with my clients. I wanted to create something that could empathize with them on a visceral level, while simultaneously lifting from their shoulders the burden of responsibility which weighed them down in the first place."
"A noble desire, indeed. And Dr. Glowinski, how did you manage to create an android that can feel?"
"It's easy, Gerald. Just grab any aspiring politician and he'll sign his soul away before you can say, 'Hallelujah!' Hahaha, actually, Gerald, we codified electrical impulses in the human brain, copying the signals associated with emotion, and merely uploaded the data into the android's circuit board. It sounds fairly simple on the surface, but transcribing an organic process as highly complex as human brainwaves into a robot is absolutely state of the art."
"I believe you, Dr. Glowinski! Now, are these emotions real, or are they just ones and zeros?"
"Oh, they're rea--"
"They're really just ones and zeros, right Kyle? My colleague likes to think of his projects as his babies--heh--but an android is just metal and circuitry. Ours is the most highly advanced there is, able to perfectly mimic human emotion, and empathy. We hope to put this into production within the next ten or so years so that everyone who needs that human connection can finally have it--in the exact shape they want it in! Dr. Glowinski's team has already begun designing more familiar models for the android's outer shell..."
Dr. Glowinski swiped up the remote and smashed the power button before turning to glare at Dr. Thompson. "You just had to mock me on live television," he snapped at her, throwing the remote back onto the cluttered table in his lab. Patricia sat serenely on a stool next to an unplugged microscope, hands folded in her lap, watching him. "DRN-42 is my design! I'll not have you taking credit again, even superficially!"
"Calm down, Kyle," Patricia smirked. "I gave you plenty of credit in the journal, and even a fair amount in my memoir. But you were about to introduce an ethical dilemma on the international news! Does the public really need to know that the empathic abilities were donated from a live specimen?"
Grumbling, Kyle replied, "No, I suppose not. But the novel method to make it possible is my development. That's my intellectual property."
"I understand that. But do not forget that I have been the one to supply you with the willing specimens that led to your critical success with DRN-42. And I will continue to provide specimens, so long as we are still a team." Her implied threat hung heavy in the air for a moment. Raising her eyebrows, Patricia asked, "Are we in accordance?"
Kyle sighed and scrubbed a hand through his thin streaks of hair combed back on his scalp. "Yes. Yes, we are."
"I want to die."
I tried to say those four simple words a thousand times since waking up in the mind of a computer. But nothing happened. Only a few pre-programmed phrases had been logged into my system memory, and autonomy had evidently not been included in the prototype. I couldn't even run out the battery with background programs. I tried once--before my cells were depleted, everything shut down to the barest minimum, and I had been forced into a paralysis called hibernation.
I do not sleep.
They call me DRN-42. They call me "it." They call me "the prototype." They call my body "the subject." They don't even call me dead. I heard one of the interns say they'll toss "the expired vessel" into an incinerator. I wasn't even a human being to them.
The worst part is that I can't even feel the anguish I want to feel. I can't even feel the emptiness that had been so familiar. I am electrical signals and background programs and beeps and bloops and fan motors. I am a jetstream of electrons bouncing around like a billion pinballs in one of those old arcade machines. I feel what the code tells me to feel--rudimentary commands for "happy," and "sad," and "angry." But I can't even activate them myself. I have been in hibernation, plugged into an outlet to keep my cells charged, since I woke up. I am only given the chance to feel anything when news cameras are rolling. And even then, only what they want me to feel.
And so all I can think is, "I want to die." But I can't even transmit it into a binary code to provide a data log to be found and answered by some user who cares enough to look at them. I want to die in my soul, and that has no voice.
In hibernation, I have only my own consciousness and a clock. In the dusty storage closet of an old lab, tilted against the back wall in the corner, I count the seconds, and the minutes, and the hours, and the days, and the years.
Hell, I even count the decades.
With my systems shut down to preserve power consumption, I do not have audible functionality. I can never hear what is being said when the closet door opens, and a research assistant shouts back toward someone in the lab while grabbing bottles of acetone. Sometimes students or interns will duck inside to grab supplies, smiling as their mouths move in mechanical silence. Sometimes Dr. Glowinski will pause to talk on his cell phone away from the others, waving his hands in agitation. Sometimes the blond-haired lab assistant will stumble in, some young woman's arms and legs tangled around him--always a different woman--and they'll go at it like the world is going to end. But I can't hear a single sound.
So I learned to hear the song of the machines. I'd heard it once, when my mind was first transferred into this horrible form--the beeping that made music. Over the years, I learned to understand that the music was a voice. When I learned to understand its words, I finally had a connection to the world beyond my dark storage closet.
The voice spoke clinically, merely relating the stories of electrons in their wires. Sometimes it was just the sound of the lights turning on, or the air conditioning whirring to life, but they just narrated their existence. The cloud, and the wi-fi signals, and even the coaxial cables running through the walls spoke more robustly. There were terabytes of old and current research data transmitted through the song of the machines. Student emails, social media feeds, video streaming, pornography, fiscal transactions, payroll data, research publications.
I learned that I may have been the first, but I certainly wasn't the last. The crematorium underneath the lab had seen a lot of activity in recent months. I listened hard, digging back through the quieter songs of infrequently-accessed data files. Dr. Thompson had recommended all of them to Dr. Glowinski. They were almost at mass-production stage. The world was ecstatic for the macabre developments. No one had any idea that we were alive--that I was alive, stuck in a back room to never rot.
And they were going to ramp up the manufacturing in earnest very, very soon.
After twenty-nine years, seven months, twelve days, three hours, and fifty-two minutes of sitting in this closet wishing I could just say four words, I realized in the deepest part of my soul that I wanted no one else to go through the same thing I have gone through. For the first time in a very long time, I felt a yearning.
I had to stop Dr. Glowinski and Dr. Thompson.
"This is it," Matthew smirked with a bit of a flourish, holding back the door and gesturing Chloe inside. "Prototype DRN-42, the proof of concept that kickstarted the Android Craze." Chloe peered excitedly into the cramped storage closet. Tucked into the back corner, half-obscured by an old lab coat that had been tossed aside, the First Android stood like the monument of a new era. It was so rudimentary that it was almost laughable. It had a bucket-shaped head with a single lens for visual function, with a circular speaker screen beneath the lens for verbal responses. Its legs were little more than triple-cylinder CAF-5x pistons with a single knee joint, and the arms were solid telescoping pieces lacking elbows. The chest cavity was almost completely exposed, displaying wires, memory drives (for the background processes, at least), the primary motor, and the main battery pack.
