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Post Season Week 4: 1/5 - 1/11

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Post Season Week 5: 1/12 - 1/18

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National Championship Game Early Talk 1/12 9:00 am
National Championship Tailgate 1/13 8:00 am
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National ChampionshipsGame Betting Discussion Thread 1/13 1:00 pm
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Post-Game Rehash 1/14 9:00 am
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Free Talk Friday, 1/17 1/17 11:00 am

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Because this season we have had some problems with people deleting threads and because of the size of our sub and threads we need more split game threads.
What are these threads?
The threads listed here are ones posted by CFB_Referee or the mod team. You'll notice not all of the FCS playoff games are here - those threads are still available to grab as normal in the game thread generator.
What time zone are we in?
Eastern. At least CFB_Referee is. So that's the time zone for the threads.
Simply put, the mod team and many users start to have problems with threads lagging or not working at all once we get past 10,000 comments. It isn't that Reddit shuts down the thread at that point, just that the threads become much harder to use at the rapid pace of a game thread. Yes, your system may be able to handle it, but a lot of people's cannot.
The dark times of the offseason begin.
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Week 2 Watch Grid: THE 17-HOUR SATURDAY

If you're just now joining us, the Watch Grid is my (hi! it's Jason Kirk) best guess at the most entertaining viewing experience of each college football weekend. It's only partially based on team quality, and in fact, will at times reject the very concept of quality. You'll quickly see what I mean.
(I also send this out on the Read Option newsletter, usually Thursday of each game week.)
(Also slide these tables to the right, if you're on mobile.)
ET WATCH THIS Maybe watch It’s football
8 Wake Forest at Rice, CBSSN
William & Mary at Virginia, ACC
9 Marshall at #24 Boise State, ESPN2
10 Sacramento State at Arizona State, Pac-12
After the 317-day festival that is Week 1, it's fitting that Week 2 usually punts on weeknight activity. See if Marshall can make Boise work for it (remember: each time slot features one WATCH THIS game, which sometimes means intentionally overrating one game at a time), but otherwise, go outside.
ET WATCH THIS Maybe watch It’s football
11 a.m. wtf Ohio at Pitt (brunch factor), ACC
Noon Army at #7 Michigan, Fox Cincinnati at #5 Ohio State, ABC Bowling Green at Kansas State, FSN
#21 Syracuse at Maryland, ESPN Charleston Southern at South Carolina, SEC
Vanderbilt at Purdue, BTN Old Dominion at Virginia Tech, ESPNU
West Virginia at Missouri, ESPN2 Rutgers at #20 Iowa, FS1
Kennesaw State at Kent State, ESPN+ UAB at Akron, CBSSN
Southern at Memphis, ESPN+
12:30 Western Carolina at NC State, ACC
1 NIU at #13 Utah, Pac-12
2 USF at Georgia Tech, ACC Fordham at Ball State, ESPN+
2:30 Tennessee Tech at Miami (Ohio), ESPN+
3:30 #12 Texas A&M at #1 Clemson (for the punts), ABC #25 Nebraska at Colorado, Fox CMU at #17 Wisconsin, BTN
Southern Illinois at UMass, Flo Charlotte at Appalachian State, ESPN+
Illinois at UConn (think of the memes), CBSSN Grambling at Louisiana Tech, NFL
Southern Miss at Mississippi State, ESPNU Richmond at Boston College, ACC
Eastern Illinois at Indiana, BTN
4 Western Illinois at Colorado State, local New Mexico State at #2 Alabama, SEC (Thank you so much for making me list this game. Very important. Great idea)
Murray State at #3 Georgia, ESPN2
UTSA at Baylor, FSN
4:15 San Diego State at UCLA, Pac-12
5 Northern Colorado at #22 Washington State, Pac-12
ULM at Florida State, ACC
6 North Carolina A&T at Duke, ACC Gardner-Webb at East Carolina, ESPN+
Maine at Georgia Southern, ESPN+
7 #18 UCF at FAU, CBSSN South Dakota at #4 Oklahoma, OU PPV and Sooner Fan Feetcast
Furman at Georgia State, ESPN+ Jackson State at South Alabama, ESPN+
Wyoming at Texas State, ESPN+ WKU at FIU, ESPN+
North Texas at SMU, ESPN+ Tennessee State at Middle Tennessee, ESPN+
BYU at Tennessee, ESPN Eastern Kentucky at Louisville, ACC
Coastal Carolina at Kansas, ESPN+ McNeese at Oklahoma State, ESPN+
7:30 #6 LSU at #9 Texas, ABC Nevada at #16 Oregon, Pac-12 UT Martin at #11 Florida, ESPNU
Tulane at #10 Auburn, ESPN2 Buffalo at #15 Penn State, Fox
Arkansas at Ole Miss, SEC WMU at #19 Michigan State, BTN
Liberty at ULL (think of the memes), ESPN+ Eastern Michigan at Kentucky, SEC
Stony Brook at Utah State, Stadium
8 Miami at North Carolina, ACC Prairie View at Houston, ESPN+
UTEP at Texas Tech, FSN
9 Tulsa at San Jose State, ESPN+
10 Arkansas State at UNLV, Stadium
10:30 Cal at #14 Washington, FS1 #23 Stanford at USC, ESPN
Minnesota at Fresno State, CBSSN
10:45 Northern Arizona at Arizona, Pac-12
Midnight Oregon State at Hawaii, Hawaii’s Facebook page
The Watch Grid has exactly one outlook on life: every college football weekend is a good college football weekend. And every competitive game has a chance to be an entertaining game, especially if something weird is going on.
As an example, look no further than Ohio-Pitt kicking off in the morning, local time, for reasons I don't even want to know. The Steelers aren't home this week! The game is on Pitt's conference network! Regardless, I can think of no better way to ease into a 17-hour Saturday than watching quite possibly the two most average teams in FBS lock horns.
Something silly will happen in the noon slot. One impressive historical trend says it'll be a flexbone service academy giving a hell of a time to a big favorite yet again.
In the big middle game, let's see if Braden Mann can punt the Aggies into contention against Clemson ... also yet again.
LSU at Texas should be good and heartfelt. Little bit of jawing! It's as if the Tigers are happy to be playing transitive rival for the Longhorns and Aggies. At And The Valley Shook, I pitched in on the newly written rules of throwing Horns Down, not that LSU fans need any advice on spicy hand gestures.