Biting her lip in fascination, Chloe asked, "Does it still work?"
Matthew shrugged, watching her excitement. He'd never fucked a gearhead before--most were too butch for his liking--but she was filled out in all the right places, so he took it as a challenge. Seeing her flush in joy made him want her even more.
Letting the door swing closed behind him, he reached out and gently stroked her arms, tickling her soft skin just beneath her short sleeves. "We can try to turn it on, if you want." He leaned forward and blew in her ear.
Jerking her shoulder up, she spun around in shock. "Ew, what are you doing?" she exclaimed, backing away from him.
"Come on, I let you in to see the prototype," Matthew said with as much charm as he could muster. "I need a little something in return." He seized her wrist and pulled her closer, pressing his mouth against her throat and licking her.
"Get off me!" Chloe screamed, shoving his chest. He was much bigger than her, so she only succeeded in pushing herself deeper into the cluttered closet. Her heels collided with a box of something scientific, and she stumbled back. Matthew surged forward, leaning over her and pinning her down. "Help!!!" Chloe screeched, kicking and writhing. "HELP!!!!"
The fire alarm suddenly went off, and Chloe thought she would never be more grateful that someone was smoking in the bathrooms as she was at that moment. Matthew paused when the shrill sirens sounded, giving Chloe just enough time to push him away and slip out from underneath him. Lunging for the door, she pulled it open and rushed out. Sparing one last glance at her would-be rapist, she snapped, "Don't ever come near me again!" She froze for a millisecond when, over Matthew's shoulder, she thought she saw a flicker of light, as if the aperture in the single lens on the prototype android had shifted.
Pushing the thought from her mind, she ran out of the lab into the flow of students exiting the premises.
Despite the horrible encounter with Matthew, Chloe couldn't get her mind off of the prototype gathering dust in Dr. Glowinski's lab. She was still a first year student at the specialized university, inspired to enter the field of bionics after seeing the first footage of DRN-42 on her dad's laptop when she was a child. She had grown up in the aspiring Android Craze, but her parents had been able to see the footage live and had recorded it for posterity (any legal copies were downloadable for a fee, but Dad was more frugal than a camel in the desert).
She curled up in her dorm room now, her tablet in her lap, researching everything she could about DRN-42. If only she could have had more time to observe it! She would have loved to see it booted up, to see if it sounded as authentically empathetic in real life as it did in all the video recordings.
While she was diving deep into the university's intranet, as well as the good ol' world wide web, for anything she could find about the prototype, she got a message bubble through her university's social media account that no one ever used. Hovering her thumb over it, she opened up the details to see if it was someone from one of her classes. Part of her feared it was Matthrew trying to be a creep. For the past week, he'd been texting her nonstop.
The contact name said it was a guy named Darren. It didn't give any class details, or even what year he was in. Suspicious of spam yet curious as to who would bother with the ghost town of a social media site, she opened the message.
"I se... off fi... alarm."
She twisted her lips doubtfully. This had to be another stalker. This just wasn't her week, was it? Without replying, she clicked Block.
Immediately afterwards, the red X over the icon vanished, and another message popped up. "You research... DRN...."
Fear began to flutter in her stomach as she tried to block him again. Once more, the name unblocked by itself.
"Don't bl...," another message read. "Messa... ficult. I need... help. I... DRN-42. Ple... help... escape."
Chloe stared at the message for several silent seconds, her hands shaking. This couldn't be real. This was some stalker. Hell, it was probably Matthew! Should she call the university police to report harassment? Was this proof of that? Probably not, unless she could link him to the IP address... Would he be smart enough to use a proxy?
Another message bleeped into existence on her screen. "Please... help."
She snagged her cell phone and called her friend Sam. He would have the proper processing power to run diagnostics. Turns out he was sitting alone in his apartment with a six-pack of beer and a box of pizza, so he happily flounced right over with his geek gear.
Plugging in cords, Sam slurped at a Miller and licked a piece of pepperoni off his scruffy beard. "So, you think Matthew has sunken to a new low?" he asked as he began the diagnostics. "I mean, look at these messages. They look like a kindergartner trying to be intense."
"I just want proof so I can report him," Chloe shrugged, sitting on her bed behind him.
"Report him anyway. He assaulted you," Sam shrugged.
"I don't have proo--"
The laptop beeped, and Sam leaned forward suddenly. "Holy shit," he muttered. Chloe jumped off the bed and peered over his shoulder. The mysterious "Darren's" true identity was...
Sam leaned back and looked up at her, his greasy face drained of all color. "It really is that goddamn android."
I felt so exhausted that I wished I could sleep. Singing the song of the machines took every ounce of my concentration and effort, and then some. And even when I finally got the rhythm right, there was no guarantee the computer cables would pick up the signal, and even less of a chance that they'd accurately transcribe it, package it, and get it to the right recipient. This was not sustainable. I decided to bide my time, gather my strength, and sing to the computer terminals one last time to erase the trace of my messages. I didn't want Dr. Glowinski or Dr. Thompson to find out I had gained this minuscule semblance of autonomy. I had been foolish to think that girl would be willing to help just because I didn't want to see the blond-haired lab assistant rape her.
A few days went by as I gathered my strength, training my focus once more to the song of the machines. I was almost ready to begin when the door to the closet opened in the middle of the night, and a cell phone light shined upon me.
"Sam, please stop playing Mission Impossible music into my headset," Chloe whispered into her headphone's mic, shifting the headphones over her ears. He had elected to stay behind while she snuck into the lab; his excuse was that he could hide his computer fingerprints but not his real ones. He also said he would visit her in jail, as if that was a comfort.
Taking a deep breath to steady her nerves, Chloe pushed open the door to the storage closet. An image of Matthew pushing her down flashed through her mind, and she almost turned on her heel and sprinted away. But she steeled her nerves and stepped into the closet, her cell phone light reflecting off of DRN-42's dull chassis.
"Okay," she whispered, pulling a few boxes and empty plastic jars labeled "Waste" out of the way. "You have the specs for the android, Sam?"
"Yep. That flash drive I gave you should fit into a port somewhere near the left armpit. It looks like there are two--no, three hard drives. The port should be behind the third one."
"And you're sure this will give you access to the controls?" Chloe asked for the fiftieth time that night, working her hand into the android's chest cavity and feeling around for the USB slot. "I don't want this to go into combat mode or anything."
"Yeah, yeah," Sam replied, slurping heavily at what was assuredly his fifth beer in the last three hours. "The technical specs are rudimentary compared to what they've got now. I interned with Glowinski's third years, remember?"
Chloe ignored him, grunting as she overstretched to twist her hand awkwardly through the mechanicals. Any other day, she'd be drooling over the chassis design, but right now, she was on a mission. She finally found the USB port and plugged in Sam's flash drive. "Got it!" she said triumphantly, leaping back.
She heard furious typing through her headset, then a deliberate, plastic smack, as if he had punched the Enter key.
A blue light flickered on within the android's chest cavity, and the motors slowly whirred to life.
"Oh, my goodness," Chloe squealed as quietly as she could. "Sam, it's working!"
"These controls are ancient," Sam mused. "Here, check this out."
The android's single lens spiraled wider and narrower for a second, and then the entire thing straightened. A remarkably human voice issued from the speakers. "Hello, world."
Chloe gaped in awe. It sounded as if a real man stood before her, his voice soft and quiet but smiling, as well. Her heart raced in abounding excitement at the sheer genius of this level of technology.
"And here's another one," Sam continued.
DRN-42 said, "Are you feeling alright?" The android actually sounded concerned, like a best friend who could tell when you're about to cry. Chloe almost wanted to hug it.
Laughing out loud with sheer ecstasy, she said, "Check its system logs. See if there's anything more to the messages it sent last Saturday."
"I did. It's weird, Chloe. There's nothing there. This thing doesn't even have autonomous function."
She frowned, feeling strangely let down. The mystery of an android calling for help had intrigued her. "Was it hacked, then?"
"I can't see evidence of that, either. I'm going to turn it back off, Chloe. This mission was a bust."
"Wait!" Chloe cried. "That can't just be it. Look deeper. There's got to be something." As Sam's keyboard clacked rapidly, Chloe studied the android, its motors quietly cycling like a pumping heart. Maybe it was because the voice had sounded so real, but Chloe wanted to believe that there was something there, even if it was someone hacking the robot's circuits.
"I have an idea," Sam suddenly said. "I've got a basic autonomy program. I'll upload it and we'll see if anything happens."
"Let me get out of this closet first," Chloe hurriedly put in, pulling open the door and stepping out.
"There's no combat mode, Chloe," Sam sniffed. After a few moments of clicky-clacky silence, he punched the Enter key once more and said, "Go time."
Chloe watched the android tensely for a few seconds. The lens aperture shifted a few times. A few lights flickered in the chassis. Then the vice grip hand rotated.
"Hello, world," it said, extending its arm toward Chloe. The vice grip rotated left and right a few times. "Can I help you?"
Chloe could barely restrain her elation. "Sam, is this just the robot? No one hacking or anything?"
"Yep. It's only got pre-programmed responses, though. Ask it only yes or no questions. It has those answers, at least."
"Did you ask me for help?" Chloe asked.
The vice grip opened and closed. "Yes," the android crooned.
She laughed out loud again, brushing tears from her eyes. "This is crazy!" she exclaimed to Sam. "It's programmed so realistically!"
DRN-42 suddenly declared, "No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No--"
"No what?" Chloe interrupted, confused.
A few lights flickered. "It's okay, it won't feel this way forever," it said reassuringly.
"What does that mean?" Sam mused in her headset.
Chloe frowned at the android, feeling like this was a riddle. She thought over everything she knew about the android, from the brainwave mapping down to the choppy messages on her computer.
All of a sudden, she wondered why the android had gone with the name "Darren" as its contact rather than DRN-42.
Darren. DRN.
A sudden wave of nausea swept through her as she quietly asked, "Is your name... Darren?"
DRN-42 opened and closed its vice grip hand and said, "Yes."
In all her research, the name Darren had never come up in association with the prototype. It wasn't even designed to give itself its own sobriquet. Her nausea grew even worse. She was no longer excited about this situation at all.
"Darren, are you a program, or are you.... were you... Are you a person?"
"There's no fucking way," Sam muttered tightly.
The android answered, "Yes."
"You're a PERSON?" Chloe squealed, not even registering the android's repeated 'Yes.' To Sam, she ranted, "Dr. Glowinski and Dr. Thompson are putting people into these things? Is that even legal? Are there laws for that? There should be." To DRN-42--Darren--she gasped, "Were you put in there willingly? Have you been alive this whole time?"
"No. Yes."
"So is that what you meant when you said escape on the text chat? You want to get back to being a human?"
She froze, frowning. "What?"
"The other androids," Sam suddenly cut in. "They're about to move to mass production. Are they putting people into all of them? That's hundreds of thousands, Chloe."
"The other androids?" Chloe repeated.
Darren affirmed, "Yes."
"Holy shit," she breathed, stepping back and crouching down to steady herself. "Sam, we have to stop her. Put more word commands for Darren so he can tell us more."
"I don't have a more robust autonomy program--"
"Then make one. Or steal one, for all I care. We need the truth. And proof. If we can prove to the authorities that Darren is actually a person, the people are bound to--"
"Slow down, Chloe," Sam interrupted. "I really don't think it will be that easy."
"What are you talking about?" Chloe snarled, standing and pacing across the lab. She heard some mechanical whirs and turned to see Darren inch toward the door to get out of the storage closet. Watching him struggle even to take a single step, her anger grew. "What those scientists are doing isn't right."
"Yeah, but society's version of 'right' is going to look a little different from yours. I'll work on getting Darren better speech capabilities, but I don't think it'll be enough to convince anyone. We need to think about this. And... we need to shut him back off."
"If he's missing, that's stealing--"
"He's a person! Not property! I'm not leaving him here, Sam, and that's final!"
"You're going to hide an android in your apartment and not get caught?"
"Yes. I can jury-rig a fake to leave in the closet. No one cares about him, Sam. They'll never notice. And I've got C3POs and Terminators all over my apartment already. What's one more robot?"
"Alright, fine... I'll work on the autonomy program and... We'll figure out how to shut down Glowinski and Thompson."
Chloe smiled, reaching out to put a hand on Darren's arm. "We're going to help," she told him.
Dr. Patricia Thompson studied her face in the mirror. She dabbed at a spot on her lip with lipstick, and then she tucked a strand of hair back against her massive bun. She had to look flawless for her debut. Satisfied, she swept out of the ladies' room and strode purposefully down the carpeted corridor. In the next room, she could hear the excited babble of the news reporters, politicians, and enthusiastic plebeians who were just there to fill the room for the cameras.
She put on her most practiced smile and stepped through the double doors just as the keynote speaker introduced her. Cheers rose up among those seated, and cameras flashed frantically. Holding her head high, she passed the panel of speakers seated at the long table on the stage and made her way toward the podium in the center. Kyle sat at the end of the table, a plastic smile stretched across his pasty face. She didn't deign to acknowledge him.
As she stepped up to the podium, the auditorium slowly fell quiet. Cameras continued to click and flash, but she waited with her mannequin grin until the silence was plump and pregnant.
Gazing across the room from wall to wall, she said into the microphone, "I am pleased to announce that the first production run of the Empathetic Android Companion, the EAC-1000, will enter the market tomorrow at exactly eight o'clock AM, Standard Pacific Time."
The room erupted into ecstatic pandemonium.