In the late spots, let's watch Cal-Washington and Stanford-USC race to see which game cracks 10 points first, Minnesota continue its Why The Hell Did You Schedule That Team gauntlet of frightening non-powers, and the Rainbow Warriors reach 2-0 in the Pac-12 at 4 a.m. ET on (with minor, roundabout Storylines of the Season ramifications).
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Official "Where do I bet on the Kentucky Derby" post

Welcome to all of our new subscribers. It is at this time of year that our subscriptions increase quite a bit, and one of the more common question that gets asked is "Who should I bet on?"
The other question that is asked is "Where can I bet on the horse(s) that I want to bet on?"
This guide is then for you.
Understand that the guide below is not all inclusive, and is geared toward the US.
Also, I am not an attorney, I cannot give you legal advice on if you should bet or not bet or if it is legal in your jurisdiction, and none of the links below are referral links, and I do not receive any compensation for providing these links.
In the United States, there are roughly four ways to place a bet on a horse race.
Online Wagering Locations :




Here's a table to give you an idea of what's available in your state.
California ✔*
Colorado ✔*
Delaware ✔*
Georgia ✔*
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia
  • OTB Locations sourced from OTB.US
  • For most on-line betting sites, the State Restrictions are based on the State you are currently located in (logged in from), not your State of residence. Please choose the state you are currently located in, from the list on the left, to see restrictions for that state.
✔* - This state does allow online wagering, but some tracks are excluded
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[Table] IAmA Australian who just hitchhiked from New York City to Los Angeles. AMA.

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2013-07-12
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
What was the scariest moment you had on the trip? It happened one night in the Rockies. I had made my way up into the forested mountains outside of town, and it was so warm out that I was intending to just sleep slumped against my backpack.
Then it started to rain.
I took shelter beneath a huge unidentified structure, which I later found out was this abandoned quarry: Link to
But it looks like this at night: Link to
Because of the high roof, water was still blowing in from the open sides, so I wrapped myself in a bivy sack that a guy had given me back in Indiana. (I had no tent.)
After a while of lying there, completely entombed in that waterproof shell, in an abandoned quarry, in the forest, in the Rocky Mountains, in the rain ... I heard footsteps.
It was a steady stomping, of boots against gravel. Normally, if I were just in my sleeping bag, I'd slooowly roll over and face the direction of the steps, to get some view of whoever's going past. But because I was in my bivy sack, I couldn't see anything without unzipping, and rustling my way out. I chose to avoid making any noise, and spent an extremely frightened few minutes listening to those steps. Because of my cocoon, I couldn't really tell where the sound of the footsteps were coming from, or if they were getting closer.
What did you do when you first got to LA? Showered, and slept in an actual bed. Boring, I know, but you really learn to appreciate showers and beds when you don't always have them around.
I live in LA, dont forget to visit the observatory and not too far from there is a place called House of Pies. One of the best pies of my life. I'll check it out. Which pie do you recommend?
That's awesome! Weirdest people you stayed with? A group of religious female college students in Philadelphia. They said grace before our meal, and we went dumpster-diving afterwards.
How did you go about asking people for a place to stay or food? Also, best story you have from the whole trip? With only one exception that I can think of, I never asked anyone for a place to stay. If someone offered, I accepted; otherwise, I slept outside.
A best story is hard too choose, but seeing as you asked about food: there was a time when I was walking to a comedy club in Chicago, and on a whim I walked into a Starbucks, told them I was from Australia, told them I was hitchhiking across America, told them I didn't have a lot of money, and asked if I could sing for a Frappuccino.
They said yes.
Well what what did you sing?! That time, it was "Fly me to the Moon".
But I did it a few more times, and ending up singing "My Kind of Town", Kermit the Frog's "The Rainbow Connection", and our own national anthem, "Advance Australia Fair".
Why did you decide to do this trip? And how has it influenced how you see the world? I've always been very interested in American mythology. The notion of the American pioneer has especially fascinated me, and I tried to capture its spirit using my three rules, which ensured that I usually had no idea where I was headed next, or where I would stay once I got there.
The final push to do it was when I read F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby" in May this year. Within a week of reading its superb closing passage, I had booked my flight.
It really drove home a lot about the huge divide between the way America is conceived and the way America is executed. The dreams of Jefferson and Adams and Franklin, and the sacrifices of Hale and Rodney and Dickinson, seem a far cry from the real problems of the working classes today.
What are your three rules? Well, I'd be violating the first two if I told you.
But actually:
No paying for travel (except within a city).
No paying for accommodation.
No using Craiglist, Couchsurfing, or similar websites.
Craziest/Most interesting thing/person that you encountered or witnessed on your trip? So hard to choose. There was a Chinese-American civil engineer in New Jersey. Really well-dressed guy with a very fancy car, the kind of guy you never would expect to pick you up. He ended up giving me a ride, shouting me coffee, and teaching me some really cool things about how large public works projects are executed; and how, after a decade or so of work, being an engineer becomes more about people than about structures.
Can you explain how it's more about people afterwards? What did he say exactly? Because of promotion. As soon as you're running a team, even a small team, you have to put much more of your energy into coordinating your workers' efforts. Being able to work well with people is suddenly far more important than your actual training, and that only becomes increasingly so as you climb the ladder.
What do you do for a living? How did you afford necessities? How did you have so much time off to do this? I am a university student, and Australian universities have a really good student loan system, and student welfare. I was on exchange last semester, so I ended up with a Northern Hemisphere summer vacation.
At any point during the trip did you go as far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like? As far or further.
Any injuries that you had to deal with? And how long did the entire trip take you? I have a small piece of gravel in my hand from a biking accident a couple of months ago. At some point, I agreed to let a nursing student I was staying with try to remove it using only a kitchen knife and a Leatherman. Not the brightest idea ... and the hospital the next morning told me that it was too deep for anyone other than a specialist to extract.
Yo homie, do you have any tips for people who would make a similar trip? Seriously, pack some reasonable clothing, any medicines you might need, and some emergency funds. Anything else, you can wing it.
What would you change about the trip and how you travelled? There's nothing I would change. There's a lot more in America that I'd like to see and do, but I was attempting to do a very particular quest, and I knew that'd come at the expense of sightseeing. I expect I'll travel around the States quite a bit more in the future.