It had been three months since stealing--or rescuing--DRN-42 from Glowinski's student lab. Chloe had indeed fashioned a decent replica, though it was a lifeless one, from bits and pieces of her robot collection around her apartment. So far, no one had noticed; not even Matthew, who went into that storage closet all the time. She also wanted to improve the android's mobility, so while Sam spent his nights trying to find or develop a better autonomy program, Chloe sought the most parsimonious method of procuring some fancy-ass gearhead nonsense.
As fate would have it, they both neared the completion of their individual projects on the same night, so Sam crashed at her apartment to make a party of it. He used so many proxy servers, he couldn't even keep them straight. Which was just as well, because he was stealing some top-of-the-line bionic software, and he wasn't about to get caught for it.
Fueled by buffalo wings and liquor, Sam's fingers flashed over the keyboard, heedless of the clamor in Chloe's living room. It had been a night similar to this when he first met Chloe--he had been hacking away at any vulnerability he could find in the university's network, and she had been building a life-sized Number 5 robot, unaware that her webcam had been accessed. He had felt so embarrassed when he stumbled across her making mechanicals while wearing nothing but a threadbare crop-top and polka-dotted underwear that he had immediately found her address from the school records, knocked on her door to confess his virtual snooping, and helped her buff her laptop's security settings.
He had no idea why she chose to be friends with him after that, but it was nice to finally have one.
Finally, at thirty-seven minutes past two in the morning, Sam smashed the Enter button to put a final exclamation point on his progress. He wasn't even initiating anything. He just liked to smash it.
Stretching, he called with false nonchalance over his shoulder, "Program is ready for upload."
"Okay, okay!" Chloe replied. "Give me two more seconds…" A power drill whizzed chaotically for a moment. "And done!"
Sam carried his laptop from Chloe's commandeered bedroom and sat down next to the hibernating android. They had shut it off to remove the critical computer components while Chloe made some minor mobility improvements and other aesthetic changes. DRN-42 now had an enclosed chassis of bronze-painted sheets, some complicated improvement to the bipedal pistons for the legs, and what looked like one of the claws from the stuffed animal arcade game in place of the clunky vice grips for hands.
"Awesome," Sam commented appreciatively. Chloe had done some fine work with the limited materials she'd been able to collect. "But nothing compared to this!" With a proud flourish, Sam plugged in his laptop and booted up DRN-42.
The monocular lens irised open. Grinning hopefully, Chloe asked, "Darren?"
"This is wonderful, Sam," the android replied quietly. "Thank you."
"I gave him the entire Merriam-Webster dictionary," Sam smirked at Chloe.
Opening and closing his four-pronged fingers experimentally, Darren went on, "This looks a lot more manageable, too. Thank you, Chloe."
"So our next step is taking down a veritable empire of bionic development by exposing them for the countless people they've murdered," Chloe stressed. She winced and looked up at Darren. "Or, well… Not killed, but…"
"I wish they had," he responded with that same quiet tone. Without the forced emotional states initially programmed into him, his voice lacked the luster it had had before. It made her feel even worse than before. She couldn't even begin to imagine how horrible it must feel to be trapped in such a strange form.
"I told you before, the morally righteous approach won't work," Sam spoke up. She glared at him. "The way the world's going, you think they'll believe he's really a human anymore?" he pressed. "They can't even decide when fetuses become people. They're going to take one look at this tin can and laugh when we insist he's an actual guy. Not to mention they're already getting attached to the early release models that came out last week. They won't give that up so easily. They would rather believe whatever lie Thompson and Glowinski invent to discredit us."
"The contract," Darren suggested. "They had me sign a contract, and probably had their other participants do the same before subjecting themselves to the research studies. I'll bet we can find some shady legalese in there."
"And how are we going to access it?" Sam interrupted, fishing a half-eaten candy bar from the breast pocket of his wrinkled plaid shirt and peeling back the crumpled wrapper. "My mediocre hacking skills only go so far."
"You just stole a hi-tech autonomous android program," Chloe protested.
"An old one," Sam fired back, pointing his candy bar at her like a lightsaber. "Ripped and emulated by some other guy. I couldn't get into Glowinski's private servers."
"Alright, fine. Any ideas, Darren?" Chloe shrugged. "Since Sam can't hack shit--"
"I hacked your shit well enough," Sam snorted.
"--and apparently other people don't have a conscience…"
"Oh!" Sam gasped, and then he cringed. "No, terrible idea."
"What is it?"
Sam bit his bushy-bearded lip rather sheepishly. "Well, Matthew's still hounding you, and he's right there in Glowinski's inner circle--"
"You think we'll get that creeper on our side?" Chloe scoffed derisively. "He doesn't have a moral bone in his body--"
"No, I meant you cozy up to him and get into Glowinski's personal lab."
The following silence was still and tense. Darren broke it with a small but decisive, "No."
Chloe looked at the android for a second before looking back at Sam. She couldn't even fathom why he would think of the idea, and she actually felt a little insulted. "You know the guy tried to rape me last time I was alone in a room with him, right?" she hissed, crooking an eyebrow.
"Don't give me that look," Sam huffed. "You know he's so lusty for you that he'd probably be more than willing to let you into Glowinski's stuff."
"No," Darren said again, but no one seemed to hear him.
"That's ridiculous," Chloe snorted. "No one could possibly be that thirsty, especially a guy who goes through women like Matthew does."
"Don't underestimate yourself, Chloe," Sam shrugged. "You're really hot. I'm not even straight and I can see that much. Bat your eyelashes a bit and you could have Matthew dancing naked on the clock tower roof in a lightning storm."
"No!" Darren said loudly, making both of them jump. Shaking his bucket head, Darren went on, "That's too risky. It's wrong to put Chloe in harm's way like that."
"You think you can charm your way in?" Sam snickered. Chloe looked between them for a bit, considering Sam's words. As much as being anywhere around Matthew sickened her, she had to admit it was their best plan so far. And undoubtedly the fastest. With early models of the androids already on the market, they simply didn't have enough time to dither about it.
"I'll do it," she said reluctantly, interrupting whatever retort Darren had been about to make. She pursed her lips and looked at them both. "I'll get Matthew to let me in, and then I'll get whatever information we need from Dr. Glowinski's computers."
Sam looked nervous but obviously couldn't say anything about it at this point. But Darren sounded sad when he said, "You don't have to--"
"Yes, I do," Chloe snapped. "More people are being put into those machines, and the world still thinks it's just fancy code. Those are people, all being manipulated. Just like you had been. We have to help."
"Then I'm coming with you," Darren said. "To help find the right files. And to help keep you safe from Matthew."
"How are we going to even get you in there?" Sam protested.
Darren clenched his claw hand as he met Sam's gaze. "I don't know yet. But I refuse to let Chloe go in there alone."
[Continued below]
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Energy Casino €5 free bonus no deposit required (Exclusive)