Also: How many times did you get killed? About six. My rabbi had really low mana by the end of it. He was so mad.
Did you notice any trends as you travel through the states as to who liked/didn't like the Australian appeal that we apparently have? It was a pretty uniform response, actually: it warmed most people a little, and every so often someone would be actively positive. I didn't notice any real change from state to state.
How many times did you exchange a ride for sex? Very funny. I actually was propositioned once - by a bisexual albino trucker. It was while looking for a ride at the Iowa 80 - biggest truck stop in the world.
Someone have a good punchline?
I got nothing...except to tell you I've been to that truckstop a few times. You can get a haircut! I got the only shave of my trip at the Iowa-80 barbershop. Nice place. And just across the hall ... a chiropractor.
Love reading about things like these! Any tips you can give? I am planing on doing these one day. It's illegal to thumb rides in a lot of states, and ineffective most everywhere. Try approaching people and asking for a lift.
Travel plazas are a great bet.
Most traffic in most gas stations will be local and unhelpful. The more isolated the gas station, the better.
Truck drivers are not allowed to give passengers rides: their insurance doesn't cover it, and they could lose their jobs if the company finds out. The exceptions to this rule are owner-operators, guys who work for small fleets, and guys whose compassion and generosity significantly outweighs their prudence.
Be ready to get hundreds of "no"s for every "yes".
It's really scary, really exhausting, and really difficult.
Do it anyway.
What is a travel plaza? (I'm American) They're like truck stops, but full of nice stores and air conditioning; and open to the public, not just trucks.
Get drunk? Nope. A few people gave me some free beer, but I never indulged too much. Figured I should probably stay in control of my faculties as much as possible.
Did you cross the Mississippi in an inflatable raft? Haha no, but I had intended to stop by Hannibal, MO, hometown of Mark Twain, and read "Tom Sawyer" and "Huckleberry Finn" by the Mississippi's shores.
After spending three days trying to hitch a ride from Chicago to St Louis, I was walking by the side of the Interstate with no idea of what to do next when a passing Russian laborer asked if I needed help. He was headed along the I-80 into Iowa. I accepted.
What part of Australia are you from? Sydney.
Same! I actually have a weird accent ... my father's family is from Transylvania, and my mother's is from British India, and they're all Jewish, and quite religious, so I speak with a fusion of Australian, English, and Hassidic New York.
Did people comment on the accent much? One of my friends who visited the USA said that girls in particular liked the accent a lot. There was one time when I was trying to hitch out of a travel plaza in Pennsylvania. I went up to a lady, and told her I was from Australia, but before I could continue, she said: "No, you're not. I have friends from Australia. You sound nothing like them." and left before I could disagree or show her my passport.
so I speak with a fusion of Australian, English, and Hassidic New York. Hahaha I can live with that.
What the fuck does that even sound like? I'm picturing Mel Brooks Dundee or something. Well, I'm this guy: Link to So that's how I sound.
So basically you're half vampire? Yes. Also - no joke - I have unusually large canines, and my father worked all his professional life for the tax department.
How's the pizza? Chicago's trademark deep dish pizza is a gamble: I tried a meatball pizza from one place, and couldn't stomach it; I tried the pepperoni pizza from another, and loved it - even if I did only manage to finish half of small.
Gas station pizza is surprisingly good, even when lukewarm.
Did you happen to have a cheese steak while in philly? Edit:spelling. I did not. Did I miss out?
Did you ever have to sleep outside? And how much money did you have saved up for this? Link to
After air fares, I only had a few hundred dollars. Got a LOT of free food and coffee along the way.
Is your next destination Alaska? I would like to sled the Yukon at some point, but it is not very high on my to-do list.
How did you hitchhike from australia to new york? Friendly sea turtles.
How many times did you get raped in the butt? What, what?
Worst part of the whole journey? The three days that I was trying to get out of Chicago. After much effort, I made it to a small town called Bolingbrook, but rides out of there proved impossible, so I eventually accepted a ride back to a travel plaza in Chicago to try again.
The next day, the exact same thing happened, but to a town called Willowbrook.
It's the exhaustion that gets to you: the combination of uncertainty, sleep deprivation, and constant refusal slowly beat you down. And the more exhausted you are, the harder it is to keep asking for rides, and the more likely you are to be refused.
Shit man, you should have posted to /chicago! I bet someone would have given you a ride or offered some advice. My third rule was: "No using Craiglist, Couchsurfing, or similar websites."
I felt the whole exercise would be much too easy if I used the great power of the Internet. Also, I wanted to preserve the sense of not knowing what was coming next, I felt that was truer to the spirit of the American pioneer.
So... what did you think of miami? Alligators are pussies.
What was the craziest thing that happened to you on your trip? Also, what was your favorite area of the country to go through? One time, I was walking between a couple of small towns in the Rockies. A woman pulled up in a pickup truck. She had her daughter, granddaughter, grandson, and niece with her. She said she had no room inside, but that I should hop on the back. We ended up cruising over to the Rifle Falls State Park.
It is THE ONLY way to see the Rockies.
Hey mate - any particular inspiration / motivation for this? Scary moments (I was always warned not to hitchhike or pick up hitchhikers when I went to visit the States!)? I had a lot of inspiration from the page and screen. Special mention to Ra's al Ghul and Syrio Forel, who got me through the terrifying times.
When I was leaving New Jersey, I actually walked through the entirety of Camden (most-dangerous city in America, 2009) to get to the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. I figured I'd be pretty safe if I just stuck to the side of the highway. I was approaching a particularly wooded overpass when I spotted a man hidden among the pillars. Without reacting in any overt way, I turned on the spot and walked back the way I came. After a few paces, I glanced back, and he was standing up with his hands on his hips.
I took my chance with ten lanes of traffic, and proceeded with my journey on the other side of the road.
2 questions: did you ever have any run in with police and what is your perception of Americans after making the trip? I was stopped by highway patrol in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Illinois; and once, when I was right outside a nice hotel asking departing clients for a ride, a tall man in a red polo shirt came up to me, pulled out his badge, and very loudly told me to leave.
However, none of the cops ever cited me for anything, just told me to move on.
Americans are fine. They're real people, with real generosity, and real meanness. The more people you meet, the harder it is to categorise or generalise.
Do you feel like you had any benefit to being Australian while doing this excursion? Or do you feel like an American attempting to hitchhike across the country could have the same positive results with no real change and it be all based on luck? I think it might be slightly harder for an American, but it certainly wasn't as though being Australian was a cheat code that made it all easy. People were a little nicer to me ... but only a little.
Sorry if it was already asked: What was the weirdest thing that happened to you during your journey? One morning in Silt, CO, a retired pastor with wild grey hair and an incongruously well-kept moustache approached me with an offer of charity.
He walked with me into a gas station, gave the girl behind the counter five dollars, and instructed her that I'm from Australia, and that the money is for me to buy food.
Just before he left me to my little shopping spree, he turned to face me, thrust a finger towards my chest, and said: "Remember: I work for Jesus. Ya got that?"
I think it's great how Aussie's are adventurous travelers. When I was younger I always seemed to see more Aussie's at youth hostels. I once knew why so many of you are always out travelling around the world all the time. Can you remind me why that is. Are you all independently wealthy? Can you take off from work whenever you want? What gives? Hahaha, good question. Probably a cultural thing more than anything else, but in terms of practical reasons:
Minimum wage in America is just under $8. Minimum wage in Australia is just over $16. It's a lot easier to save up for travel when you're working in Australia.
University is very different in Australia. The student loan system has very generous repayment options (as I recall, there's no interest, ever; and you don't have to start paying it back until you're making over $40,000 p/a). Plus, you get welfare just for being a student.
Was hitchhiking nervous for you? Was there anyone who seemed a little creepy? There was one trucker who gave me a lift, and reminded me of the old neighbour on Family Guy, the one with the crippled dog.
Doing something like this was frightening pretty nearly all the time, but the actual danger probably isn't quite as high as it seems. The whole thing is an exercise in fear management.
Great AMA Dude! Big ups to you for having the balls to this trip. I'm kinda late on this AMA but I hope you answer my query because it seems it was not asked or I may not have seen it answered. Why the three rules of not using craigslist and couch surfing??? Because I wanted to really have no idea what I was doing next. The spirit of the pioneer, the cowboy, the brave soul attempting the Oregon Trail (thank you, Don Rawitsch), is something that I thought I could grasp a little of, were I as truly ignorant of what the morrow would bring as they were.
I only made an exception if I happened to have an actual friend in an upcoming city. Then, I'd stay with them.
Pity you didn't head through Wyoming! What was your favorite sight? Like did you see anything that really caught your eye? The rock formations in Utah were amazing. A lot of the natural wonders up and down the West were unfortunately outside of my trip.
I'm from the US and I would like to hitch hike across Australia. Any advice? Be aware that most of the country is desert. And not "it's full of towns, but a bit sandy and hot" desert but "skull of a cow next to cactus with a vulture perched on it" desert. Doing the coasts is probably a lot more viable than going end-to-end, unless you want to take one ride all/most of the way.
Hey man, I'm from Perth, considering a trip to the USA. How much money did you have "on hand" to prove you could finance your holiday? Did you have any visa/border issues? I can't remember how much I declared. Australia is one of the 37 countries on the USA's Visa Waiver Program, so it was exceptionally easy.
I had to do some really basic application online, and then I was in. No problems anywhere.
Link to
Should I declare/bring $2K/$5K/$10K? Assuming Couchsurfing, my expenses will be minimal, but the Gov't may want to see actual money. I definitely didn't bring more than a few dollars with me into the country, and I definitely didn't declare anything near 5 or 10k. I don't think the government here has anything against Australians, and generally gives us no trouble, from what I can tell. You'll be fine.
Where did you start? I mean not location but deciding and packing stuff. Did you have past experiences doing this? It was very last-minute - a couple of weeks between having the notion and touching down in JFK. I didn't have any hitchhiking experience, but I've always been very into saying "yes" to wacky ideas.
When you talked to new people, how often did they comment on your accent? Surprisingly uncommonly, but as I've said: my accent is weird.
Why are Australians so obsessed with America? Same reason everyone else it, I guess ... >90% of global culture comes from America.
What would be similadifferent if an American were to do this in Australia? He'd die, horribly.
Seriously though, I'd advise going up or down the east coast, rather than through the middle. Excepting the coastline, our whole country is basically Nebraska, but even deader.
How long did it take you? One month. Left New York City June 10th, arrived in Los Angeles late at night on July 9th.
What was your overall impression of the people of America? They're different. They're more different from each other than they are from anyone else.
I'll do it for you. What part of town are you in today? Come to this thread to talk to LA Redditors Link to Thanks! I'm staying in Pico Robertson. Today doesn't work, but how about tomorrow night?
Hey! This is great :) Being from Arizona, I wanted to ask what part you went through. Also, where are you now? I just passed through briefly while heading along the 15. I'm in LA now.
Ever plan on checking out Canada? Somewhen, yeah. Do you have recommendations on what to do/where to go?
Is the view from the back of the truck near Mono Lake? No, it was somewhere around the town of Silt.
Can we please, please be friends? I'm an American girl that has hitchhiked from LA to Cincinnati, Ohio and I've actually been planning on backpacking Australia. My problem is the lack of information on the web about people with similar experiences. I have questions for an an Australian! I'd be happy to help. Message me.
How old are you? Just turned 25, in Pittsburgh.
I'm from brisbane and i hated Kansas and Missouri, did you hate it there to? I didn't make it to either.
This all sounds awesome. i'm going backpacking in Europe next summer. have you ever been? I haven't! One day, though.
Why in the world did you decide to do this? Because it was there.
I'm from New York. Being a young woman I wouldn't hitchhike myself; I'm envious of your experience! I've yet to deeply explore the US (I've only been to a few states). Living in France; I've road-tripped around this country (and neighboring ones) more than my own! I know what you mean when you say NY is rough; one of my reasons for being in Southern France... Just wanted to say; I know exactly what those gas-station 99c Apple pie's are- my dad and I used to get those all the time! I'm craving for one now.. big time! Yes, you did miss out by not trying a Philly cheese steak. :) And I'm not saying this because I'm biased: I prefer the NYC ones. And in NY- you must have a Reuben sandwich.. Did you try it? AND soup dumplings.. Thank you, you're very kind. I haven't tried Reuben sandwiches or soup dumplings, but I'm swinging by NYC on my way back out of the country, so I'll try to watch out for them. Really don't know where I'm going next. I was talking to a friend in LA last night, and I told her that if someone came up to me right now and said "let's go motorbike to Peru" - and had a plan to make it happen - I'd say "fuck yeah".