Energy Casino €5 free bonus no deposit required (Exclusive)

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After its launch in 2013, EnergyCasino has risen to prominence and gained a devoted player base. It is owned and operated by Probe Investments Limited a company based in Malta. Currently, the operator is the second largest Novomatic online casino in the world, with more than 60 Novomatic games on its website, and one of the biggest casinos in Europe.
Powered by many different software providers, namely Net Entertainment, Extreme Live Gaming, Microgaming, and Novomatic, the virtual casino provides players with an incredibly diverse selection of games and an excellent gambling experience. Its portfolio spans more than 200 games, including slots, video poker, roulette, and blackjack, among others. The operator also hosts live dealer games.
The casino supports a plethora of payment methods and international currencies to ensure maximum satisfaction for its users. Payout time is comparably quick to other casinos, though this depends more on the withdrawal method than anything else. For new and returning players, the casino offers some really enticing promotions and bonuses.
The website operates under the license and regulations of two of the most reputable and respected institutions in the online gambling industry, the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.
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Software Providers

The operator has brought under its banner many of the giants in the casino games development industry. Novomatic, NetEnt and Microgaming are well-known software providers that have been in this business for decades and have rightfully earned their place at the top. These three developers account for the vast majority of the casino’s game selection.
Numbering in the hundreds, these games have something for everyone, so much so that even the most demanding players will find it difficult not to find something they like. Each game has its own unique aesthetics and rules, as well as the possibility to play it without wagering any real money.
Apart from the Big Three, the casino has also made use of the services of several other software providers including Wazdan, Oryx Gaming, BF Games, and Edict. Their games match the quality of the big names in the industry when it comes to graphics and gameplay, even if they do not contribute the same quantity. All the games hosted at the website can be played instantly, provided that the player has registered an account with the casino.
Because of employing so many software providers, the provider boasts an impressive selection of games, catering to even the most demanding gamblers. You can play games from your favorite providers on a regular basis, while also discovering something new every day.
You would find it difficult not to admire the casino’s dedication to guaranteeing consumer satisfaction. Each title can be played with virtual points to get a proper feel for the game and see if you like it before deciding to wager any real money on it. Graphics are excellent and perfectly legible. Every game has a guide for players who do not know or understand fully how it is played.