What was/is your perception of people from Texas? Didn't get to Texas.
I'd rather imagine a well-dressed Chinese-American yelling at this guy's coffee. Honestly, I would too.
I think I'm would like try this some day. Do it.
Here's a three minute video of Australian comedian Dan Illic doing it from Seattle to New York. Link to That felt very familiar in very many parts. Thanks.
I think u met my neighbors in ny. They were there from detroit on vacaton about a month ago. . Doesn't ring a bell, but more info?
Would backpacking Australia or the U.S have been easier (assuming You traveled the same distance and were also an outsider on Australia) I imagine it'd be a lot harder, because although we've got the same land mass as the USA, we have one-fifteenth of the population. Our interior is vast and empty.
Also what are some places you reccomend in your homeland , I'm currently planning on taking a semester off to go to Aussie! Go see the Great Barrier Reef. I haven't, yet, but you should.
You might wanna cross-post to /LosAngeles. I'm sure a few of us might like to get together and hear your stories of the road and have a few brewskis. If it doesn't violate your road rules, we won't offer you hospitality nor lodging. That sounds fun. How do I cross-post (rookie Redditor here _)?
How did you make it through the worst part of the US (Midwest) without bein kidnapped, or confused for a "damn immigrant." There was one guy wearing a t-shirt with an American flag on it beneath the words "one nation under God". When I asked if he was going my way, he said "yes, but I'm not picking up a hitchhiker."
But, you know ... even the Vogons have Dentrassi cooks.
HHTTG reference used properly , here , have my upvote and karma! I sass that.
Yeah, well I'm a New Yorker who hitchhiked from LA to Australia. That's nothing. I'm a Los Angeles who New Yorked from Australia to hitchhiked.
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What were your expectations of American culture before you came here? What was your favorite part of America to visit? What was your least favorite part? If there was one problem that you noticed, how would you fix it? I knew it would be different from europe, but I couldn't know why beforehand. I just thought it would be bigger, because that's something we always hear about the states (like you hear from texans ;)).
I had a sense of the consumerism and capitalism you have going on because of whit I experienced in movies/tv shows/internet... And we have capitalism over here as well in theory, but it just doesn't work the way it should.
I mean, if i go to a store in the states i am helped within 5 seconds of walking through the door and they will do everything to satisfy me as a customer. In contrast, if I go shopping here it feels like i'm a burden to the guy behind the counter and it is a privilige for me that I am allowed to buy something from them if they feel like it. I was more than happy to spend my money in the states!
Favorite part, wow, difficult question. Naturewise: definitely Utah with all it's parks. People wise: NYC and Nashville.
Least favorite: although still awesome: St. Louis because there just isn't much to do there. I met a great guy whom I stayed with for a couple of days, but that was the only interesting thing about my stay there. And ofcourse the arch, just so I could say I saw it ;).
For your last question: There is something I don't understand about americans. I met the most friendly, giving, social, caring people that would go out of their way to help me and others in their lives. Charity is a big part of their lives and they love to give. But when there is a structural plan to help all the people in the states get their medical insurance all of the sudden you get a vibe of egotism and they don't want anything to do with that. Although it is a great system as proven in many countries that have had social security for ages...
It feels a bit like double standards to me... I don't get why you want to help someone else on a small scale, but you don't want to help someone else on a larger scale AND help yourself as well.
I don't want to turn this in a political thread, but you asked, so I answer :). How I would fix it? Well, I can't obviously.
Without being political myself, I'll give you the simplest answer I can. Force. We Americans, for the most part, are very giving. Mandating that we give, we call that stealing. Yes, I figured it was something like that.
: All the discussion. THIS is America at its best. To whomever sent the gold, thank you. In the true spirit of American generosity, I've paid it forward to OP for taking up so much of his IAMA. Solution: You would have to convince yourself that you want to give to the social security system. Then it became your choice :).
No Americans don't mind giving money to the poor and needy :) The problem is, our government uses our money for unnecessary wars, prisons, and corporate/bank bailouts. Then when we try to stop this, Europeans rush in and say we're "greedy" for not wanting to give more money to our government. :( You all act like you don't get anything in return from the very same social security system... Yes you give to others, but you get benifits yourself too!
What's the biggest cultural difference you noticed between the US and Belgium? You guys are so open and friendly. You can stand on the corner of the street waiting to cross it and just say: Hey, how are you doing? to a random person next to you. They'll always be friendly and answer. Doesn't matter if it's a girl or a guy. You could literally talk to anyone anywhere and have a conversation for hours!
Stuff like that is a big no-no in Belgium (and I feel in Europe in general). If you're sitting on a bus or a train here, everyone minds their own business and would never talk to one another. It would even freak them out if you did. Like if you talk to someone there always has to be a hidden agenda and they're incredibly suspicious. Even in bars, people just go their with their own group of friends and rarely talk to people from other groups.
I was depressed when I got back because of this... I even wonder how I make friends here.
There are tons more though :p.
I'm planning on visiting Belgium in July for Tomorrowland. They're internationalizing the festival as it got sold for billions. So there will be a tommorowland in your area withing a couple of years.
Where are you in Belgium? I should be arriving for the semester on Wednesday. I live in Ghent, but I work in Antwerp. Where are you coming to in Belgium? I'm always up for hanging out!
I moved to Nashville last year. The people in this city are pretty great, as long as we're not talking about the politicians. Politics is always a sensitive subject in the USA i found.
Atlanta! What did you think of my city? I would be mortified if you didn't have a great time in my home city! Like i said, only very briefly in Atlanta. Was fun, also didn't feel too safe unfortunately.
Chicago reporting! Yes we like to talk a lot. I like to talk to you guys too!
Nashville here, to bad you didn't get to be around when we still had an amusement park. I'm glad we could help you enjoy your time in the states. The SO is from Europe and she is still having trouble getting used to the USA lol. Is you SO a guy? Maybe you can trade him for me then, i'd have no trouble adjusting!
Hmm I found completely the opposite when I traveled America last summer. Denver seemed to be the most laid back and friendly place I visited with NYC and Washington DC being less so. Different strokes.
It makes me glad that you like Nashville the best! I'm three hours East and we're proud of our friendliness. :) had great times there! Also loved it because it wasn't on my list when I planned stuff out. I'm so glad people recommended it to me saying: it's something you specifically will like. I loved the fact that people knew me so fast :).
As a native Nashvillian, I'd be curious to know what you like so much about Nashville. Also, what did you do here? People and interaction, it was different from any other city/area in the states. Even more friendly and flirty even. Loved it. Love the accent. Love the girls. Love the live music EVERYWHERE.
Went sightseeing in general, then parties at night. Had tons of fun! Lots of restaurants ive been to and bars to see live music.
So weird. Do you know Lorenzo? He embarked on a trip similar to yours a couple of years ago, and he is also from Ghent. Edit: I realize Ghent is a large city and it unrealistic to think that two people in a city who visit the same place would naturally know each other, but you're similar in age and both did a "trek across the US", and had similar cultural experiences--so maybe you're in the same circle of friends...? I know of no Lorenzo. Also, i know very little people in ghent... namely: 2. All my friends are from antwerp area.
Ghent is my most favourite European town! So beautiful. If I come back, I'm definitely messaging you. I'll buy you a Kriek! Hah! do that! But kriek is a beer for women though ;).
A Kwak then? You decide - I buy ;) Kwak is AWESOME! You're too kind.
Why did you make the trip? Are you independently wealthy? Ever since I can remember I had a fascination for the United States. I can remember there was a show from a Dutch Clown and acrobat (called Bassie en Adriaan) in which they traveled through the midwest. Link to
I must have been 4 or 5 years old when I saw that and was just blown away by the nature. I didn't know places like that existed in the world. Then throughout my childhood I learned more about american culture through movies and eventually internet. I loved america so much I learned english on my own by the age of 8 (I didn't have tv or internet back then, i still don't know how I got to learn it). And when I was a teenager I always said I wanted to move to the states. At first it was kind of a joke and it slipped my mind when I went to the european equivalent of highschool and college, because I was just too busy studying. Then in my final year it popped back into my mind and tought to myself it was now or never. At first I was going to go for 2 weeks, 1 week in NYC, and 1 week to remote family in Denver,CO. But when I was researching more about the states I got overrun with that feeling again from when I was a kid and the plan changed to a multiple month long trip through EVERYTHING :D.
I wanted to move to the United States (And is till do, and I will as soon as possible), but I wanted to use the trip as an eyeopener, see what's what, where I would want to settle, see if it would really be my cup of tea, and then also go sightseeing.
I remember not sleeping my first 6 days in the States from pure excitement. As soon as I touched down in JFK it felt like I had come home, not on a holiday. Ever since I am determined to become a US resident. So watch out ;).
I paid for everything myself, not wealthy of any sort, but I'm doing alright.
Want to get married? You a guy or a girl? Where from? Age? I'm not saying no to the idea ;)
It's an interesting trip I would like to do as well, how much money you would say one person needs to do this? how much did you spend? I spent about 10 grand. But that was because I wanted to go all out. You can easily do it on 4 grand if you live on a tight budget and go camping/couchsurfing more. It's transportation that costs most, then food. (except for when you go to hotels, than that's your main cost)
You are more american than i. Oh stop it you! Link to
FYI you should look into this, getting married to a citizen is one of the easiest ways to come to the US! Funny story: the girl I fell in love with in Kansas City actually proposed to me when we first met in Chicago! I thought it was a joke until she asked 4 more times. I should look into that.
So, girls of america, if you want to marry me, get in touch ;).
You spent 10,000 euros in a month in the US!? IMPOSSIBRU!!! Dollars in multiple months. Not impossible, definitely not when you're living it up in new york at the end of your trip like a king!
Dude you say you fell in love with her and she wants to marry you? MARRY HER! Maybe there is a cultural difference here. In Belgium (and I assume europe), you fall in love first, then get in a relationship. It's different with you guys I guess? You date first, get in a relationship, and then act all weird when you are "ready" to say "I love you" after a couple of months.
Things are more complicated than that.
As a fellow Belgian that also wishes to explore the US someday, how were you perceived? Any misconceptions that they had about you? Oh and, did you learn about any big social no-no's? A bad example I have is using your wiping hand to eat in countries that don't use toilet paper. People were completely baffled by my enthousiasm and excitement. They loved me for being me and loved the experience of seeing something new just like me. No misconceptions at all. Social no-no: if you meet someone, and they lean in, it means they go in for a hug, not a kiss on the cheek. I missed that one a couple of times and that lead to surprisinly cool nights out :).
EDIT: And the question that is on every Belgian's mind here, what part of Belgium are you from? It's the right one I bet. Every part of belgium is the right part. Please don't be that guy that wants to separate!
Doesn't sound like a no-no to me! Well, i mean they're just not used to that.
What's the best food you ate in the U.S. that you can't get in Belgium? Hahaha, BURGERS WITH FAKE AMERICAN CHEESE!
I'm not kidding. Best burger I had was without a doubt the Double Cheese burger from Denny's in Cortez, Colorado. It was the afternoon I resurfaced from the Grand Canyon and was in dire need of fat and calories. Surprisingly I was in the States for 2 months already at that point, but haven't had a burger yet anywhere.
Other memorable burgers: Double D burger from Hooters in NYC (was my last night, so emotion will probably have a part in this memory).
Boy, what I would do to have another double cheeseburger from Denny's... We don't have that chain in Belgium (we only have 2: Mcdonalds and Quick (which you don't have over there if i'm not mistaken), but they are ofcourse both crap. I even looked for countries in Europe that has them to just go over there and have another of those burgers... But I will have to come back to the States for that!
You should come on down to Texas sometime (preferably Austin)! If a Denny's burger makes your panties wet I can't even imagine what southern cooking will do to your very soul. I don't wear panties in particular, but ok ;)
Please for the love of god if you go back go to five guys and/or in and out. Best american noms I've ever had. Have heard about five guys and in and out! Unfortunately, there were no In and outs anywhere near where I went. It's more of a west coast thing? Definitely on my list!
Next time u visit, do a search for best burgers by city. You never go to a chain restaurant again. I had sooo many burgers from not chain places too.