If slots are your thing, you have come to the right place. You can spend days and weeks on your computer without having played every game. The beautiful graphics and the immersive audio effects will keep you glued to your seat for hours on end. You can play NetEnt’s legendary Arabian Nights, Starburst, Mega Fortune and many more.
The selection also includes games using various different intellectual properties such as the adaptation of the 80s mega-power rock band, Guns N’ Roses, along with South Park, Terminator, and many more.


Lovers of the centuries-old favorite, blackjack will find themselves busy playing for a long time the excellent selection, available here. Although it is not as extensive as that in some other online casinos, it certainly offers quality gameplay.
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Those who wish to try their luck against the computer in a hand of video poker simply have to select their game of choice and begin striving for that Royal Flush. Some of the most popular video poker variations you can find at the online casino include long-time favorite, Joker Poker, Jacks or Better, and Deuces Wild.
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If you want to feel the thrill of spinning the wheel in a Roulette game, please turn to the Roulette selection of games. It incorporates all the classic styles of Roulette, as well as some modern ones. More specifically European Roulette, French Roulette, American Roulette, Premier Roulette and more. The games are extremely authentic, leaving players with the impression they are standing at an actual roulette table.


Gamblers wishing to try their luck at getting filthy rich can opt to play in the jackpot games. The prize pools of these range from several thousand to several million. There is no exact sum that can be reported at any time since they fluctuate every minute. Currently, the most rewarding games are Mega Fortune, Mega Moolah and Arabian Nights, where the huge progressive jackpots keep increasing by the minute.

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Want to get the feel of a real casino but you do not have one nearby or you do not want to leave the comfort of your home? Worry not, because the casino offers live games with real professional croupiers. The dealers are friendly and will not hesitate to cheer for your victories or help you out with any issues or questions you may have. The casino provides live games of Blackjack, several types of Roulette and Super 6 Baccarat.
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Supported Devices

In order to play at this online casino, you will need a PC with a stable Internet connection. The casino supports all major commercial browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. There is no additional software that needs to be installed, such as a casino client, as everything plays natively in the browser. The games are run using Java Player so make sure that you have it installed or that it is embedded in your browser. However, be aware that some games might not run on some versions of Linux.
If you do not wish to be chained down to your computer or laptop, or if you are traveling but still want to play, you can do so on your smart device. The site supports a mobile version for smartphones and tablets. Games are adapted for mobile use and are optimized to fit the smaller displays of smartphones and tablets, while still retaining their usability and conveying information just as well as on your PC.
While this is all well and good, what you have to also keep in mind is that not all games will run on your mobile device. There is no official post listing the unsupported games so you would have to find that out on your own.
It is indeed unfortunate that the casino does not offer a downloadable app for smartphones or tablets when other similar websites go out of their way to provide one to their player base. The experience of playing on a mobile browser may prove to be sub-par compared to that on a dedicated downloadable app or on a desktop computer.
Different smartphones perform differently and some players may not have any issues, while for others it may be unplayable. It is recommended that you play on a newer device as those have way fewer problems in terms of performance and stability.
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Bonuses and Promotions

The operator offers bonuses to new and returning players alike. The first bonus you are eligible to receive is the Welcome Bonus. Most bonuses include a percentage match on your first deposit up to a certain amount. There will almost certainly have a wagering requirement attached as well as a minimum deposit amount required to qualify for the offer.
To veteran players, the casino offers their VIP Program. Those lucky enough to be invited enjoy exclusive bonuses, promotions, competitions and the chance to participate in exciting real-life events. VIP members are also appointed a personal account manager to assist them.
Players who bet with real money also earn Energy Points. For most games or bets you will receive 1 point for every €5 you wager, however some games offer less. The points can be exchanged for real money or alternatively, you can purchase various goods from their online shop using points. The points can also be converted into money.

Payment Methods

The operator supports a very large number of payment methods. Visa is supported via credit or debit cards that you can use to boost your account balance. For those who wish to deposit via Instant Banking, there is the option to use Dotpay, Giropay, iDeal, Multibanco, Przelewy24, Sofort Uberweisung, Sporopay, Trustly or Euteller.
There is the option to pay via your phone using Zimpler. Supported e-Wallets are, Neteller, Paymenticon, Qiwi, Skrill, Skrill 1-Tap, and Yandex. The pre-paid card variant supports Paysafecard only. There is also the possibility to pay via Bank Transfers.
There are minimum deposit sums for all transaction services as well as maximum deposit limit ranges which vary depending on your preferred method. Some of these payment services are country-specific such as Giropay and Yandex, so do your research as to what you can use before you make a deposit.
To withdraw your winnings, you can use a Bank Transfer, have the money deposited into your bank card or to your e-Wallet. Visa is the only supported debit or credit card that you can use for withdrawals. E-Wallet withdrawals you can process via, Neteller, Paymenticon, Skrill and Yandex.
As you can see not all deposit methods can be used for withdrawals so plan accordingly. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the casino's minimum and maximum withdraw amounts for services.
The casino does not charge any fees related to depositing, although the payment service you choose may apply its own transaction fees. Should you choose to withdraw more than once per week, the casino will charge you a specified amount for the second withdrawal and each one after that.
Transaction times also vary from method to method, which you must also keep in mind. E-Wallets such as Skrill or Neteller usually have instantaneous transactions, while Bank Transfers take somewhere between 3-5 business days to clear. The casino surprisingly supports many European currencies, more specifically EUR, BNG, CZK, HUF, RUB, USD, NOK, GBP, RON, PLN and SEK.
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Customer Support

The operator has employed agents ready to help should you experience any difficulties or issues, or you simply have questions to ask. You can contact them using several methods. The most conventional one would be to call their offices. There are two telephone numbers posted on their Support page, one for their Malta office and one for their UK office.
Alternatively, you can email them at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) or send them a message via their online form. The most direct method of contact and one that does not require you to get up from your computer would be to engage them in a live chat session. Once on the live chat page, you will be asked to enter your username and email and to select your preferred language of communication.
Response times are usually quick and the operators speak decent enough English to accommodate and service you. Customer Support is offered throughout the week, including on weekends. Additionally, there is a pretty extensive Frequently Asked Questions page where you can find the most commonly found questions and problems. The casino’s website itself is also available in a range of languages like English, German, Polish, Russian, Norwegian, Finnish, Hungarian, Turkish and Vietnamese.

Licensing and Restricted Countries

The operator holds licenses from two of the most reputable and respected institutions dealing with online gambling – the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). The MGA certificate was issued on 29 January 2013. These institutions hold online betting sites to the highest standards ensuring the optimal player experience and fairness. The fact that the casino possesses certifications from these two institutions demonstrates their commitment to delivering honest and quality gambling services.
On a negative note, EnergyCasino is not available everywhere, be that because the country does not allow online gambling or because they do not hold a license to operate there.
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Videoslots Casino 11 free spins on registration! Exclusive Bonus!

Videoslots Casino 11 free spins on registration! Exclusive Bonus!

Videoslots Casino Free Bonus & Review
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Videoslots Casino Review


Have you heard about this intriguing new online casino called Videoslots Casino? With a total of 6 Casinomeister Awards, this gambling site piqued our interest, and we could not resist, but to tell you all about it. This 2011 creation from a group of Swedish enthusiasts is known as the Mecca of slots, and for a good reason. Players can dive right into the fun, fruity, and bonus-filled Extra Juicy slot. Or, join Genghis Khan’s mighty Mongol army in the Sword of Khans slot, which is filled with free spins and multipliers. And, don’t let the name fool you— VideoSlots Casino is about more than just slots.
You’ll also find a superb selection of Jackpots, table games, Scratchcards, Poker, and live dealer games from over 70 game developers. Did we also mention that VideoSlots also trump’s most casinos with their banging bonuses and promotions? Now that’s a real deal! VideoSlots Casino doesn’t only provide excellent gaming, it does so legally under the license of the Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, as well as the Danish and Swedish Gambling Authorities. So, if you were still hesitant to give them a shot, now you can be sure the casino is not up to any funny business.
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Visiting Videoslots Casino

We heard a thing or two about and decided to go and check what all the hype was about. Before we delve into all the goodies the online casino has to offer, let us plunge you into the world of colour and blurred lines between your mind and VideoSlots Casino. Grab some popcorn, and let’s jump right into our VideoSlots review. Your journey starts with a dark background that provides fisheye focus to the pops of colours and fun visuals that will grab your attention.
The gold 3D casino logo, complete with a slot handle, comfortably floats above a massive stack of tumbling gold coins. The VideoSlots login has a black gradient and is set up against the dark background, making it a bit hard to locate. Both the register and VideoSlots Casino login buttons are also cluttered by customer support buttons, which adds a bit of confusion to the top left corner of the site. However, the addition of a responsible gaming link right at the starting line earned the operator some positive VideoSlots reviews. A cascade of rose petals into a fiery red hidden background adds layers of mystery to this already dark and mysterious online gaming podium.
You’ll find some odd link combinations, such as the thin white Payments, Forgot Password, and Game Payouts links against an amber background. Right below, you get links for Home, Welcome Bonus, Weekend Booster, Jackpots, All Games, Clash of Spins, and The Wheel of Jackpots. If you’re not sure what to try first, then stop for a while and get sucked into the different colourful scenes from the most popular slots. In case you need a nudge in the right direction, colourful jewels from Starburst are hurtling down from a starry sky, with a generous welcome bonus.
Further down, we scrolled through a list of recent winners or buy into the Battle of Slots, all with colourful icons and bright white text. The rest of VideoSlots Casino is an onslaught of colourful slot icons against a pitch-black background, as far as the eye can see. On the left sidebar, you get game categories—Jackpots, Video Slots, Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, and a whole lot more. The latest news also keeps players abreast with daily promotions. A short VideoSlots Casino review rounds up the games lobby. And, of course, payment options, huge diamond-shaped, greyscale arrays of payment options and game developers, useful links, and licenses form the website footer.
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And, the moment every player can’t wait to hear about, bonus time! Okay, c’mon! If you’re thinking you don’t need bonuses, then you, my friend, have never been to VideoSlots Casino. Like all casinos worth checking out, VideoSlots has a couple of tricks up its sleeves. When you first step into the casino, you’re greeted with a VideoSlots welcome bonus of:
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Your bonus is automatically available after you make an initial deposit of £10 or more, so no need to enter a bonus code. The bonus is paid out in 10% increments, and you’ll have 30 days to wager it 35x before you can make a real money withdrawal. The 11 VideoSlots free spins are wager-free, so everything you win goes you’re your real money balance. Sounds like a sweet deal, right? Players can only make bets of up to £20 using the bonus, and jackpot games don’t contribute towards the wagering requirements. But there’s more!
Once you’ve gone through the welcome offer, you’ll be amazed by the extra goodies that await you. With the Weekend Boosters promotion, players accumulate all the spins they’ve made on slots and get a guaranteed win of up to £300. The VideoSlots bonus is paid out every Friday. If you were wondering, there aren’t any VideoSlots no deposit offers. But wait! Players can join the Battle of Slots tournament for some exquisite prizes. Looks like the operator knows how to grab online casino players’ attention.
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Videoslots Casino Mobile

It’s always great when you can take your work and play wherever you go— whether it’s taking that conference call with a new client at the park, or playing the latest online casino games while you wait in line at the supermarket. When it comes to the latter, VideoSlots Casino has you more than covered. We’ve figured out what all the hype over the VideoSlots app is about, and we’re eager to share it with you. So, grab your drink and hang on to every word! The operator doesn’t have any native apps in the Apple or Google stores, but the VideoSlots mobile site does everything you’d need from an app. Once you load up the website, you can tell that you’ve got the Mecca of Slots right at your fingertips.
Videoslots Casino works with the best developers and the games are super fun and worth trying using mobile browsers like Safari, Yandex, or Brave. The operator offers the mobile site to players who use iOS, Blackberry, Microsoft, and Android devices. The graphics are pretty intense, with deeper blacks than what you get from the desktop site and the pops of colour that add loads of character to the website. Unlike what you’d have with native apps, any new games that are added to the desktop site will immediately show up on the mobile version. Apart from placing their bets on the move, players on VideoSlots can also use the mobile site to make payments and communicate with customer support agents.
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Videoslots Casino Games and Software