Like you, I will be travelling to America/Canada for 3 months alone (from the UK) and backpacking down the west coast from Vancouver to San Diego (by train) and then flying to Austin, Texas. What are some tips or advice you would give me that you had wish you'd known before you had set off? What essentials did you bring with you? Did you need to pick up any clothes/items as you went along? What things did you learn to keep safe, if needed at all? Tips and advice: I hope you go by yourself. Just soak up everything and everyone. You'll be accepted as their best friend from the moment you meet them. Prepare your trip and plan everything you want to see/do, but don't over prepare. I mean, don't set yourself a strict timetable. Leave room for random side trips because people will invite you to go do stuff with them. Do it and enjoy! Essentials? You don't need much, not even for 3 months. Less you pack, more you are free to do what you want. I overpacked and could have done with half... I packed 15kg. NEVER had a really bad safety encounter. If you ever feel unsafe, find people. Only once felt scared when I was walking alone through NYC at 4.30 am and felt like a guy was following me and catching up to me.
Where did you stay, did you find cheap affordable places to stay along the way or did you find other 'free' alternatives (e.g couch-surfing)? Cheap places? Campground/ (but please only use this one because you want to meet people in the process, otherwise just go camping).
Just went into the first building with a concierge that I saw and explained my situation. He was very friendly and offered to call the cops. I just said I'd wait in the lobby for a few minutes.
Favourite place you came across during your travels? Had to be grand canyon. It's like they say: you have to stand on the rim and overlook it just to get a grasp of the vastness of it. I was lucky I was able to do a hike through the Canyon. Was by far the most inspiring, dangerous, insane, awesome, beautiful, crazy, breathtaking experience of my life so far. Partly because I did it with minimal gear, no preparation and all on my own. Wouldn't advise it to others. I mean, you have to do it, but PREPARE FOR IT, and then do it!
I made a video log of my hike. You can see me suffering the further you look in the video :). I'll post it if there is interest (20min runtime)
Edit: happy cakeday to you!
Go to California, rent a convertible Mustang and drive down the coast. Yep, that's the plan.
Are you still in contact with her? We still talk pretty much day to day. Not dating or anything. Also, i pointed out in a different answer that EU/US views on 'in love' are a bit different.
Yep, we still talk daily!
It's okay to use the European thing to score with US women. US women want you to. Are you a woman saying that? Or do you make presumptions as a man?
I make that assumption based on observations of US female behavior. Didn't experience the things you say. but then again i'm an idiot when it comes to picking up signals from women :D.
Did you hire a car? I heard that public transport isn't great there. Public transportation was amazing in cities (at least compared to Belgian public transport). Best was ofcourse subway in NYC. Chicago was great too, but it takes a long time because of big distances to the suburbs.
In the more western states I had a car from very remote family in Denver that I could borrow. I made a 8 state roadtrip in that car. Was awesome. First song I played through the radio was ofcourse Born to be wild :D. Epic childhood dream coming true right there. Was on the I25 heading north to Wyoming at sunrise.
In the eastern states I used a lot to travel between cities. Awesome service, low cost, great luxury.
Bigger distances, I flew between cities.
time I've heard the megabus be described as great luxury. You would have to experience belgian public transport. But even in an objective way it is great luxury (cheap, lots of leg room, electrical sockets, wifi, ...)
Busses and trains here are NEVER on time, or just don't ride at all, and are INSANELY expensive. I went from Chicago to St Louis for 10 dollars (it's a 6 hour drive). I pay 27dollars to take a train for 30 miles (30 minutes) in belgium.
I'm a little surprised that you favor NY's subway over DC's, simply because DC's is so incredibly well-organized and easy to navigate. But Kudos on figuring out that labyrinthe of a subway map! And yes, Megabus is a fabulous service, my college years would've been far more sedentary without it. Haha, I was more confused about subway layout in DC than NYC :)
I-25 in Wyoming is probably my favorite spot in the world. I dont know why, but it's just amazing. I was mesmerized by the emptiness of Wyoming; I have literally haven't seen anything like it ever! (pun intended on the I haven't seen anything ;))
I hear from a lot of Europeans that they find Americans to be really kind, approachable, and friendly. Did you get this impression while visiting? Most definitely. See my other answers for details. The friendlyness was something that had the biggest impact on me.
What did you find interesting/surprising about American English? Nothing much. I've know American English for about my entire life, it's all I hear in tv shows/movies/internet. The only British English we have in Europe is when you visit the United Kingdom.
Where did you stay? Hostels, hotels? Couchsurfing for the most part because like i said in a different post in this thread the main reason for me to go to the States was to meet local people and to get to know the local way of life. This is also the reason I went alone on this trip and didn't bring any friends. It forced me to be social to everyone and it allowed me to soak up every single bit of americanness around me. I feel i wouldn't have liked the trip AS MUCH if i had a friend, because we'd be talking dutch to eachother and wouldn't have met as many people on the way.
I did a solo trip to Europe for 3 months but couchsurfing was a major fail for me. Being a guy it seemed like other guys only wanted women to stay with them and women only wanted other women. How did you set up all that couchsurfing? That is because woman in europe are afraid of guys (they all think when you say hello to them you try to pick them up). Imagine what they feel like when you ask to sleep over!
And yeah, guys are looking for companionship from girls. I think the more they get rejected by girls, the harder they keep trying.
I sent messages about 5 days prior to arriving somewhere and to about 5 people that I felt i really wanted to meet. 1 always replied!
Had a mixture of male and female hosts.
I guess I had a good story to tell that they wanted to hear about! Never had any issues. Only in DC its hard because its al politicians there and not many couchsurfers. Hit: try arlington, VA. Still pretty hard though.
As a Chicago person I rarely think of the weather in Chicago being warm enough to do water activities on the lake. About 2 weeks where it's nice to swim in August, that's usually about it for me. lol Glad you enjoyed your stay! I don't mind cold too much. Also: wetsuits!
What do you think of our food portions? I'm a big eater, so I was fine with them :). Honestly, didn't experience too absurdly large portions. Where do I go for that?
Where did you stay in the KC area? and what areas did you like to visit? West plaza.
Did you see any interesting wild animals? Up close: Moose, Elk (see picture, it was a 12 point buck), nearly ran into a herd of dear on a dark misty mountain pass in colorado, grizzly, bison, lizards, alligators. And most scary: heard a mountain lion in pitchblack darkness when I was descending into the grand canyon in the middle of the night on my own. Didn't know if that animal was 300ft away from me or 30ft. NEVER BEEN MORE SCARED IN MY LIFE!
Holy shit, that would have been scary. They sound like a scream. They also eat people. Yes, that was what worried me. Like they say if you see a bear, you go lay down and play dead covering your head?
Advice given to me when encountering a mountain lion: Fight back agressively or die!
That last part should read, "fight back aggressively and die." If mountain lion wants to eat you, you are getting eaten. You can at least try, right? :p.
What were your impressions about race relations in the U.S.? GREAT Question!
In NYC: Non existant. I was shocked how everybody mingled with everybody! I like to think that in western europe we are very much against racism, but the fact of the matter is that all prejudices remain here and it sucks! I only have 2 arabic friends. All races keep to themselves here, try not to bother eachother and than say they aren't racist...
Like i mentioned before in this thread it is weird for belgians to talk to eachother randomly in the streets, it would be out of the question to just go up to a group of foreigners and try to talk to them. They wouldn't want it, and everyone would think you're crazy for trying!
I think it was more apparent in other (more southern) regions of the states.
How much money do you think you spent all together on the trip, excluding food? Without food? Couldn't tell. in total? I guess about 10 grand.
Did they start clapping wildly too? We like to clap. No clapping :p.
How did you plan it? Did you already know where to go, what to do when you get there, how much you're gonna spend, and where you're gonna stay? I had a rough idea of all the cities I wanted to see and parks to visit. Set a loose timetable and then just winged it when I was there! Saw everything i wanted to see and loads extras!
Had no idea about my spending before I started... Didn't want to have a tight budget as that might have prevented me from seeing stuff. Didn't know what to expect cost wise. I'm just lucky I had a huge budget that I could spend if I wanted to. Where I went to stay? I looked for hosts about a 4 days prior to arriving in that city, worked out fine!
I'm from the UK and plan on going to America to do some travelling for a few months just like you've done here. Possibly take my wonderful girlfriend with me if I can get enough money together. When you say you spent 10,000 USD and went a little nuts... what exactly did you do?! You said you could've done it with 4,000 USD, how so? Well, 4000 for necessities like getting from place to place and food so you dont die. All other things for luxuries... believe me, you'd be comfortable on 4k.
If you think Americans, are friendly, visit Canada!!! On that note, are you planning to visit north of the border in the summer / winter, why/why not? You'd have a great I will be visiting a friend in vancouver. he got a job there so thats cool. Don't know what time though.
Canada, really want to go there, but want to go to the west coast first :)
While you were in st Louis did you visit crown candy, if so how did you like it? Edit: as far as stl goes what little we have is a little difficult to find if you didn't visit before (late night city museum is pretty fun) I don't know of crown candy.
TL;DR Thanks for not knowing how to spell everything. Smoke Weed. I'll pass on the weed. But have a good one!
What was the most surprising thing you learned about Americans. That we Europeans have the wrong idea of Americans. Unfortunately media portrays americans as shallow, fat, stupid, narrow minded people, which they totally aren't! Unfortunately all my friends think this and I try to convince them to just go to the US and see for themselves.
It's just that the people I just described are the loudest and get the tv and internet fame that we get to see them...
Americans have the wrong idea about Europeans too. I think anyone who is spoon fed ideas and notions about people without actually meeting the people are going to have the wrong idea about them. We're all people. We all have merits and flaws. I don't think anyone's flaws outweigh their merits. Exactly, its just that when you are told something over and over again, and multiple sources indicate the same thing, and everyone around you starts echoing the same thing, that thing becomes something of a truth to you. I never wanted to believe this about americans and I'm glad I didn't, i still try to convince my friends everyday.
Yes, I figured it was something like that. Solution: You would have to convince yourself that you want to give to the social security system. Then it became your choice :). Haha, gold? for this? Thanks! Now what do I do with it? Can I exchange it for a green card?
Simply cannot sort thru all these comments, but have to say, how AWESOME that you had the time, money, and imclination to do this. For goodness sake, I LIVE here and have only dreamed of doing the same. Looking forward to readings re and following your links :) Best trip of my life so far!
Basically. Haha, I like you guys!
I'm weird with alcohol though. I either don't get drunk at all (even if i drink shot after shot and chug beer after beer in short time), Or i get drunk just from smelling my beer before I even drink it. It's like russian roulette, I never know what I'm going to get when I go out.
That said, I've tried many delicious (local) beers. Can't remember all of them, but they were great. Atmosphere and company also adds a lot to the awesomeness of my beer consumption of course.
One beer moment I remember the most was in downtown Denver, 16th street (the shopping mall street). I was walking past a Hard Rock Café and they had a tv on the outside. It was playing Nothing else matters by Metallica and since I'm a huge fan and hadn't visited any hard rock café yet I had to go in and sit at the bar and drink a beer. It was from an orange tall tap and called something along the likes of "woodchuck beer" or something. Someone help me out with this one please? Would like to remember.
Also, specials are amazing! Again, your capitalism works. A bar wants customers? A bar will give you tons of beer for little money to get you in. I remember in Kansas City we had 20 beer platters for 10 dollars. At the end of the night I was buying platters for everyone in that bar :p. Spent about 100 bucks and was the most popular guy there that night :p.
Woodchuck makes just ciders. If you drank actual beer, then a tall orange tap handle could have been Blue Moon, Pyramid Hefewizen, Shock Top... It turned out to be tommyknocker pale ale.
You should have gone to Minneapolis. It's so scary and so nice at the same time. The people there are extremely nice all the way through (just like the Internet wants you to believe) and there is a ton of stuff to do if you fly north Lake Superior area. Ive heard so much about it now. will consider :)
I'm being that gal that makes fun of the attitude of those people that want to separate. ;) Unfortunate daughter of a Vlaams Belanger. That's a weird position you're in if you don't share the same politcal views.
Yeah, it can be at times. My father being a local politician doesn't really help! But it's alright, people notice I don't have much in common with my family so they don't assume I have the same ideas about politics. Where are you from?
Very nice! You've seen more of the United States and done more than most Americans. I heard that every day when I was there :) I'm glad I got to experience it, hope you get to do the same in your lifetime. Both in the states and around the world. Travel sets you free!
U-S-A! U-S-A! I was in a bar on the eve before july 4th. At midnight all tv's turned to an image of the Statue of liberty with an american flag behind it. Everybody started chanting U-S-A. It lasted for about half an hour! Never was so overwhelmed in my life with a feeling of being united! LOVED IT!
AMERICA RULES ENGLAND SUCKS. Be nice! This is not the america I experienced!
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