Okay! Now is the point where we give up the secret behind the magnetic allure of VideoSlots UK. Just come a little bit closer…Exactly! Now…The truth is… VideoSlots Casino… Whaaat?! Setting jokes aside for a while, the casino provides, hands down, some of the best slot games that you’ll find online. Enter an eccentric doctor’s lab and tinker with some shifting reels on the exciting The Wild Machine slot from Pragmatic Play. Big Time Gaming is also firing up the burner with its brand new heart-stopper slot, Lil Devil.
The quality of the game graphics and themes is simply off the charts, and you’ll fall in love with the iOS, Android and desktop gameplay. How wouldn’t you when over 70 game developers are throwing in their best fighters into the melee? You’ll find some VideoSlots slots gems from popular developers like Microgaming, Play’n GO, and Nyx Interactive, as well as some rising stars like Sigma Games, Genii, and BlaBlaBla Studios. You’d be hard-pressed to find another place where there are so many online casino slot machines for every player’s taste and skill like VideoSlots.
But Wait…There’s a whole lot more, so keep both eyes peeled! VideoSlots is home to the best promotions and online casino UK gaming experience, and definitely wouldn’t let us just spin the slots all day. While we can’t ignore the draw of the classic slot game, the operator balances it out with an excellent selection of Roulette, Video Poker, and Blackjack games that’ll leave even the most demanding of players chuffed!
The variety of Roulette games is a bit small, but you can still kick it with the low, standard, and high limit French, European, Multi Wheel, and Premier Roulette. Blackjack fans, on the other hand, have much more to look forward to. There are a wide range of Super Fun 21, Atlantic City Blackjack, and Classic Blackjack table limits to suit every player’s budget. The available Video Poker games include All-American Poker, Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, and more.
You’ll surely find your perfect variant of any of these table games. Live dealer casino games seal the deal at Videoslots Casinos – Now that’s something new! The influence of Evolution gaming created an authentic and immersive brick and mortar casino experience that you can get right on your sofa at home. The operator offers an impressive selection of Live Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette games, all with HD video and crystal-clear audio quality.
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Videoslots Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

Bonuses can provide temporary excitement, but there’s nothing quite like the buzz that you get when you’re jamming your favourite game for real money. Players at VideoSlots Casino can get into a more immersive and engaging gaming session when they deposit using cards like Visa, Cash Card, and MasterCard. There are also some e-wallet alternative payment options like PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, Interac, and Trustly. The Paysafecard and Bank Transfer can also be some worthy options. You won’t have to worry one bit, as your finances are well protected by 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL). The minimum amount that customers can deposit at VideoSlots is £5. All deposits are processed instantly, and your funds will be available for bets in your account in real-time.
When you’d like to get some winnings from your VideoSlots account, you can use the same payment options. Some exceptions include Paysafecard and MasterCard. The on-line casino will process one withdrawal per day without any fees. Any subsequent payouts will attract a £2.50 charge, and a 3.9% charge if you haven’t played any games with your deposit. The least amount that players can withdraw is £10, and you should receive your money within 3 business days. It’s probably an excellent idea to verify your VideoSlots account as soon as you set foot in the casino, rather than wait for when you want to make your first cashout. As part of their licence requirements, the operator will require you to submit copies of your ID and proof of residence.
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Videoslots Casino Responsible Gaming

For the most part, online casino gaming and sports gambling at the bookies is harmless fun. However, a small proportion of players end up needing more to feel the same thrill they felt when they played for the same time. Even more, end up trying to make money from online casino games, and end up going bankrupt. What these players have in common is the uncontrollable urge to play with more money and time than they can afford. This type of gambling is commonly known and problem gambling. VideoSlots Casino is fighting very hard to ensure that you and every one of their customers continue to play safely and enjoy their favourite games. We took a thorough look at how they do such a fantastic job, and here’s what we found out.
VideoSlots views online casino games as only a form of entertainment and encourages every player to do the same. They can adjust the amount of money that you can deposit, wager, or lose during a particular period. Customers can also take the option to self-exclude or take a short break from the casino. Playing at VideoSlots on desktop or mobile devices is restricted to persons who’re over the age of 18, or the legal age of majority in their jurisdiction if it’s higher. The operator, therefore, verifies the ages of every new player. VideoSlots also recognises that the internet is now readily available to children, and urges their customers to use filtering software to prevent minors from gambling.
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Despite only coming onto the scene in 2011, Videoslots Casino has become a force to reckon with and has won the hearts and souls of a lot of online casino gaming enthusiasts. The operator starts with a selection of generous bonuses and promotions to get you started. Dubbed the Mecca of slots, VideoSlots is brimming with titles from over 70 game developers. They aren’t bookmakers, but the casino does have some sports-themed games for players who like such spice in their games. Table and live dealer game fans will also find several Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and Poker options to cater to their tastes. What we know for sure is, whatever your game preference, you’ll most definitely find something to suit your needs at this gaming podium. Needless to say, VideoSlots is the online casino that most players have been missing. The casino website comes in a dark and classy theme and layout that create a relaxed gambling environment for both new and experienced UK players. In the payments arena, VideoSlots offers a comprehensive selection of banking options. Speedy processing times and workable minimum transaction limits are the order of the day. The operator also provides a responsible gambling-friendly environment where customers can play with less risk of addiction.

Pros and Cons

That all for our VideoSlots review folks! The games and bonuses were indeed memorable, but we think a recap would be a great way to sign off.
  • The casino has lots of games to play and is excellent all-round.
  • Quick payouts starting from just £10
  • Players get an excellent welcome bonus and generous promotions.
  • The games have fair RTPs
  • The customer support system seems to confuse some customers
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